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Lear Bunda
Lear Bunda during television interview at Florida Supercon.
Born Template:Birth-date and age
Melbourne, Florida, U.S.
Occupation American filmmaker, editor, writer and musician.
Years active 2006–present

Lear Bunda (born November 18, 1982, Melbourne, Florida) is a filmmaker,[1] [2] editor,[3][4] writer and musician.[5]



Trained as a graphics designer, Bunda began working at Adult Swim[6] in 2002. Bunda has been the lead editor of Squidbillies since the show's second season.[7][8] Bunda formed his own production company, Neon Asteroid [9] and has made television commercials for Adult Swim,[10] and Guitar Center.

Other works

Bunda is a member of the cosplay musical group The Mortal Komband.[7][7][11][12] The group's video for the song, 500 Miles to Taco Bell, was nominated for Best Comedy at the 2014 Melbourne Independent Filmmakers Festival.[13][14][15]

Personal life

At the age of four he saw the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster which started an "infatuation with the space program."[16][17] Bunda started making short films at the age of 11, and has made over 50.[16] Bunda attended Melbourne High School where he took TV Production.[16] Bunda currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia.


Year Film Director Writer Editor Actor Notes
2006 Aqua Teen Hunger Force Template:Yes Template:Yes Template:Yes Writer (story elements) on 'She Creature'; Voice 'The Hairy Bus'; Editor on multiple episodes.
Squidbillies Template:Yes Currently Lead Editor.
12 oz. Mouse Template:Yes Editor on 'Pre-Reckoning,' 'Eighteen,' and 'Meat Warrior.'
2008 Gypsy Crepes Template:Yes Template:Yes Template:Yes Template:Yes
2010 Pokémon Template:Yes Episode 'Flint Sparks the Fire' voice of Referee, English Version only
2012 The Space Coast Template:Yes Template:Yes Template:Yes Also Producer.

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