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Martial artist

Justin Robbins (born July 29, 1980) is an American mixed martial arts fighter. He competes in the Bantamweight division. His last fight was for the Ultimate Warrior Challenge Bantamweight Championship against Mike Easton on February 21, 2009. Justin took the fight on less than 24 hours notice when Chase Beebe dropped out at the last minute and lost by Submission (Guillotine Choke) in the third round.[1]

After a lengthy break, Robbins returned to action with a decision victory over Declan Williams at Cage Warriors 39 in Cork, Ireland, on November 27, 2010.

Mixed martial arts record

Template:MMArecordbox Template:MMA record start |- |Template:Yes2Win |align=center|10-7-1 |Template:Flagicon Declan Williams |Decision (unanimous) |Cage Warriors 39 |Template:Dts |align=center|3 |align=center|5.00 |Cork, Ireland | |- |Template:No2Loss |align=center|9-7-1 |Template:Flagicon Mike Easton |Submission (guillotine choke) |UWC - Man "O" War |Template:Dts |align=center|3 |align=center|4:44 |Virginia, United States | |- |Template:No2Loss |align=center|9-6-1 |Template:Flagicon Zach Makovsky |Submission (rear naked choke) |Extreme Challenge - The War at the Shore |Template:Dts |align=center|2 |align=center|1:05 |New Jersey, United States | |- |Template:No2Loss |align=center|9-5-1 |Template:Flagicon Noah Thomas |Submission (rear naked choke) |ROF 33 - Adrenaline |Template:Dts |align=center|1 |align=center|1:29 |New Jersey, United States | |- |Template:Yes2Win |align=center|9-4-1 |Template:Flagicon Billy Kidd |Submission (rear naked choke) |CCCW - Capital City Cage Wars |Template:Dts |align=center|1 |align=center|3:34 |Illinois, United States | |- |Template:No2Loss |align=center|8-4-1 |Template:Flagicon Wilson Reis |Submission (rear naked choke) |EliteXC: Primetime |Template:Dts |align=center|1 |align=center|4:06 |New Jersey, United States | |- |Template:Yes2Win |align=center|8-3-1 |Jeff Hodges |Submission (arm triangle choke) |WC - Valhalla Rising |Template:Dts |align=center|1 |align=center|0:47 |Illinois, United States | |- |Template:No2Loss |align=center|7-3-1 |Template:Flagicon Antonio Banuelos |Decision (unanimous) |WEC 29 |Template:Dts |align=center|3 |align=center|5:00 |Nevada, United States | |- |Template:Yes2Win |align=center|7-2-1 |Zach Jenkins |Decision (unanimous) |SC - Shootfighting Challenge |Template:Dts |align=center|3 | |Illinois, United States | |- |Template:Yes2Win |align=center|6-2-1 |Template:Flagicon Mustafa Hussaini |Decision (unanimous) |KOTC - Hard Knocks |Template:Dts |align=center|N/A | |Illinois, United States | |- |Template:No2Loss |align=center|5-2-1 |Template:Flagicon Mike French |Decision (unanimous) |XFO 14 - Xtreme Fighting |Template:Dts |align=center|3 |align=center|5:00 |Illinois, United States | |- |Template:No2Loss |align=center|5-1-1 |Template:Flagicon Matt Fiordirosa |Submission (rear naked choke) |XFO 13 - Operation Beatdown |Template:Dts |align=center|1 |align=center|3:07 |Illinois, United States | |- | Template:DrawDraw |align=center|5-0-1 |Elton Chavez |Draw |KOTC - Meltdown |Template:Dts |align=center|2 |align=center|5:00 |Indiana, United States | |- |Template:Yes2Win |align=center|5-0 |Zach Jenkins |Decision (unanimous) |SC - Shootfighting Challenge |Template:Dts |align=center|3 | |Illinois, United States | |- |Template:Yes2Win |align=center|4-0 |Template:Flagicon Tristan Yunker |Decision (unanimous) |SC - Shootfighting Challenge |Template:Dts |align=center|3 | |Illinois, United States | |- |Template:Yes2Win |align=center|3-0 |Mat Jagers |Submission (triangle choke) |KOTC - Redemption on the River |Template:Dts |align=center|1 |align=center|1:32 |Illinois, United States | |- |Template:Yes2Win |align=center|2-0 |Brad Hoxsey |TKO |SC - Shootfighting Challenge |Template:Dts |align=center|1 | |Illinois, United States | |- |Template:Yes2Win |align=center|1-0 |Keith Norman |Submission (armbar) |SC - Shootfighting Challenge |Template:Dts |align=center|1 | |Illinois, United States | |- Template:End

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