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Horrors of War (alternate title: Zombies of War, and Nazi Zombies), is a 2006 American horror film directed by Peter John Ross and John Whitney.[1] [2] An independently produced movie, filmed in the style of Grindhouse B-Movies.[3] [4] [2]


Adolf Hitler unleashes his secret weapons, created by Dr. Heinrich Schaltur, against the pressure of the advances of Allied Forces.[3][5] Grotesque, oversized superhuman, canine mutant creatures immune to bullets.[6][5] Lieutenant John Schmit encounters the new Nazi Weapons.[3] The American Office of Strategic Services investigates Hitler's new weapons that are terrorizing American forces.[3] Lieutenant John Schmit and Captain Joe Russo set out to destroy the Nazi super-weapon with the help of battle hadened GIs.[3] [7] [8]


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  • Jon Osbeck as Lieutenant John Schmidt
  • Joe Lorenzo as Captain Joe Russo
  • Daniel Alan Kiely as Sergeant Stephen Gary
  • C. Alec Rossel as Captain Mitchell / Super Soldier 2
  • David Carroll as Dr. Heinrich Schaltur
  • Chip Kocel as Corporal Simpson
  • Kim Carey as Colonel Parks
  • Sean Velie as Sergeant 'Dimm' Dennison
  • Jason Morris as Private Underwood
  • Louie Cowan as Sergeant Armstrong
  • Milan A. Cargould as Corporal Rueber
  • Brandy Seymour as Yvette
  • Megan Pillar as Claire
  • Micah Jenkins as Private Byrnes
  • Joseph Shaw as French Wereman / Werewolf

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The film has a nine percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes, despite receiving positive reviews for being a low budget production.[6] The film also received a B+ rating on From the Balcony.[5]


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