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LG Williams (born Lawrence Graham Williams III) is a contemporary American artist who works in painting, sculpture, photography, mail art, video, drawing and performance.

Life and art

LG Williams was born in Evanston, IL and raised in The Ozarks Mountains in Northeastern Arkansas. He studied art at the Kansas City Art Institute where he received his B.A. He received his M.F.A. at University of California, Davis, and Honorary Ph.D. from Institute of Subversive Art and Analysis (ISSA), Cedar Rapids, IA. In school, Williams studied under Dale Eldred, Ken Fergeson, Wally Hedrick, Robert Arneson, and Wayne Thiebaud.

Williams has showed at various national and international venues, among them The Internet Pavilion of La Biennale Di Venezia 2011, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, di Rosa Art Preserve, Klaipėdos Kultūrų Komunikacijų Centras (Klaipeda, Lithuania), and Parc du Domaine les Crayères (Reims). Other venues included: Super Window Project (Kyoto), Gloria Maria Gallery (Milan), The Alfred Gallery (Tel Aviv), Artra Gallery (Milan), Lance Fung Gallery (New York), Steven Wirtz Gallery (San Francisco), Telephonebooth (Kansas City), as well as at the art fairs including Artissima (Turin), Art Cologne (Cologne), LISTE (Basel), Art-O-Rama (Marseille), Trans Art Tokyo and ARCO (Madrid). A major European exhibition, LG Williams / The Estate of LG Williams, Anthology: 1985-2012, was organized in 2012 by Baron Osuna (Super Window Project) for Gloria Maria Gallery in Milan; the catalogue essay was written by Dr. Thomas Frangenberg, University of Leicester.[1]

In 2014, Williams artwork "I CAN SEE THE WHOLE ROOM!… AND THERE IS NO ART IN IT!" (2011) was featured in Donald Preziosi's 2014 publication, Art, Religion, Amnesia: The Enchantments of Credulity.[2] The book challenges contemporary notions of art and antithetical modes of world-making. In 2013, art critic Chiara Guidi, (a contributing editor to Flash Art Italy and Frieze Magazine), contributed the catalogue essay for Williams's exhibition, Closed.[3] Jenna Duncan's exhaustive interview with LG Williams, Unconventional Wisdom, appeared in Java Magazine in January 2013;[4] as well as Alexis Jama Bieri's interview for GrandBag in May 2013.[5] His exhibition, In Absentia, held at Super Window Project in Kyoto, was reviewed in Artforum magazine in May 2011.[6]

An heir to West Coast and Beat Generation art, LG Williams is the youngest member of the Rat Bastard Protective Association, whose membership includes Bruce Conner, Wally Hedrick, Jay DeFeo, and Joan Brown.

Williams has taught studio art, art history, art appreciation, and graphic design courses at the University of California, Davis, University of Southern California, California College of the Arts, Arizona State University and the University of Hawaii to name a few. In March 2009 Cengage Learning / Wadsworth published Williams's Drawing Upon Art: A Workbook for Gardner's Art Through the Ages — an innovative pedagogical tool designed to facilitate learning art history through drawing. Currently, Williams lives in Los Angeles and Honolulu, Hawaii. In 2010 and 2011, Williams's was the art critic for Tokyo Weekender, the oldest free English publication in Japan.

Career Highlights



Selected Exhibitions


  • (2013) "Klaipeda Culture Communication Center", What Is It?, Curated by Julija Cistiakova, with Abraham Cruzvillegas, Seth Price, Hans Op De Beeck, Maurizio Cattelan & Pierpaolo Ferrari, Dan Perjovschi, Dora Garcia, and Christian Jankowski, October 11 – November 10, Klaipeda, Lithuania
  • (2013) "The Alfred Gallery (גלריה אלפרד)", Traggicon, June 13 - July 5, Tel Aviv, Israel
  • (2013) "Parc du Domaine les Crayères", Geometrie Variable, Curated by Baron Osuna, May 17 - June 30, Reims, France
  • (2013) "Artra Gallery", ARTRA-Arte Contemporanea Milano, Curated by Chiara Guidi, April 6–23, Milan, Italy
  • (2013) "Gloria Maria Gallery", Closed, Curated by Chiara Guidi, Sept 19 - Nov 17, Milan, Italy.
  • (2012) "Gloria Maria Gallery", LG Williams / The Estate of LG Williams™ / Super Window Project, Anthology: 1987 - 2012, Nov 14 - Dec 21, Milan.
  • (2012) "Trans Art Tokyo", November 21 - December 25, Tokyo, Japan
  • (2012) "Telephonebooth", 2012-13 Winter Invitational, Curated by Tim Brown, Jan 4 - March 20, Kansas City, MO
  • (2011) "The Internet Pavilion for the La Biennale Di Venezia 2011", Padiglione Internet BYOB Venezia, June 3 – November 27, Venice, Italy
  • (2011) "The Container", Anything But, June 6 – August 30, Tokyo, Japan.
  • (2011) "Super Window Project", LG Williams / Estate Of LG Williams: In Absentia, February 7 – March 6, Kyoto, Japan.
  • (2011) "Tana Bookshelf Gallery", LG Williams / Estate Of LG Williams: Salaryman / Superman, February 3 – 6, Tokyo, Japan.
  • (2010–11) "Super Window Project", LG Williams / Estate Of LG Williams: Closed, November 15 – January 9, 2011, Kyoto, Japan.
  • (2010–11) "Telephonebooth Gallery", 2010 Winter Invitational, December 4 – January 4, 2011, Kansas City, MO.
  • (2010) "Telephone Booth", LG Williams / Estate Of LG Williams: Closed, June 1 – 30, Kansas City, MO.
  • (2010) "FUCKTHATGALLERY", LG Williams / Estate of LG Williams: You Feel Good < Grope >, May 4 – May 29, Waikiki, HI
  • (2009) "FUCKTHATGALLERY", LG Williams / Estate Of LG Williams: Band-Aid, September 15 – October 11, Waikiki, HI
  • (2008) "Abandoned Gallery, If Your Not Laughing At The Morons…, with Shermine Sawalha, March 3-April 1, Happy Valley (Maui), HI
  • (2007-08) "House Where The Bottom Fell Out, Happy Valley (Maui), Hawaii
  • (2007) "Telephone Booth Gallery", One Square Foot, Cedar Rapids, IA
  • (2005) "Gallery Subversive", Truly Yours, Cedar Rapids, IA
  • (2005) "Kuntzpanorama Luszerne", Luscerne, Switzerland
  • (2005) "John Natsoulas Center for the Arts", 2005 Western Biennial Art, Davis, CA
  • (2004) "Lemon", One Awesome Sculpture and That's All !, Honolulu, HI
  • (2004) "World Wide Web", Help Wanted: The Craigslist Exhibition
  • (2003) "LG Art Security Services", Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco, CA
  • (2003) "The di Rosa Preserve", Faux Real, Napa, CA
  • (2003) "LG Art Security Services", The di Rosa Art Preserve, Napa, CA
  • (2002) "Princess Center For The Arts", 10 New Installations, Montreal, Canada
  • (2001) "Hi Gallery", Recent Work, Waikiki, HI
  • (1999) "Stephen Wirtz Gallery", Recent Paintings, San Francisco, CA
  • (1998) "Lance Fung Gallery", New Work, New York, NY
  • (1988) "Christopher Grimes Gallery", Santa Monica, CA


Selected Art Criticism



Selected Publications

Template:Colbegin Catalogue Raissonés

  • (2005) Point of No Return: LG Williams 2003 – 2005
  • (2003) Large: LG Williams 2001 – 2003, PCP Press. ASIN B002SN9H38
  • (2002) LG Williams: An Appreciation 1985 - 2001, PCP Press. ASIN B002U0KX6Y.

Academic Textbooks

  • (2008) Drawing Upon Art: Workbook for Gardner's Art Through The Ages, Cengage / Wadsworth, 2009. ISBN 978-0-495-57236-7.
  • (2003) Gorgeous Nonsense: The Missing History of Artistic Genius
  • (2001) The Drawing Handbook: Mandarin Ruminations on The Art of Drawing, with Dr. Xie Zhao Ping
  • (2000) Y2K and Modern Art: Why the Modern World and Great Art is Incompatible
  • (1996) Art History Lecture Notes
  • (1995) Drawing Upon Art: A Participatory Workbook for Art & Art History

Monographs and Exhibition Catalogues

  • (2009) LG Williams Band-Aids® Exhibition Catalogue, PCP Press & FUCKTHATGALLERY. ASIN B002SQKMGG
  • (2009) LG Williams: The Big Bad World™…, PCP Press & FUCKTHATGALLERY. ASIN B002U829MW.
  • (2008) Josè Queervô: New Works on Wall, PCP Press, ASIN B002TSAOSY.
  • (2005) The John Natsoulas Center for the Arts, The 2005 Traveling Western RV Biennial Art Show, PCP Press & John Natsoulas Center for the Arts, 2005. ASIN B002TSAMGI.
  • (2004) Lemon, One Awesome Sculpture and That's All !
  • (2004) Help Wanted: The Craigslist Exhibition, Lemon, PCP Press. ASIN B002T45V68.
  • (2003) Covering Your Ass Since '69: LG Art Security, PCP Press. ASIN B002TG4O14.
  • (2003) Duct and Cover: New Art by LG Williams, PCP Press. ASIN B002TSALPA.
  • (2003) FAUX REAL: The Exhibition Catalogue
  • (2003) Envisioning The Dark Millennium: Wally Hedrick`s Black Paintings, PCP Press. 030-16596052.
  • (2002) Hector: El Primero Abstracto-Impressioniste With Mike Dike, PCP Press. ASIN B002T45UYQ.
  • (2002) Bosoms and Bottoms, PCP Press. 030-16503707.
  • (2002) Everyone Sucks, PCP Press. ASIN B002TG4MVG.
  • (2001) LG Williams: Hi Gallery
  • (2000) LG Williams – Carl Fiacco: LA HELLO, LA GOODBYE
  • (2000) A Cart, PCP Press. ASIN B002TG4NY2.
  • (1999) Figuerlich Art Und Konzeptkunst, PCP Press. ASIN B002TG4MIO.
  • (1998) Another Tight Spot, PCP Press. ASIN B002TG4NPQ.
  • (1998) LG Williams: Selected Installations: 1997-1998, PCP Press. ASIN B002TSAQ32.
  • (1997) Clean Shorts and Recent Wood
  • (1997) LG Williams: Recent Paintings

Artists Books

  • (2004) Pole, PCP Press. ASIN B002TG4PE0.
  • (2004) Hasste Und Angst: Neu Kunst Bei LG Williams, PCP Press. ASIN B002TG4M6G.
  • (2004) You Get The Point, PCP Press. ASIN B002TSAP7E.
  • (2003) I-5, PCP Press, 2003. ASIN B002TG4N7O.
  • (2003) GROΒMACHT AUSSTELLUNG! Nueste Gemalde Bei LG Williams, PCP Press. ASIN B002TG4M98.
  • (2002) Break My Heart Man
  • (2002) Sugarless
  • (2001) Really?, PCP Press. ASIN B002TG4MZ2.
  • (2001) Star Fuck
  • (1999) Fliege Euer Unheimlich Gut Flugzeug, PCP Press. ASIN B002TG4O1E
  • (1999) The Dow, PCP Press. ASIN B002TSAP38.
  • (1999) Stars, PCP Press. ASIN B002TG4MXE.
  • (1998) Year in Rearview, 1st Ed., 2nd Ed. 1999, Forward by Dr. Seymour Howard, PCP Press. ASIN B002TSAPL0.


  • (2002) Hated and Feared, 65 pgs., PCP Press. ASIN B002T44HJK.
  • (2001) Killer Beings, 85 pgs., PCP Press. ASIN B002SG8HA4.
  • (2000) Buddhaheads and Aberchrombie, 60 pgs., PCP Press. ASIN B002T44I3U.
  • (2000) Aberchrombie and Buddhaheads, 60 pgs, PCP Press.
  • (1999) The City of Angels Has a Halo of Smog, 80 pgs, PCP Press. ASIN B002T44ID0.
  • (1999) B sides, 80 pgs., PCP Press. ASIN B002T44I76.
  • (1998) Stripe City, 67 pgs, PCP Press.
  • (1998) Kingdom of Back, 86 pgs., PCP Press. ASIN B002T44I2Q.


Selected Videos

Critical Writings Featuring LG Williams


  • Frangenberg, Thomas (2013), LG Williams / The Estate of LG Williams, Anthology: 1985-2012, Published by Super Window Project, Kyoto and Gloria Maria Gallery, PCP Press.
  • Gries, Laurie E. (Fall 2014), "Obama Hope Scam" in Still Life with Rhetoric: A New Materialist Approach to Visual Rhetoric, Utah State University Press.
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  • Preziosi, Donald, "In the Light of the Fowler: Art History, Museology, and…", Paper presented to the Art Historians of Southern California 2013 Annual Symposium, Fowler Museum, October 19, 2013


See also


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