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Musical artist

Karajdeep Singh Randhawa, better known as Karaj Randhawa, is an Indian singer and lyricist associated with Punjabi Music and Punjabi cinema. Randhawa came to lime light after his songs Jaan[1] and Yaari.[2] Randhawa's debut song Lamha Lamha was released in 2014.


As Singer

Year Song Record Label Notes
2014 Lamha Lamha[3] Rabaab Productions Debut Song
2016 PGI Angel Records
2018 Most Wanted[4] Geet MP3 Lyrics Prince Rakhdi
2019 Bandookan[5] Geet MP3 Lyrics Prince Rakhdi
2019 Jaan[6] Geet MP3 Lyrics Prince Rakhdi
2019 Yaari[7] Geet MP3 Lyrics Prince Rakhdi
2019 Warning [8][9][10] Geet MP3 Feat. Gurlez Akhtar, Lyrics Prince Rakhdi
2019 Kartarpur[11] Geet MP3 Devotional and Spiritual Song, Lyrics Prince Rakhdi
2019 Peg Tere Naa De[12][13] Geet MP3 Lyrics Prince Rakhdi
2020 Dil[14] [15] Punjabi Music Lyrics Prince Rakhdi

As Lyricist

Year Title Singer Lyricist Record Label
2017 Thokraan[16][17] Deep Karan Karaj Randhawa T-Series (company)


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