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Laubwerk GmbH is a Computer Graphics software development company specializing in digital botany. Laubwerk offers 3D digital plant solutions for architects and 3D specialists for use on 3D software platforms. Laubwerk GmbH is an Autodesk Authorized Developer since 2010.


Founded in 2010 in Berlin by landscape designer Philip Paar, software developer Timm Dapper and computer graphics scientist Jalda Schaback, Laubwerk is able to draw from their manifold experiences ranging from landscape visualization, botany and software development to visual effects. Laubwerk is cooperating with Free University of Berlin, NVIDIA Research, and the Work Group Computer Graphics and Media Design at the University of Konstanz.


Laubwerk GmbH has developed software core library and 3D plant database. Plant models are stored in a data structure that allows creating a multitude of different drawing primitives. Thus, plant model representations can be generated in any requested geometrical resolution derived from a single base plant model description. This is possible due to a clear separation between modeling and drawing in the software design.


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