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LinguaTrip Inc. is an American company that specializes in assistance in studying abroad.[1] Founded in 2015 in California, United States by Dmitry Pistolyako, Marina Mogilko[2][3] and Dmitry Kravchuk.[4]


The founders of LinguaTrip Inc. is graduates of the Saint Petersburg State University Dmitry Pistolyako, Marina Mogilko and Dmitry Kravchuk.

Before the founding of LinguaTrip Inc., classmates in 2011 created their first agency called MP Education, which specialized in assistance in studying abroad on an offline basis. Then they had already found their first client, their classmate, who was looking for English courses in London. In 2014, the company's turnover already amounted to more than $1.3 million, when their starting capital in 2011 barely exceeded $300.

In 2014 they got into the startup accelerator SumIT. After the release, they were invited to a meeting of start-ups with John Remey, which at that time was one of the promising young entrepreneurs by the version of Forbes. After that John told about LinguaTrip platform to his colleagues and connected Marina with the 500 Startups mentor Poornima Vijayashanker, for the opportunity to get into their accelerator. And although the set in the accelerator has already ended, the Poornima agreed to see the presentation of their company.

On the morning of the next day, colleagues received an invitation to 500 Startups. They collected all the necessary things in 8 hours and left for the United States for 5 months.[5][6][7][8]

Fifteen thousand start-ups participated in the selection process, but only 30 projects were selected, including LinguaTrip. LT executives received one hundred thousand dollars for business development in exchange for shares of the company.

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