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Jesus, Bro! is a 2017 American independent satirical comedy film written by Brad Jones and Ryan Mitchelle, and directed by Mitchelle. It is a spoof of contemporary American religious films such as God's Not Dead, Saving Christmas, and War Room. It was released on DVD as well as on the internet streaming service Vimeo on April 14, 2017.


Rick Whitehead is a minor internet celebrity and vocal atheist, prone to insulting and harassing religious people both online and in his day-to-day life. When his girlfriend Elizabeth breaks up with him, he drinks from a spiked beverage and has a near death experience, with visions of heaven and a supernatural being called Santa Christ (an amalgamation of Santa Claus and Jesus Christ, in reference to his earlier comparing of the two in his internet rants). He is given a mission to convert his online followers to the teachings of Jesus, but soon realizes how difficult that task will be. Thus, he enlists the help of several of his friends as well as his estranged, extremely religious brother Willy.


  • David Gobble as Rick Whitehead
    • Aidan Bart as a young Rick
  • Fard Muhammad as Carlos
  • Allison Pregler as Elizabeth Howard Grace
  • Rob Walker as Santa Christ
  • Doug Walker as Samuel Tobinski/Kendrick Tobinski
  • Malcolm Ray as the Devil
  • Brad Jones as Willy Whitehead
  • Brian Lewis as Burton Burpo
  • Zach La Voy as Ranger Buckman
  • Tamara Chambers as Darlene
  • Sarah Gobble as God

Production and release

Inspired by the trend of recent religious movies, mainly those produced by Pure Flix Entertainment, he and Ryan Mitchelle (the latter also the director of the Brad-written movie Paranoia, from six years earlier) wrote an script that satirized the cliches of those movies, including the resturant scene, mainly of the "atheist acts like a jerk in an social situation" trope (as in God's Not Dead and Do You Believe)[1]. The film was financed by an Indiegogo campaign in mid-2016.[2] Filming took place in and around Chicago, Illinois, starting on November 11, 2016. Various Channel Awesome contributors filmed cameo appearances.[3]


Template:Expand section Sean Patrick of I Hate Critics called Gobble "not the most comfortable leading man", but pointed to the film's "sharp satirical eye" and ultimately recommended it.[4] The Dove Foundation, which reviews and rates Christian-themed films, recognized the film as satire and noted the lead character's honesty about his crisis of faith, but ultimately did not recommend the film for conservative Christian audiences.[5]


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