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Jason Winters
Sir Jason Winters
Born Raymond Winters
13 September 1930
Hove, United Kingdom
Died 12, December 2004
Las Vegas, Nevada
Residence Henderson, Nevada
Occupation Author, Entrepreneur
Years active 1978-1999
Known for Herbal Supplements and Books about herbal supplements.
Notable work(s) Cancer Conquered Naturally (1978), In Search of the Perfect Cleanse (1984), The Jason Winters Story (1980), The Ultimate Combination (1985), Breakthrough (1986)
Spouse(s) Jeannette Walsh (divorced prior to 1995)

Robin Winters

Raymond Winters

Jason Winters is known for his line of herbal teas and supplements which he credits with curing a cancerous growth on his neck. He has written at least four books on alternative healing and multiple versions of his memoirs have been published. Much of what is known about Jason (Raymond) Winters comes directly from Winters and is not verified through outside sources.

Early life

The only source about Raymond Winters early life is Winters himself and very little is said about his life prior to age seventeen. In an interview for the show Sightings (TV series) in 1995, Winters claimed to have been born on 13 September 1935[1] however, the dates and ages mentioned on his website put his birth in 1930 (i.e. leaving England at age 17 in 1947).[2] He claims to have been born in England to working class parents before immigrating to Canada to pursue his dreams.[2] In a 1999 interview for the Las Vegas Sun Times, Winters claimed to have dropped out of school at age 14.[3]

Odd Jobs

In 1947, Raymond Winters left England for Canada. He took a job as a Farmworker in Saskatchewan, a Lumberjack in Northern British Columbia, he held a job with Pacific Salmon Commission, and later he worked as a crash test dummy for the New Zealand government. Finally, he landed a job in Hollywood as a Stunt performer, according to Winters' website, he worked as a stand-in for Geronimo played by Jay Silverheels in Walk the Proud Land and went on to do stunt work in all of Audie Murphy's films. However, he is not credited in any films while other stunt performers are.[4][2][5] Winters' also claims to have unsuccessfully attempted to cross the Atlantic Ocean by Hot air balloon, yet history of transatlantic air balloon attempts are well documented and Raymond Winters is not mentioned.[6][7][8] He also claims to have crossed the Canadian Rockies by hot air balloon and to have traversed the Mackenzie River river 2,000 miles to the Arctic Ocean by canoe.[2] Elsewhere he claims to have crossed the Sahara by camel.[9]

None of Winters' claims, from his immigration from the UK to his work history to his adventures, are verified through outside sources.


In 1977, Winters' claims to have been diagnosed with a "large cancerous growth" on his neck.[2] He described it as being "wrapped around his carotid artery and attached to the wall of his jugular vein".[5] None of the medical professionals who treated him have spoken publicly about his diagnosis, prognosis, or treatment. Winters has not disclosed where he was being treated, only that after receiving a death sentence Prince Charles visited him in the hospital.[5] Soon after the poor prognosis, Winters changed his name from Raymond to Jason as he experiemented with herbal teas and subsequently experienced remission.[10] Winters attributed his survival to his herbal treatment and authored a series of books about the experience.[11] Winters credits both Charles, Prince of Wales and the then Arch Bishop of Canterbury Donald Coggan with helping him to travel the world in search of herbal cures for his cancer.[5][12] The rational for assistance from the church was that he claimed to be using the bible to learn about healing herbs to treat his cancer, however, claims that he had assistance from Prince Charles or Coggan is not verified.[13]

Winters claimed that his combination of red clover (Trifolium pratense), chaparrel (Larrea tridentata), and herbalene in a tea "purified" his blood which then allowed his body to cure his cancer.[3][9] In a 2002 article, Winters described cancer as being the best thing that ever happened to him as before the diagnosis. He claimed to have been "smoking forty cigarettes a day and drink half a bottle of whiskey a day and party all night long" and described himself as an atheist. [12]

Paranormal Experience

In 1995, Winters' story was featured on the Sci-Fi television program Sightings (TV series), he recounted becoming conscious during a surgery to treat his cancer and seeing a bright light. After waking up from surgery he believed that he had experienced a "Walk-in" in which the soul Jason entered his body. Soon after this experience, he decided to travel to the "far east" to discover a herbal treatment for his cancer. Raymond Winters' family had a difficult time adjusting to the personality of Jason, resulting in the divorce from his wife, Jeannette Walsh. His son, Robin Winters also found it difficult to accept that his father was now Jason until he contacted psychic Susan Staples. Staples, through a trance, explained that Jason was an Indian doctor who was shot at the Gate of India on 13 September 1935—the same day as Winters' birth (as he claimed it to be during that program).[1]

Ruth Montgomery, author of Threshold to Tomorrow, claims that Jason Winters is one of her favorite examples of the "walk-in" phenomena as it has made Winters a more productive member of society.[1] In the Sightings episode Winters credits the soul of the Indian doctor "Jason" with giving him, "Raymond", healing knowledge of eastern herbs, yet later Winters claims that it was through reading biblical writings that he came up with the idea of using herbs to heal the body.[14]


Jason Winters authored four books on alternative healing which promoted the use of his products, Cancer Conquered Naturally (1978),[15] In Search of the Perfect Cleanse (1984) about colon cleansing,[16] The Ultimate Combination (1985), and Breakthrough In Search of an Australian Legend: Miracle Healing Oil of the Ages (1986)[17] which recounted stories from Aborigines, doctors and patients in Australia. In 1980, he first published his memoir, The Jason Winters Story: Killing Cancer,[18] and then later co-authored a new longer version, The Sir Jason Winters Story: From Deadly Cancer to Perfect Health with Benjamin Roth-Smythe[19] and his son, Raymond Winters wrote What If: Reflections of my Father's Life.[20] Some of Winters' books were published by Winters' company, TriSun International, Inc.[5]


Sir[no citations needed here] Jason Winters founded Tri-Sun International, Inc. and Tri-Sun Associates, LLC. which are currently owned by his son Raymond Winters.[21]

Tri-Sun Associates LLC. headquartered in Henderson, Nevada owns J.W.T (Jason Winters Tea), Tri Balene (Herbal Supplements), Jason Winters (supplements), and Guaranteed Natural (tea). Tri-Sun International, Inc. headquartered in Las Vegas owns Herbaline and Herbalene both of which sell herbal supplements.[22] The Xian Corporation held the trademarks for Herbalene, Tri-zyme, Jason Winters, and Tri-Bal-Ad from the 1980's through the mid-1990's.[23] The name Xian is still used for Xian Jason Winters Guaranteed Natural[24] which is currently owned by Tri-Sun International, Inc.[25] It is not clear which company owns Jason Winters Viet Nam Limited.[26]

The companies sell herbal teas and supplements, videos and books on alternative healing, and tea accessories.[27]

Awards and Positions

Winters was knighted in Casa Bernard, Malta in 1985 as a Knight of Grace, Knight Grand Cross of Grace, and Grand Samaritan of the Sovereign Order of St. John of Jerusalam[2] an organization established in 1976 which has no association to Sovereign Military Order of Malta or to the Knights Hospitaller.[28] According to their website, one enters the SOSJ as simply a Knight of the Grace, however, Winters claims to have been granted all three titles together.[29] His knighthood was mentioned in the January 1986 edition of the S.O.S.J Observer the newsletter of the Sovereign Order of St. John of Jerusalem.[30]Template:Failed verification According to Winters website, he also was awarded the Medal of Honour in Madrid, as well as Laureate of Belgium, the Netherlands, and South Africa[2] though these awards are not been verified by outside sources; verfication made more difficult as Winters never explained what the alleged awards were for.

He also claims to have received an award of merit by James Bilbray and Dick Gephardt of the U.S. Congress in 1992 [2] though, again this has not been verified by outside sources. The only congressional award for "merit" is the Congressional Medal of Merit which is awarded to people aged 14 to 23 years. Winters credited himself as being the president of World Federation of Integrated Medicine as of 1999.[31] The World Federation of Integrated Medicine is associated with two individuals: Jason Winters and Gary Samer (the "Australian Ambassador" of the organization).[32] As of 2001, Gary Samer was also the Australian and New Zealand agent for Jason Winter's herbal teas—and was also knighted in Malta by the same organization that Winters was knighted.[33] The World Federation of Integrated Medicine is also named on Quackwatch's Questionable Organizations article.[34]


Like his early life, his later years are shrouded in mystery. His death is not mentioned on his website or blog. His memory is kept alive via a life-size cardboard cut-out which attends company events.[35] Google places Jason Winters' death on December 12, 2004, however, there are no obituaries or causes of death for Jason Winters. His son published a book about his father's life in 2011.


Much criticism of Winters comes from the lack of verifiable information about his life, from his work as a Hollywood stuntman to his adventures, to his paranormal "walk-in" experience that led him to start his alternative healing business.[13] Nothing is known about his career/livelihood prior to his supposed cancer diagnosis when he was 47 years old. None of his awards are verifiable from outside sources and no reasons are given for the awards he claims to have received. There are inconsistencies in his stories including the inspiration for his herbal tea business, on Sightings he claims the soul of an Indian doctor entered his body during surgery on his tumor, giving him the knowledge of healing herbs,[1] in another place he credits Prince Charles with inspiring him to live in his hospital bed after he'd been given a terminal diagnosis,[5] and elsewhere he claims to have gone home to die with a terminal diagnosis only to become inspired by religious texts into herbal medicine.[36] Winters often cites the support of a Dr. Ian Pearce, an oncologist,[3][9][12] however no information about a doctor of this name and specialty can be verified,[13] Winters never gave information about where Dr. Pearce was licensed or practiced oncology.


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