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Jamie Waller
Born 21 February 1979 [no citations needed here]
Residence London, England, UK
Nationality British
Occupation Entrepreneur
Organization JBW Group & Case Dynamics Limited
Title CEO & Chairman
Spouse(s) Madeleine Waller (2014-present)
Children 1
Parents Susan Carole Waller and Arthur John Waller

Jamie B. Waller (born 21 February 1979) [no citations needed here] is a British entrepreneur and businessman. He is the CEO of JBW Group,[1] a debt collection firm, and Chairman of Case Dynamics Limited, a company specializing in software for the debt collection industry.[2]

Waller has visited 10 Downing Street at the invitation of Steve Hilton, senior adviser to the Prime Minister. This was due to Waller’s mentoring work undertaken as part of David Cameron’s “Start Up Britain” initiative.[3]

Early life and education

Jamie Waller grew up in Bethnal Green, East London, the son of Susan and Arthur Waller. As a child Waller was a member of the IMPS Motorcycle Display Team, a charity set up to help underprivileged children get out of the East End for weekends and school holidays. He joined the IMPS at the age of five and left when he was sixteen.[4]

Waller left Raine's Foundation School with no qualifications.[5] In later life he studied Business at Cranfield School of Management, and the London Business School where he is currently completing his MBA.[6]



Waller started his first business at the age of 16 in domestic window cleaning after borrowing £1600 from the bank to purchase the business.[7] He started working as debt collector with one of London's largest debt enforcement agencies, where he was appointed supervisor at the age of 19. He quit this job at the age of 21, and then took a year to travel the world. In Australia he started a business building and selling camper vans for other tourists.[7]

When he returned to the UK in 2003, he started a company called WiseHill Limited with a business partner. Although the company was a success, he left the firm in 2004 and founded JBW Group[8]

JBW Group

Waller founded JBW Group in 2004 and is the current CEO.

In 2012, JBW reached a revenue of £14 million and employed over 130 people throughout the UK. In 2010& 2012, the company was listed in the Sunday Times Top 100 Best Small Companies to work for.[9]

In 2014 JBW attempted unsuccessfully to obtain a legal injunction preventing the BBC from airing a Panorama episode critical of the company's practices.[10] In 2015 the Crown Prosecution Service dropped charges against a man arrested for allegedly assaulting a JBW bailiff, concluding that the bailiff was trespassing and that the man was within his rights to use reasonable force to eject him.[11]

Case Dynamics Limited

Working in partnership with the IT developers behind the fleet tracking system used by Addison Lee, in 2012 Waller led the development of a software platform based on data analytics and behavioural science. One year later he launched Case Dynamics Limited, of which he is the current Chairman.[12][13]



Waller featured in the BBC's Bailiffs TV show for two years beginning in 2000 along with other members of WiseHill and JBW staff. He also featured in the followup show The Enforcers,[14] and in the debt advice show Beat the Bailiff.[15][16]

News and Radio

Waller is a frequent contributor to UK news and radio where he specialises in entrepreneurship and personal finance.[17]


Waller is the main sponsor and past Chairman of the ‘Imps Motorcycle Display Team’, The past Trustee of ‘Stepping Stones Nigeria’ and is currently cycling around the world in support of ‘1 More Child’.[18]

Personal life

Waller is a keen skier, sailor and cyclist. He lives in London, United Kingdom with his wife Madeleine and their child.[no citations needed here]


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