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Jim Adler
Born Jim Steven Adler
(1943-05-23) May 23, 1943 (age 78)
Dallas (Texas), United States
Residence Houston (Texas), United States
Nationality American
Alma mater University of Texas School of Law[1][2]
Occupation Lawyer
Years active 1967 - present
Spouse(s) Deborah Adler[3]

Jim Adler (also known as The Texas Hammer[4]) (born on May 23, 1943) is a notorious American personal injury lawyer from Houston (Texas) that has been the subject of satire. Adler is most known for his eccentric TV ads[5][6][7][1][8][9][10] as well as his nickname “The Texas Hammer” [4] which is a registered trademark with the USPTO.[4][11]


Early life

Jim Adler was born on May 23, 1943 in Dallas[12] to Ruth and Alexander Adler.[13]


Jim graduated from St. Mark's School of Texas, where he learned Spanish[9]. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree in 1965 at Oberlin College and Juris Doctor in 1967 at the University of Texas School of Law.[1][14] He was admitted to the State Bar of Texas in 1967.[15]

Law Career

Jim Adler started his law enforcement career working for the Texas State Securities Board, “representing widowed women and unsophisticated investors who’d gotten fleeced of their life savings by sharp promoters in shaky gold deals and oil-and-gas deals”.[4]

From 1978 to 1981, Adler served as a hearing officer for the Office of the Civilian Health and Medical Program of the Uniformed Services (OCHAMPUS), which decided medical claim benefits for the United States Department of Defense Military Health System.

Jim Adler & Associates

In 1973, Jim opened his first law office, Jim Adler & Associates.[4] He specialized in divorces, bankruptcies and personal injury.[4]

In 1984, he partnered with Bob O’Conor, former federal judge focusing on personal injury cases[4] especially car accidents.[16] The New York Times reported that his advertising tagline in 1993 was “Jim Adler. He makes drunk drivers pay".[17].

In 2009, Jim Adler & Associates had 12 lawyers and 4 offices across Texas (Houston, Channelview, Dallas, and San Antonio).[4]

In 2016, the company had 28 attorneys.[2]


Jim Adler began promoting his business on TV after the famous Bates v. State Bar of Arizona U.S. Supreme Court (1977) case that allowed lawyers to advertise their services. In one of his interviews, the lawyer recalls his first advertising named “Box of Gold” which aired on Houston's Channel 39 shortly after the ban was lifted.[4]

In 1984, he began doing Spanish-language advertising.[4][9]

He had used his famous nickname “The Texas Hammer” since 2002 and trademarked it in 2008.[11] Jim Adler also owns trademark rights to the Spanish version of his nickname “El Martillo Tejano”.[4] He also has billed himself as “The Tough, Smart Lawyer”[18][2][19][20] and even has likened himself to an angry "junkyard dog"[21], but it is the “Texas Hammer” that made him famous.

Adler’s flashy ads have gotten recognition from Texas press. In 2011 The Houston Press named his “Junkyard dog” ad “Best Local TV Commercial” [21], in 2016 The Fort Worth Star-Telegram included his ads into its list of “5 best Texas lawyers’ ads”.[22]

At the same time Adler’s ads have been parodied and satirized by media and celebrities.[10] Writer-director Mike Judge pictured him as an attorney Joe Adler in two episodes of his Beavis and Butt-Head animated TV series and in his film “Extract” (2009) (played by Gene Simmons).

In 2016 Adler's son Bill Adler started to appear in commercials alongside his father, promoting “The Two Texas Hammers”.[23][24]

Personal Life


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