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Musical artist

Marvin Sotelo (born March 3, 1987), known professionally as "Knife" Sotelo or Knifer, is an American rapper, martial artist and author from Los Angeles, California.[1] Sotelo is a devout LaVeyan Satanist and politically liberal. He has written several books on different aspects of Satanism and donated to a number of Satanic candidates and causes.[2][3] In 2015 he made an unsuccessful run for a seat on the United States House of Representatives.[4] In 2017, Sotelo began showing interest in running for U.S. Senate in California, against incumbent Democrat Dianne Feinstein, he declined on June 8, 2018.

Early life and career

Sotelo at his 2017 photo shoot on Whittier Boulevard in East L.A.

Sotelo was born in East Los Angeles, California to Valentino Sotelo, a security guard who owned several gun dealerships, and Betty Sotelo, a dietary supervisor. Before dropping out of Garfield High School his parents supported his musical interests, as he tried a number of instruments; his favorites were the guitar and keyboards. As a teenager, Sotelo frequently ran into trouble with the law.[5][6] Sotelo released several pre-gangsta demos with his band on Los Angeles-based punk label Epitaph Records. He made his professional debut as a rap artist in 2005 as a tribute to his rival Kid Frost and although he is known as a Chicano rapper,[6] he is of Filipino and Spaniard descent.[7]

In 2006, Sotelo was ordained into the Universal Life Church,[8] and subsequently helped set up a Satanic branch of the church called The Satanic Chapel.[9] He has also been a member of Anton Szandor LaVey's Church of Satan, the Typhonian Ordo Templi Orientis, Order of Nine Angles, The Satanic Temple, and [[Theistic Satanism#Currents within recent and contemporary theistic Satanism|Template:Proper name of Satan]].[10] That same year Sotelo was picked up by an independent record label called A Dark Philosophy Records, and soon released So Satan and followed up the album three years later with Morals & Dogma.

In 2011, he was featured on two songs off of Ghetto 187's debut album "Return Of the G-Funk Era".[11] That year he also released his first book, The Condensed Satanic Bible, which explains his satanist beliefs.[12] During his career, Sotelo has collaborated with fellow Chicano rappers like X-Raided's Mr. Lil Man and mainstream artists such as WC, Rittz and Honey Cocaine.

Comedian and radio personality Ed Tyll described him as "A business man...his charitable nature benefited such organizations as Music For Hope and United Colors, some of those donations lived through his anonymity, others took on a life of their own."[13]

In 2014, he signed a distribution deal with Universal Music Group and soon released his debut album "Me Against The World" which featured collaborations with artists such as Bloods & Crips and Dresta and included the single, "I Wish You Would".[14] Edward Tyll sponsored Sotelo's version of "We're All In The Same Gang" on WEUS 810 AM (The Big 810 AM) and the Star Com Radio Network.[15]

In 2015 he released his sophomore album "Magick Without Words" which featured appearances from Davina and Av LMKR.[16] That same year Sotelo composed Liber Cultris, a gospel in which he expounds upon various religious texts of cultures past, including Jesus Christ, Buddha, and Lucifer. Larry Wessel states, "He did not produce his small book to shock or offend a drowsy world; he composed it for himself, for his devotion, for his assurance."[17]

In 2016, he released his third studio album "The Much Requested Letter" with "Playa" as its lead single. This was his first mainstream album available for download from iTunes and had a few guest features like Bizzy Bone and Chris Rivers.[18] That same year he released his book Satanic Combat Sciences.[19]

In 2017 he signed a deal with Sugo Music Group.[20] That year he dropped his fourth studio album "Gangster & The Priest", released Christmas Day through his own A Dark Philosophy Records, along with the first single, "The Arrival", produced by DJ Hoppa and featuring guest vocals by B-Luv.[21]

In 2018, Sotelo released his first poetry collection, entitled A Spirit of Progress and Other Poems.[22]

Other activities

Sotelo first began modeling in 2010, making his foray into the world of street fashion working in the street-wear and lowrider automotive scene as a print and spokesmodel for several companies, magazines and race events. His first mainstream magazine shoot was with Alwayz Therro Magazine in the US.[23]

Sotelo practices Jeet Kune Do; in June 2017 he became the Grade 2 Representative of the World International Martial Arts Association and Organization in Los Angeles.[24]

Sotelo presented a guerilla art installation entitled #RedSandProject at the 2016 East L.A. Art Walk[25]

Sotelo has launched "Ginger & Mary", his own brand of THC-rich infused ginger beer.[26]


Animal rights

Sotelo is an animal rights supporter. In April 2012, Sotelo was asked to speak at the Blessing of the Animals, hosted by the Olvera Street Merchants Association, a tradition held since the 1930s, stating that even Satanists seems to smile a little at the idea of the tradition. "As Satanists we respect and exalt life," Sotelo said. "Animals are the purest expressions of that life force, and as such are held sacred and precious."[27]

Gun rights

Sotelo has been highly vocal in the right to bear arms and opposition to gun control measures that have emerged since his congressional campaign such as California Proposition 63, the bullet button and refined definition of a "fixed magazine", and numerous other gun control measures on the local, state, and federal level, but while performing he instructs venues to not allow firearms.[no citations needed here]


In 2015 he made headlines when he announced that he would officially be running for a seat on the U.S. House of Representatives for the Grassroots Party in the state of California.[28][9] Being a perennial candidate he ultimately lost the race and on September 21, 2016, he formally ended his congressional campaign, but said he intends to run again.

In August 2017, Sotelo announced that he would seek election to the United States Senate in the 2018 election.

Sotelo dropped out of the race on July 8, 2018, citing the need to endorse someone more qualified and stated his support for California State Senator Kevin de Leon’s primary bid against the incumbent Dianne Feinstein.[29]


Independent albums

  • 2006: So Satan
  • 2007: Money Sex Power
  • 2009: Morals & Dogma

Studio albums

  • 2014: Me Against The World
  • 2015: Magick Without Words
  • 2016: The Much Requested Letter
  • 2017: The Gangster & The Priest

Extended plays

  • 2015: It's On (Trigger) 187um Killa
  • 2017: Greetings From East Los


  • 2011: The Condensed Satanic Bible
  • 2011: The (Yezidi) Satanic Bible: The Yezidi Scriptures
  • 2015: Liber Cultris The Gospel According To Marvin "Knife" Sotelo
  • 2016: Satanic Combat Sciences
  • 2018: A Spirit of Progress and Other Poems


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