Juanita E. Thornton

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Juanita E. Thornton
Born Juanita E. Thornton.
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District of Columbia
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District of Columbia
Occupation Teacher, activist

Juanita E. Thornton (December 25, 1912 – September 14, 1990) was an American teacher and activist that help to organize neighbors to convince DC Government to build a public library near Shepherd Park in the north of District of Columbia instead of a fast food restaurant.

Juanita E. Thornton/Shepherd Park Neighborhood Library

In 1985 Sheppard Park neighbors discovered that an apartment building was razed, and a restaurant Wendy's was in schedule to be constructed. At that time Mrs. Juanita Thornton was a retired teacher of DC Schools Public System. Before 1990 neighbors living around sheppard park in District of Columbia did not had library around, and she saw not fair for their neighbors had to walk almost two miles from District of Columbia to Maryland State in order to use library at Takoma Park.

Neighbors had the first meeting with Wendy's representatives at wich Mrs. Juanita could not attend. A Juanita's friend called her to describe her the tension and outrage at the meeting.

Next day after the first meeting, at 6:45 Juanita E. Thornton spoke with Hardy Franklin, at that time Director of the Department of DC Public Libraries and told him:

"We have beef, bread, booze and beer",

"We need another B—books", It "would provide good mental health.

It is necessary for the growth of our cities, harmony among the races, justice and peace".

The slogan for the construction of the new library was "Books no Burger".

In 1988 the area belongs to District of Columbia Public Library (DCPL) and it opens on July 29, 1990.[1]

Juanita E. Thornton died in September 14, 1990, one month after the library opened, in October 1992 the library was renamed in her name.[2]

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