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Ignacio Ellacuría Social Foundation is a work of the Society of Jesus directed toward integrating into society the thousands of immigrants who have settled in the Basque area of Spain, and in collaborating with immigration services more widely. It was founded in 2007[1][2] and has its headquarters in Bilbao. It is named for Ignacio Ellacuría, who was a Basque from the Balbao area and was one of the six 1989 Jesuit martyrs of El Salvador.


The Foundation was founded by the Jesuit Province of Loyola in collaboration with Jesuit-organized Christian Life Communities. Its purpose is to build an intercultural, inclusive society through diverse exercises that increase encounter, reflection, dialogue,[3] and transformation of the host society with an openness to cultural diversity and religious pluralism.[4] Its programs include awareness building,[5] employment prospects,[6] research,[7] and advocacy.[8][9] Its educational work includes courses[10] and extends to associations working with immigrants,[11][12] to political parties and public administrators locally[13] and internationally,[14] and to religious communities,[15][16] including peace rallies with the Muslim community.[17] It also offers meeting space for diverse religious groups[18] and courses especially targeted to women,[19] such as geriatrics, labor orientation, and cooking.[20]

The Foundation is a key organizer of an immersion and welcoming experience for young immigrants, the Transpyrenees Social Solidarity journey. This consists of a 42-day, 390 mile mountain trek from Cabo de Higuer (Euskadi) on the Atlantic Ocean to Cap de Creus (Catalonia) on the Mediterranean Sea, involving 300 vulnerable young people along with 200 volunteers and social educators. Most make only one stage of the journey. Along the way they are hosted by local people: city officials, Red Cross and other organizational groups, and restaurateurs, along with cultural groups who share their song and dance.[21][22][23]

The Foundation is active in publishing,[24][25] in recruiting volunteers,[26] and in networking on issues like xenophobia and for social incluison.[27] It also works with the scouting organization which welcomes immigrant youth to its camps.[28]

In September 2010 a delegation from the Foundation participated in the World Social Forum Migration Congress in Quito, Ecuador.[29]


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