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Jenaro Yasit Terrazas II'
Born (1995-05-02) May 2, 1995 (age 26)
Occupation Entrepreneur

Jenaro Yasit Terrazas II (Born May 2, 1995) is an entrepreneur, business man and public figure. Best known for his clothing company, Royal Yasit.[1] In which he founded July 7, 2013.[2]

Early Life/Teenage Life

Arriving to the United States of America in 1997 at the age of two, he lived in California for a couple of years, until his father, Jenaro Terrazas Sr, found a better opportunity of employment. The Terrazas family then moved to West Chicago, IL. There, he will start his life. Attending Indian Knoll Elementary, he was blessed with the nickname "JT". As one teacher used to call him, by his initials. His mother (Lupe) one day decided to buy him a VHS of his favorite superhero, Spiderman. This is the day that his life changed forever. As he believed he could be whatever he wished to become in life and do the impossible. In his elementary years he was a bright child with exceeding grades. Junior High was a different story. Jenaro was very disruptive, as he loved to interact with other peers and his grades weren't at all good. Procrastination will be a huge weakness for him. Despite having a great personality, in which he was honored Homecoming King of the senior class of 2013; his grades will put him un-eligible to play soccer for a whole week. Jenaro Terrazas[3] was captain of the varsity soccer team, this meant a huge responsibility. His soccer team[4] went from bottom of state to the top that week he wasn't on the field. The dedicated teenager decided to take his best attributes which were, competing and the availability to create. He took on the idea of creating a clothing line in which he would be inspired by the great story and work of Ralph Lauren. The vision was to improve his city with this business, starting by improving himself.


He decided to change his image during college. After giving out several fashion tips during his high school years and selling a couple of shirts and hoodies, he then began to find an opportunity to create a clothing line of his own. This idea came to him instantly, right after high school. In his first year of college, in the Fall 2013, at College of DuPage; he decided to take marketing, introduction to business and fashion classes. He then began to develop products for his peers and his hometown. The "60185" West Chicago hoodie will be the first major product he will display. The hype for this garment was huge, in which the local newspaper[5] will put him on the cover of their newspaper. This will make his ego grow to a point where he brought competition. His ego at one point got the best of him, producing competition between other peers. After one successful year at College of DuPage with his studies and clothing company, he was once again on another newspaper. This time it was[6] The official newspaper for College of DuPage. On 2015 his brand started expanding to scarfs, hats and more style of garments. As he didn't make too much money at first, he will be in charge of everything in his company. From designing to marketing the products. His fast growing clothing company expanded quickly amongst the Chicago suburbs, landing the eyes of[7] A big Hispanic news outlet. He was invited to their headquarters, as a guest for a potential story. The story never happened. This was a big disappointment for the young entrepreneur.

He has accomplished such things as sponsoring major events in his city. Compelling many young adults to follow his example of never giving up. Charisma and his great personality were keys to his success. Currently, expanding his networks to other suburbs and landing a couple meetings into the city of Chicago to expand his brand out East into the big city.


His most recent awards would be getting invited by COPAA to their Annual Fashion show in Loyola University. In which they allowed him to bring a couple pieces from his clothing line.[8]

Also, sponsoring the winner of "Miss Fiestas Patrias" Jennifer Rodriguez.


His mission in his clothing line is to promote entrepreneurship. The reason why he built his business in the first place, to encourage other people to follow their dreams. As he helped out many people from his community.[9]

Sponsoring the local soccer league was his first major event on 2016.

In 2015, he spoke to his former high school (West Chicago High School), about chasing your dreams.[10]

In 2016, he also spoke to his former middle school (Leman Middle School), about chasing your dreams.[11]


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