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Template:Use British English The majority of the stories in the long-running television series Doctor Who and its spin-offs include an element of time travel, with the settings taking place on dates across a wide span of time in the fictional universe of Doctor Who – the "Whoniverse".

To date, 13 actors have portrayed the Doctor,[1] with each receiving an ordinal number (1st, 2nd, 3rd etc.), aside from the unnumbered War Doctor (WD) who came between the 8th and 9th. This list encompasses the adventures of all 13 Doctors and the spin-off series Torchwood (TW), The Sarah Jane Adventures (SJA), K-9 (K-9), and the singular pilot episode of K-9 and Company (K-9 & Co). It also includes the animated serial, Scream of the Shalka (REG-9), which was produced by the BBC as official canon but subsequently de-canonized[no citations needed here] when the series was revived in 2005. The canonicity of the direct-to-video productions from Reeltime Pictures and BBV (RTP) is uncertain[no citations needed here], although elements from them have been incorporated into the series proper.[nb 1]

This list also covers the "dark" versions of the Doctor, including the Valeyard (VL) and the Dream Lord (DL). It also includes the Watcher (WC), an "in-between" incarnation between the fourth and fifth incarnations.

This list does not cover audio dramas such as the extensive number of Big Finish Productions, novels, short stories, nor comic strips.


Not all of these stories can have a possible date attributed to them. Some have none; some have more than one, and some have contradictory dating. For example, most of the adventures in Doctor Who featuring the fictional UNIT organisation contain information that would attribute various, often contradictory dates between the 1960s to the 1980s to them. Over the long period of production, different writers have suggested different dates on which the stories are set, resulting in some noted controversy regarding these stories. Other stories take place on the timeless fictional planet of Gallifrey; stories set there can be attributed to a distinct chronological order but cannot be attributed to any specific date.

Many stories and episodes depict or refer to events similar to historical events in real life, or involve characters identifiable as real-life historic individuals. Many dates or periods of time are given without specifying the calendar or units of time; they may be in the Gregorian calendar and the units of time are those in common, everyday usage in the real world.

Dates and times refer to the terrestrial time zone observed at the situs of the story. Time zones are only indicated where required for clarity because of events overlapping on different dates. For example, two stories occur on New Year's Eve 1999/2000. The climax of "Day of the Moon" occurs in both the United States where it was the night of 20 July 1969, as well as on the Moon where it was 21 July, GMT.

Specific dating


Story[2] Story date(s) Doctor Year aired
Castrovalva[xr 1] ("Event One") c. 13.75 billion BCE[3] 5th 1982
"Hide" (formative Earth) c. 6 billion BCE, a Tuesday[4] 11th 2013
"The Runaway Bride"[xr 2] (Earth's formation) c. 4.6 billion BCE 10th 2006
City of Death[xr 3] (primeval Earth) between 4.4 and 2.7 billion BCE (i)
c. 400 million BCE (ii)
4th 1979
"Hide" (jungle) Paleozoic era[5] 11th 2013
The Hand of Fear[xr 4] (opening) c. 150 million BCE 4th 1976
Time-Flight[xr 1] (primeval Earth) c. 140 million BCE 5th 1982
Earthshock[xr 5] (Adric's death) c. 66 million BCE[6]
An Unearthly Child (less most of ep. 1) c. 100,000 BCE[7] 1st 1963
The Daleks' Master Plan (Egypt) c. 2613-2494 BCE (Fourth Dynasty) 1966
"Curse of Anubis" (still images of K-9 Mark I) "Thousands of years ago"[8][9] K-9 2009
"Dinosaurs on a Spaceship"[xr 6] (Egypt) 1334 BCE[10] 11th 2012
The Myth Makers c. 1250 BCE[11] 1st 1965
"Pond Life: August" (Chinese pasta scene) c. 300 BCE[12] 11th 2012
"The Angels Take Manhattan" (China scene) 221 BCE[7]

1st millennium AD

Story Story date(s) Doctor Year aired
"Exit Wounds"[xr 7] (Jack's burial) 27[13] TW 2008
The Romans mid-June until 18 July 64[14][15] 1st 1965
"The Fires of Pompeii" 23–24 August 79[16] (majority)
c. February 80 (final scene)
10th 2008
"The Pandorica Opens"[17] (Stonehenge) Friday, 21 January 102[18][19] 11th 2010
"The Big Bang"[xr 8] (Stonehenge)
"The Unicorn and the Wasp" (the Doctor in Belgium) 800[20] 10th 2008

2nd millennium

Story Story date(s) Doctor Year aired
The Time Meddler late Summer 1066[21][22] 1st 1965
"The Gunpowder Plot" (before opening credits) c. 1101-1125[23] 11th 2011
The Crusade October 1191[24] 1st 1965
The Time Warrior (excluding UNIT scenes) c. 1189-1199[25][26] 3rd 1973
"The Bells of Saint John" (Doctor & monks) 1207[27] 11th 2013
The King's Demons 4 March 1215[28] 5th 1983
Marco Polo 1289[29] 1st 1964
"The End of Time" (Doctor saves the monastery) 14th century[30] 10th 2009
The Aztecs c. 1450[31][32][33] 1st 1964
The Masque of Mandragora sometime c. 1470-1482[34][35] 4th 1976
"Dead Man Walking" (still images of Death) 1479 TW 2008
City of Death[xr 3] (Da Vinci's workshop) 1505 4th 1979
"The Power of Three" (Henry VIII's bedchamber) sometime between 11 June 1509 & 12 July 1543[36] 11th 2012
"Lost in Time"[xr 9] (Rani Chandra & Queen Jane) 19 & 20 July 1553[37] SJA 2010
The Eternity Clock (1561 scenes) 1561[38] 11th 2012
"The Day of the Doctor" (Elizabethan scenes) 1562[39] 10th 2013
The Massacre of St Bartholomew's Eve (except epilogue) 22–24 August 1572[40][41] 1st 1966
"The End of Time" (offscreen) Between 17 November 1558 and 1599[42] 10th 2009
"The Vampires of Venice" 1580 11th 2010
The Chase[xr 10] (Shakespeare & Bacon with Elizabeth I) c. 1596[43] 1st 1965
"The Shakespeare Code" 1599[44][45] 10th 2007
"The Gunpowder Plot"[46] 4 November 1605[47][48] 11th 2011
Silver Nemesis (Lady Peinforte & Richard in the past)[xr 11] 23 November 1638 7th 1988
"The Eternity Trap"[xr 9] 1665 SJA 2009
The Visitation 5 September 1666[49] 5th 1982
"The Impossible Astronaut" (the Doctor & Matilda) sometime between 29 May 1660 & 6 February 1685[50] 11th 2011
The Smugglers c. 1696–1699[51][52] 1st 1966
"The Curse of the Black Spot" 1 April 1699 or shortly thereafter 11th 2011
"The Girl in the Fireplace"[xr 12] (8 consecutive Reinette scenes) 1st: 1727
2nd: months later
3rd/4th: unspecified
10th 2006
The Highlanders on or shortly after 16 April 1746[53] 2nd 1967
The War Games (Jamie's return to Culloden) 1969
"The Girl in the Fireplace"[xr 12] (8 consecutive Reinette scenes) 5th: c. 1744 (when aged 23)[54]
6th: c. 1753 (5 years prior to 7th)
7th: c. 1758 (when aged 37)[54]
8th: 1764, when aged 42[54]
10th 2006
The Reign of Terror 5 days, ending 27 July 1794[55] 1st 1964
"Greeks Bearing Gifts"[xr 13] (soldier and prostitute) 1812[56] TW 2006
The Mark of the Rani 1820s[57] 6th 1985
"The Snowmen" (Simeon's childhood) winter 1842[58] 11th 2012
"The Next Doctor" c. 10 December 1851 (flashback)
24 December 1851 (majority)
10th 2008
"The Making of a Gunslinger" many years prior to 1870[59] 11th 2012
"Hide" (Victorian scene) c. 1850s-60s[60] 2013
The Chase[xr 10] (Abraham Lincoln at Gettysburg) 19 November 1863[61] 1st 1965
The Evil of the Daleks[xr 14] (episodes 2 through 6) 2 June 1866[62] 2nd 1967
"The Snowmen" (Clara is born) 23 November 1866[63] 11th 2012
"The Unquiet Dead" 1869[64] 9th 2005
"A Town Called Mercy" 1870[65] 11th 2012
The Chase[xr 10] (Mary Celeste scene) 25 November 1872[66] 1st 1965
"Father's Day" (Bell summoning Watson) 10 March 1876[67] 9th 2005
"Tooth and Claw" 1879 10th 2006
The Gunfighters 24–26 October 1881[68][69] 1st 1966
Ghost Light 1883 7th 1989
"Rose" (Ninth Doctor at Krakatoa) 26–27 August 1883[70][71] 9th 2005
"Attack of the Graske" (High Holborn)[72] 25 December 1883[73] 10th 2005
"The Unicorn and the Wasp" (Delhi flashback) 1885 2008
Timelash[xr 15] (meeting HG Wells) summer 1885 6th 1985
"A Good Man Goes to War" (London) 1888,[74] on or after 9 November[75] 11th 2011
"Lost in Time"[xr 9] (Sarah Jane's plot) 1889 SJA 2010
"Vincent and the Doctor"[xr 13] (majority of episode) 1–3 June 1890[76] 11th
"The Power of Three" (Savoy Hotel) 26 June 1890[77][78] 2012
"The Pandorica Opens"[xr 6] (Vincent scene) sometime between 3 June & 28 July 1890[79] 2010
"Vincent and the Doctor"[xr 13] (wheatfield cold open) July 1890[80]
The Eternity Clock (1892 scenes) 1892[38] 2012
"The Great Detective" before 23 December 1892[81][82]
"Vastra Investigates"
"The Snowmen" 23–25 December 1892 (majority)[83][84]
Spring 1893 (Clara's grave)[85]
"The Crimson Horror" (majority) 1893[86][87][88] 2013
"Clarence and the Whispermen"
"The Name of the Doctor" (Vastra, Jenny & Strax)
"Songtaran Carols" Christmas, 1893 or within a few years thereafter[89][90] 2012
The Talons of Weng-Chiang c. 1890s[91] 4th 1977
"Fragments" (Jack joins Torchwood) 13 September 1898 TW 2008

For additional events that possibly occur in this period see [nb 2][nb 3]

20th century

Story Story date(s) Doctor Year aired
"Exit Wounds"[xr 7] (early Torchwood) 1901 TW 2008
"Dinosaurs on a Spaceship" (Riddell on African plains) 1902[92] 11th 2012
Enlightenment November 1902[93] 5th 1983
Horror of Fang Rock c. 1901-1910[94] 4th 1977
"Small Worlds"[xr 16] (Lahore) 1909 TW 2006
Pyramids of Mars[xr 17] 1911[95] 4th 1975
"Rose" (Doctor at Southampton) 9 April 1912 (the eve of RMS Titanic's voyage) 9th 2005
"Human Nature" 10 November 1913 & at least 2 more days 10th 2007
"The Family of Blood"
"Pond Life: April" (Mata Hari's boudoir in Paris) sometime presumably between late 1914[96] & mid-1916[97] 11th 2012
"The Family of Blood" (penultimate scene of WWI) sometime between 4 Aug. 1914 and 11 Nov. 1918 10th 2007
"To the Last Man"[xr 16] (WWI hospital) sometime between 11 April[98] & 11 Nov. 1918[99] TW 2008
"Blink"[xr 18] (Kathy & Ben in Hull) 5 December 1920[100] 10th 2007
"From Out of the Rain"[xr 16] (early carnival) 1920s TW 2008
"Golden Age" (perpetually repeated day) 24 February 1924 2009
Black Orchid 11 June 1925 5th 1982
Carnival of Monsters (perpetual S.S. Bernice day) 4 June 1926 3rd 1973
"The Unicorn and the Wasp" 23 November 1926 (church & library scenes)
3 December 1926 (majority)
4 December 1926 (Agatha Christie's car discovered at Silent Pool & she arrives in Harrogate)
10th 2008
The Daleks' Master Plan (Hollywood) c. 1925-1930[101][102] 1st 1965
"Immortal Sins" (New York scenes) July 1927 (majority)
summer 1928 (after Angelo's release)
TW 2011
"Daleks in Manhattan" 1 November 1930[100] 10th 2007
"Evolution of the Daleks"
The Abominable Snowmen c. 1935[103][104] 2nd 1967
"The Angels Take Manhattan" before 3 April 1938 (Sam Garner)[105][106]
night of 3 April 1938 (Doctor & Williamses)[107]
11th 2012
"Let's Kill Hitler" (Berlin scenes) 1938 2011
"The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe" (space battle & looking for TARDIS) 24 December 1938
"The Impossible Astronaut" (Doctor in The Flying Deuces) July or August 1939[108]
"Captain Jack Harkness" (WWII dance hall) 20 January 1941 TW 2007
"The Empty Child" between 21 January and 10 May 1941[109][110] 9th 2005
"The Doctor Dances"
"Ghost Machine" (railway station scenes) 1941, during the Blitz TW 2006
"Victory of the Daleks" 11th 2010
"The Pandorica Opens"[xr 6] (Churchill & Bracewell) 1941,[111] after "Victory of the Daleks"[112]
Lost in Time (Clyde fighting the Waffen-SS) warm season of 1941 SJA
"The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe" (majority) 20–25 December 1941[113] 11th 2011
"The Impossible Astronaut" (POW camp tunnel scene) Second World War
The Curse of Fenric 1943 7th 1989
Wartime (Benton's childhood) spring 1944 (picnics)[114]
6 June 1944 (Normandy)[115]
June 1944, after 6th (Johnny consoling mother)[116]
RTP 1987
"Death is the Only Answer" (Einstein's perspective) 18 September 1945, approx. 2:00[117] 11th 2011
"P.S." (Amy, Rory, & Anthony in New York) 1946[118] 2012
"Dreamland" (Roswell cold open) 13 June 1947 10th 2009
"The Temptation of Sarah Jane Smith"[xr 16] (Foxgrove) 18 August 1951[100] SJA 2008
"A Christmas Carol" (Frank Sinatra's party) 24 December 1952 11th 2010
"The Idiot's Lantern" 1–2 June 1953[119] 10th 2006
"Out of Time" (Diane's & passengers' perspective) 1953[120] TW
"Dreamland" c. June 1958 10th 2009
Delta and the Bannermen Wednesday & Thursday, c. 7 March 1959 7th 1987
"Random Shoes" (Christie & Halliday filming A for Andromeda) late summer 1961[121] TW 2006
"Ghost Machine" (Lizzie Lewis' rape & murder) 29 March 1963
Remembrance of the Daleks 10 June 1963 (J.F. Kennedy's speech)[122]
28 August 1963 (M.L. King's speech)[123]
7th 1988
"City of the Daleks"[124] (Sylvia at the end) 1963 11th 2010
An Unearthly Child shortly before 22 November 1963[125] 1st 1963
"Rose" (Doctor in Dallas) 22 November 1963, 12:30 CST (18:30 GMT)[126] 9th 2005
Remembrance of the Daleks 22–23 November 1963[127] 7th 1988
"The Cambridge Spy" (scenes in the past) 23 November 1963[128] K-9 2010
"Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane?"[xr 19] (pier) 13 July 1964 SJA 2007
The Daleks' Master Plan (Cricket match) presumably sometime 18–23 July 1964[129][130] 1st 1965
The Chase[xr 10] 10 April 1965 (The Beatles on Top of the Pops)[131]
1965 (Ian & Barbara return home to London)[132][133]
Children of Earth[xr 20] (first 456 encounter) November 1965[134] TW 2009
The Daleks' Master Plan 25 December 1965 (police station)[40][135]
1 January 1966 (New Year celebrations)[130][136]
1st 1965-66
The Chase[xr 10] (Empire State Building scene) 1966[40][137] 1965
The Massacre of St Bartholomew's Eve (epilogue) 1966
The War Machines 12–20 July 1966[138][139][140]
The Faceless Ones[xr 14] 19–20 July 1966[141][142] 2nd 1967
The Evil of the Daleks (episode 1) 20 July 1966[nb 4]
The Web of Fear August 1966[143][144][145] 1968
An Adventure in Space and Time (Hartnell's premonition) 8 October 1966[146][147][148] 11th 2013
"Blink" (DI Shipton, Martha & the Doctor) March or April 1969[149][150] 10th 2007
"The Impossible Astronaut" 8 April 1969[151] 11th 2011
The Invasion spring 1969[152][153][154] 2nd 1968
Spearhead from Space 3rd 1970
Doctor Who and the Silurians early summer 1969[155]
The Ambassadors of Death summer 1969
"Day of the Moon" July 1969, before 16th (up thru orphanage scenes)[156]
16 July 1969, 9:32am EDT / 13:32:00 UTC-GMT (examining the suit)[157]
20 July 1969, 4:17pm EDT / 20:17 UTC (Amy awakens)[158]
20 July 1969, 10:56pm EDT / 21 July, 02:56 UTC (climax)[159]
soon thereafter (Oval Office epilogue)[160]
11th 2011
Inferno 23–25 July 1969[161] 3rd 1970
"Day of the Moon" (Melody's regeneration) January 1970[162] 11th 2011
The Underwater Menace c. 1970 (not long after 1968), close to 21 March[163] 2nd 1967
Terror of the Autons late summer 1970[164] 3rd 1971
The Mind of Evil Autumn 1970[165]
The Claws of Axos c. November 1970[166]
Colony in Space (Earth) c. late 1970 / early 1971[167]
The Dæmons 30 April - 1 May 1971[168][169]
Day of the Daleks (present day) 11–14 September 1971[170] 1972
The Sea Devils Autumn 1971[171]
The Time Monster few days on and about 29 September 1971[172]
The Three Doctors (UNIT & Minsbridge scenes) c. November 1971[173] 1st 1972-73
The Green Death February 1972[174] 3rd 1973
The Time Warrior (UNIT research facility scenes) September 1972[175] 1973-74
Invasion of the Dinosaurs c. October 1972[176] or c. 1974 1974
"The Name of the Doctor" (Clara & Third Doctor) late 1972 or early 1973[177] 2013
"The Five Doctors" (Third Doctor driving Bessie on Earth). 1983
Planet of the Spiders (Earth scenes) March or April 1973 (majority)[178]
3 weeks later (epilogue)[179]
Robot 4–5 April 1973[180][181] 4th 1974-75
Terror of the Zygons c. May/June 1973[182][183] 1975
The Android Invasion Friday, 6 July 1973[184]
The Seeds of Doom c. late 1973 1976
Dimensions in Time (past scenes) 23 November 1973[185] 3rd 1993
The Hand of Fear (excluding opening) early 1974[186] 4th 1976
"Hide" (majority) 25–26 November 1974[187][188] 11th 2013
Wartime (majority) sometime between 5 April 1973 and 1976[189] RTP 1987
Mawdryn Undead (Brig.&Tegan; unconscious Brig. return) 1977, shortly before 6 June[190] 5th 1983
Image of the Fendahl Lammas Eve (31 July) 1977[191] 4th 1977
City of Death[xr 3] (Paris) 1979, sometime between 26 January & 31 May 1979
The Five Doctors (Cambridge) October 1979[192] 1983
Shada 8th 2003
Logopolis 28 February 1981 4th 1981
Castrovalva 1981 5th 1982
Four to Doomsday
"The Rings of Akhaten" (Dave & Ellie meet) Autumn 1981[193] 11th 2013
"A Girl's Best Friend" December 1981, from ~11th[194] thru 25th[195] K-9 & Co. 1981
Mawdryn Undead (Turlough on Earth; Brig. & Fifth Doctor; final exteriors) 1983[196][197] 5th 1983
"Cold War" 11th 2013
The Five Doctors (Sarah Jane, K-9, & Brig on Earth) c. 1983-84 2nd 1983
The Awakening 1984[198][199][nb 5] 5th 1984
Resurrection of the Daleks (Docklands)[xr 21]
Planet of Fire
"The Rings of Akhaten" (Dave shows Ellie the leaf) mid-1980s[200] 11th 2013
"A Fix with Sontarans" 23 February 1985[201] 6th 1985
Attack of the Cybermen (London) 1985[nb 5]
The Tenth Planet December 1986[202][203] 1st 1966
"Father's Day" 7 November 1987 9th 2005
Silver Nemesis (modern day scenes)[xr 11] 23 November 1988 7th 1988
Survival c. 1989[204][205] 1989
"The Rings of Akhaten" (baby Clara) 11th 2013
Search Out Science ep. "Search Out Space" 21 November 1990[206] 7th 1990
"The Rings of Akhaten" (toddler Clara) c. 1990/91[207] 11th 2013
One Born Every Minute/Call the Midwife sketch 16 October 1991[208]
"Random Shoes" (Eugene Jones' childhood) 1992 TW 2006
"Father's Day" (young Rose at home) early 1990s 9th 2005
Dimensions in Time (present day) 23 November 1993[209] 3rd 1993
"Good Night" (end, fairground) 1994[210][211] 11th 2011
"The Rings of Akhaten" (Clara hits the Doctor with a ball) 2013
P.R.O.B.E.: "The Zero Imperative" RTP 1994
P.R.O.B.E.: "The Devil of Winterborne" c. 1995 1995
Downtime 14–19 September 1995
"The Eleventh Hour" (young Amelia scenes) night of 7 April 1996[212] 11th 2010
"The Pandorica Opens (young Amelia saying her prayers)
"The Big Bang" (young Amelia's garden & bedroom) overnight 7–8 April 1996[213]
"The Angels Take Manhattan" (Amelia epilogue) morning of 8 April 1996[214] 2012
The Chase[xr 10] (House of Horrors scene) 1996[215][216] 1st 1965
"The Big Bang" (young Amelia & National Museum) 11th 2010
P.R.O.B.E.: "Unnatural Selection" RTP 1996
P.R.O.B.E.: "Ghosts of Winterborne"
New Zealand Superannuation Services adverts 1997[217] 4th 1997
"Let's Kill Hitler" (Amelia, Rory & Mels as children) c. 1997-1998 11th 2011
"The Bells of Saint John" prequel c. 1998[218] 2013
Doctor Who (1996 film) 30 December 1999[219] – 1 January 2000 (PST)[220] 7th 1996
"Fragments" (second Jack flashback) 31 December 1999 – 1 January 2000 (GMT)[221] TW 2008

Many stories airing between 1968 and 1989 involved an organisation called UNIT. The dating of these stories is uncertain (see UNIT#UNIT dating).

21st century

Doctor Who’s 2005 series' present-day setting jumped a year into the future, beginning with "Aliens of London" The 2006 series did not state the present-day years, but treated the preceding episodes' events having already occurred. The 2009 specials realigned the present-day into 2009.

Story Story date(s) Doctor Year aired
Auton c. 2000[222] RTP 1997
Auton 2: Sentinel c. 2002[223] 1998
Auton 3 1999
Scream of the Shalka[224] 2003 REG-9 2003
"Fragments" (Toshiko's backstory) TW 2008
Dæmos Rising 30–31 October 2003[225] RTP 2004
"Fragments" (Owen's back-story) 2004 TW 2008
"Let's Kill Hitler" (Leadworth Comprehensive School) c. 2004 11th 2011
The End of Time (Rose & Jackie Tyler)[226] 1 January 2005, before daybreak 10th 2010
"The Eleventh Hour" (cold open)[227] 11th
"The End of the World" (Jackie's side of the phone call) no later than 5 March 2005[228] 9th 2005
"Rose" 5–6 March 2005[229]
"The Rings of Akhaten" (Ellie's grave) 2005, sometime after 5 March[230] 11th 2013
"Aliens of London"
March 2006[229] 9th 2005
"World War Three"
"Boom Town" September 2006
"The Parting of the Ways" (modern-day) late 2006
"The Christmas Invasion" 24–25 December 2006 10th
"Attack of the Graske" (modern-day) 25 December 2006
"School Reunion" early 2007 2006
"Love & Monsters"
"Blink" (majority of episode)[xr 18] 2007 2007
"Army of Ghosts" 2007, at least two months after "Love & Monsters" 2006
"Cyberwoman" (Canary Wharf flashbacks) TW 2007
"Fragments" (Jack hires Ianto) 2007, shortly after "Doomsday" 2008
"The New World" (Oswald Danes' trial) 2007 2011
"Everything Changes" early October 2007 2007
"Day One"
"Ghost Machine" late 2007
"Small Worlds"
"Greeks Bearing Gifts"
"They Keep Killing Suzie" December 2007, nearly three months after "Everything Changes"
"Random Shoes"
"Out of Time" late December 2007
"The Runaway Bride"[231] 24 December 2007 10th
"Combat" end of 2007 or early 2008 TW
Web of Lies ("missing day") 2007, before "Captain Jack Harkness" 2011
"A Day in the Death" (Maggie's wedding day) March 2008 2008
"Let's Kill Hitler" (companions' young adulthood) c. a year before "The Eleventh Hour"'s 2008 majority 11th 2011
"Smith and Jones" 31 March 2008[232] 10th 2007
"The Lazarus Experiment" 1 April 2008 (12 hours after "Smith and Jones")[232]
"42" (Francine scenes) (One Day after "The Lazarus Experiment") 2 April 2008
"Captain Jack Harkness" (modern-day) May 2008 TW
"End of Days" (Election Day, one day before "The Sound of Drums")
"Utopia" (Cardiff Rift cold open) 10th
"The Sound of Drums" May 2008[232] (Four days after "Smith and Jones")
"Last of the Time Lords" (after time reversal)
"Blink" (epilogue)[xr 18] 2008
Zygon: When Being You Just Isn't Enough RTP 2008
"The Eleventh Hour" (majority) 11th 2010
"Invasion of the Bane" c. August 2008 SJA 2007
Revenge of the Slitheen early September 2008
"Lost Souls" prior to & on 10 September 2008 TW
Eye of the Gorgon autumn 2008 SJA
"Music of the Spheres" (Royal Albert Hall perspective) 27 July 2008[233] 10th
"The Family of Blood" (Remembrance Sunday scene) 9 November 2008
Warriors of the Kudlak c. early November 2008 (cold open)
3 days later (remainder)
Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane? (modern-day) late 2008
The Lost Boy c. December 2008
"Voyage of the Damned" 24–25 December 2008 10th
"Adrift" (cold open) 7 months, 11 days before "Adrift" TW 2008
"Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang" 16 January 2009
"Sleeper" 22–23 January 2009
"To the Last Man" (present-day) 29 January 2009
"Meat" February 2009
"Reset" 20 February 2009
"Dead Man Walking" 27 February 2009
"A Day in the Death" 5 March 2009
"Something Borrowed" 12 March 2009
"From Out of the Rain" 19–20 March 2009[234]
"Adrift" (except cold open) begins on 21 March 2009
"Fragments" 21+ months after "Doomsday"
"Exit Wounds"
"Planet of the Dead" Easter 2009 10th
"Partners in Crime" early April 2009
"The Sontaran Stratagem" April 2009 (few days after "Partners in Crime")
"The Poison Sky"
The Last Sontaran (Commander Kaagh's flashbacks) SJA
"The Stolen Earth" May/June[235] 2009 10th
"Journey's End"
"The Waters of Mars" [xr 22] (young Adelaide) 2009
The Last Sontaran early summer 2009 (majority of episode)
late summer 2009 (epilogue)
SJA 2008
The Day of the Clown c. 9 October 2009
Secrets of the Stars 5–7 November 2009
The Mark of the Berserker late 2009
The Temptation of Sarah Jane Smith[xr 16]
Enemy of the Bane
"From Raxacoricofallapatorius with Love" 2009 SJA 2009
Prisoner of the Judoon Summer term 2009[xr 9]
The Mad Woman in the Attic (Rani as a teen)
The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith
The Eternity Trap
Mona Lisa's Revenge
The Gift
"Asylum" summer/autumn 2009 TW
"Golden Age" (modern-day)
"The Dead Line"
"The Devil and Miss Carew" 2011
Children of Earth (majority) [xr 20] Mon-Fri or Tue-Sat, September 2009 2009
The Nightmare Man (flashback) c. late 2009 SJA 2010
The End of Time[xr 23] December 2009 10th 2009–2010
"The House of the Dead" c. March 2010 TW 2011
Children of Earth (epilogue) 2009
"The Vampires of Venice" (Rory's stag party) evening of 25 June 2010[236] 11th 2010
"The Eleventh Hour" (epilogue) night of 25 June 2010[237]
"Flesh and Stone" (Amy's bedroom) ~11:58 p.m. 25 June - midnight, 26 June 2010[238]
"The Pandorica Opens"[xr 6] (River Song at Amy's house)[239] 26 June 2010
"The Big Bang" (Amy and Rory's wedding)[240]
"Vincent and the Doctor" (Musée d'Orsay scenes)[xr 13] between 17 March and 29 August 2010[241]
"The Big Bang" (Amy in Colchester) 2010, immediately before "The Lodger"[242]
"The Lodger" 2010[243]
"Blood of the Cybermen"[124]
"Trouble at the Albert" 25 July 2010[244]
The Nightmare Man (present-day) September 2010 SJA
The Vault of Secrets Autumn 2010
Death of the Doctor
The Empty Planet
Lost in Time (shop scenes) 23 November 2010
Goodbye, Sarah Jane Smith late 2010
"16th National Television Awards" cold open 26 January 2011, 19:00[245] 11th 2011
"Night Terrors early 2011
"The Impossible Astronaut" (Amy & Rory at home) spring 2011, prior to 22 April[246]
"The Wedding of River Song" (nursing home) c. 21 April 2011[247]
"Closing Time" (closing shot of submerged River Song) 22 April 2011[248]
"The Impossible Astronaut" (Utah)
"The Wedding of River Song" (Lake, palace, & Area 52)[249]
Sky spring/summer 2011 SJA
The Curse of Clyde Langer
The Man Who Never Was
Torchwood: Miracle Day (present day) between July and September 2011 TW
Torchwood: Web of Lies (present day)
"Let's Kill Hitler" prequel (Amy's perspective) summer or early autumn 2011[250] 11th
"Let's Kill Hitler" (crop circle cold-open) early autumn 2011[251][252]
"The God Complex" (Williams' house)
"Up All Night" 2011[253][254][255]
"Closing Time" (less River's scenes)
"The Wedding of River Song" (garden epilogue)
"The Angels Take Manhattan" (modern times) 5 February 2012[256][257] 2012
"Dalek" 2012 9th 2005
"The Long Game" (Mitchells' house)
"Fear Her" 27 July 2012 [258] 10th 2006
"Good as Gold" 11th 2012
"The Bells of Saint John" (majority) 2013, prior to 10 April[259] 2013
"The Crimson Horror" (epilogue)
"Nightmare in Silver" (epilogue)
"The Name of the Doctor" (Maitland house) 10 April 2013[260]
2013 Doctor Who Prom skit, Strax's field report D956/2, & Daleks intimidating Ben Foster 13 July 2013[261]
Dimensions in Time (future)[262] 23 November 2013 3rd 1993
Strax's cinema introduction to "The Day of the Doctor"[263] and
the Doctors' cinema introduction to "The Day of the Doctor"[264]
11th 2013
"The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe" (Amy & Rory's house) 25 December 2013[265] 11th 2011
Pond Life: Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5 (except pasta scene)
April, 2014[266]
May, 2014[267]
June, 2014[268]
July, 2014[269]
August, 2014[270]
"Asylum of the Daleks" (Earth scenes) some months after Pond Life[271]
"Dinosaurs on a Spaceship" (Amy & Rory's home life) August 2015 (10 mo. after "Asylum..." and some months after (epilogue))[272]
"The Power of Three" (opening scene)
(year of the slow invasion)
July 2016,[273] weeks since home[274]
October 2016 - July 2017[275][276]
"P.S." (Brian and Anthony in London) July or August 2017, one week after Rory and Amy go back in time with the Doctor to Manhattan[277] 2013
"The Day of the Doctor" (modern London) c. 2018[278] 11th
4th / Curator
The Enemy of the World 2018[279] 2nd 1967
"The Hungry Earth" 2020[280] 11th 2010
"Cold Blood"
The Wheel in Space c. 2050 2nd 1968
The War Games (Zoe's return to the Wheel) 1969
"Regeneration" 2050 K-9 2009
"The Korven"
"The Bounty Hunter" (aside from epilogue)
"Sirens of Ceres"
"Fear Itself"
"The Fall of The House of Gryffen"
"Jaws of Orthrus"
"Curse of Anubis"
"Alien Avatar"
"The Last Oak Tree"
"Black Hunger"
"The Cambridge Spy" (2050 scenes)
"Lost Library of Ukko"
"Mutant Copper"
"The Custodians"
"Taphony and the Time Loop"
"Robot Gladiators"
"Mind Snap"
"Angel of the North"
"The Last Precinct"
"Hound of the Korven"
"The Eclipse of the Korven"
"The Mad Woman in the Attic"[xr 24] (old Rani) 2059 SJA 2009
"The Waters of Mars" 21 November 2059 10th
Paradise Towers late 21st century[281] 7th 1987
The Moonbase 2070[282][283] 2nd 1967
Warriors of the Deep c. 2084 5th 1984
The Seeds of Death end of the 21st century[284] 2nd 1969

Post-21st century

Story Story date(s) Doctor Year aired
The Eternity Clock (Dalek occupation) 2106[285] 11th 2012
16th NTA cold open (Bruce Forsyth scene) c. 2111[286] 2011
Nightmare of Eden c. 2116[287] 4th 1979
Day of the Daleks (future) 22nd century[170] 3rd 1972
"The Rebel Flesh" 11th 2011
"The Almost People"
The Dalek Invasion of Earth 2167[288][289] 1st 1964
"Shadows of the Vashta Nerada" 23rd century, at Christmas[124] 11th 2010
The Twin Dilemma August 2200[290] or 2300 6th 1984
The Leisure Hive (Argolis) c. 2290[291] 4th 1980
Vengeance on Varos c. 2285-2320[292] 6th 1985
"First Night" (Calderon Beta) 21 September 2360[293] 11th 2011
"Last Night"
"Dinosaurs on a Spaceship" (majority of episode) 2367[294] 2012
Mindwarp (Thoros-Beta) 3 July 2379[295] 6th 1986
The Ultimate Foe (King Yrcanos & Peri)
The Androids of Tara c. 2370s[296] 4th 1978
Colony in Space 1–5 March 2472[297] 3rd 1971
The Rescue 2493[298] 1st 1965
Earthshock[xr 5] 2526 5th 1982
Frontier in Space 2540[299] 3rd 1973
Planet of the Daleks 26th century, immediately after Frontier in Space[300][301]
The Tomb of the Cybermen after 2570[302][303] 2nd 1967
Shakedown: Return of the Sontarans late 26th century RTP 1994
Mindgame 1998
Mindgame Trilogy 1999
Attack of the Cybermen (Telos) 27th century[304] 6th 1985
"Midnight" 10th 2008
The Sensorites 28th century[305] 1st 1964
Revenge of the Cybermen c. 2875[306] 4th 1975
State of Decay c. 2929[307] 1980
The Mutants 30th century[308][309] 3rd 1972
Terror of the Vervoids 16 April 2986[310] 6th 1986
The Ice Warriors c. 3000[311][312] 2nd 1967
The Curse of Peladon 3rd 1972
Carnival of Monsters c. 3003 1973
Death to the Daleks
The Monster of Peladon (50 years after The Curse of Peladon)[313]
Planet of the Spiders (Metebelis 3 scenes)[314]
"The Beast Below" 3295 11th 2010
"The Impossible Planet" no earlier than 3926 10th 2006
"The Satan Pit"
The Infinite Quest 40th century (segment 1 several years before rest) 2007
"Mission to the Unknown" late 3999[315] (6 months before Daleks' Master Plan) 1st 1965
The Daleks' Master Plan 4000[316] 1965–1966
"A Good Man Goes to War" (Battle of Zaruthstra) 4037[317] 11th 2011
"Planet of the Ood" 4126 10th 2008
"The End of Time" (Ood scene) 4226 2010
"A Christmas Carol" 24–25 December 4398[318] 11th
The Invisible Enemy c. 5000[319][320] 4th 1977
"The Girl in the Fireplace"[xr 12] (spaceship) 51st century 10th 2006
"The Time of Angels" (majority) 11th 2010
"Flesh and Stone"[321]
"The Big Bang" (Doctor & Amy in the forest)[322]
"Silence in the Library" 10th 2008
"Forest of the Dead"
"The Name of the Doctor" (The Library)[323] 2013
"Adam"[324] (Jack's childhood on Boeshane Peninsula) TW 2008
"Exit Wounds"[324] (Jack's childhood)
"Let's Kill Hitler" (Luna University) early 52nd century (Sisters of the Infinite Schism Hosp.)[325]
5123 (Luna University)[326]
11th 2011
"Closing Time" (Luna University) mid-late 5120s
"First Night" (Stormcage Containment Facility) between 5140 & 5145[327] (1st night of River's sentence)[328]
"The Pandorica Opens"[xr 6] (Stormcage Containment Facility, Royal Collection, & Maldovarium) 5145[329] 2010
The Eternity Clock (Stormcage scenes) 2012
"The Almost People" (Amy at Demon's Run) 52nd century, in or after 5145[330] 2011
"A Good Man Goes to War" (majority) 52nd century, 1 mo. after Amy in "The Almost People"[331]
"The Battle of Demon's Run - Two Days Later" 2 days after "A Good Man Goes to War"[332] 2013
"The Impossible Astronaut" (Stormcage Containment) 52nd century,[333] in or after 5150[334] 2011
"Day of the Moon" (Stormcage Containment Facility)
"The Wedding of River Song" (live chess game & 7th Transept) Some years after "A Good Man Goes to War"[335]
"The Doctor's Daughter" 24 July 6012 10th 2008
"Nightmare in Silver" No earlier than 62nd century[336] 11th 2013
"He Said, She Said"
"Turn Left" (Shan Shen) 85th century[304] 10th 2008
The Ark in Space in or after 130th century[337][338] 4th 1975
The Sontaran Experiment
"The Time of Angels" (museum) 171st century 11th 2010
Planet of Evil c. 37,166[339][340] 4th 1975
"The Bounty Hunter" (Ahab's arrival in the future) c. 52,050[341] K-9 2009
"The Long Game" 200,000 9th 2005
"Bad Wolf" 200,100
"The Parting of the Ways"
The Mysterious Planet (Ravolox/Earth) c. 2,002,000 6th 1986
Dragonfire within a few years after The Mysterious Planet[342][343] 7th 1987
"The Name of the Doctor" (Iceworld scenes) 2013
The Ark c. 10,000,000,[344][345] and then 700 years later[345][346] 1st 1966
"The End of the World"[xr 25] c. 5,000,000,000 9th 2005
"New Earth" 5,000,000,023 10th 2006
"Gridlock" 5,000,000,053 2007
"Utopia" c. 100,000,000,000,000 2007

Negated timelines

Some stories depict events occurring in timelines that are specifically stated as having been subsequently negated.

Story Possible Date(s) Doctor Year Aired
"The Big Bang"[xr 8] 118[347] (Pandorica taken to Rome)
420[347] (Pandorica taken during raid by the Franks)
1120[347] (The Pandorica is a prized possession of the Knights Templar)
1231[347] (The Pandorica is donated to the Pope)
1941[347][nb 6] ("Lone Centurion" in the Blitz)
11th 2010
"City of the Daleks"[124] 1963
"Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane?"[xr 19] (Trickster and teenage Andrea) 1964 SJA 2007
Pyramids of Mars[xr 17] (a future destroyed Earth) 1980 4th 1975
"Turn Left" (5 successive time periods) right version of left/right choice: June 2007[348]
Christmas star: 24 December 2007[349]
Donna's dismissal: months later; between June and November 2008[350]
Christmas prize: 24–25 December 2008[351]
Leeds and TARDIS scenes: over 3 months later, spanning at least 3 weeks[352]
10th 2008
"Last of the Time Lords" One year after "The Sound of Drums" 2007
"Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane?"[xr 19] (altered present) contemporaneous with 2000s entries SJA
"The Temptation of Sarah Jane Smith" (altered present) 2008
"The Wedding of River Song" (majority) 5:02 pm, 22 April 2011[353] 11th 2011
"The Mad Woman in the Attic"[xr 24] (old Rani, 1st version) 2059 SJA 2009
Day of the Daleks 22nd century 3rd 1972

Parallel universes

Some stories depict events occurring in what is specifically stated to be a different, parallel universe.

Story Possible Date(s) Doctor Year Aired
Inferno contemporaneous with 1970s entry 3rd 1970
"Rise of the Cybermen" & "The Age of Steel" 1 February 2007 10th 2006
"Army of Ghosts" & "Doomsday" 3 years after the events of "The Age of Steel"
"Journey's End" (Dårlig Ulv Stranden scene) several years after "Doomsday" 2008
"Hide" (Hila's world) slowed time 11th 2013

Vague or unspecified dates

Undated stories and episodes

Many of the stories do not give sufficient information to determine possible dates at which they might be set, though they can often be seen to be set in a contemporary period or at some future time.

Contemporary Future Unknown Doctor Year aired
The Daleks (at Skaro in future) 1st 1963-64
Planet of Giants The Keys of Marinus 1964
The Web Planet
Galaxy 4
The Space Museum (sometime after 2493 CE)[354]
The Chase (Mechanus)
The Chase (Aridius & Dalek ship scenes) 1965
The Savages The Celestial Toymaker 1966
The Power of the Daleks Human colony on Vulcan, before 2164[355][356] 2nd
The Macra Terror[357] 1967
Fury from the Deep[358]
The Invasion
The Dominators
The Mind Robber
The Space Pirates[359] The Krotons
The War Games (episodes 1–9)
The Curse of Peladon 3rd 1972
Carnival of Monsters 1973
Death to the Daleks
The Monster of Peladon (50 years after The Curse of Peladon)[313]
Planet of the Spiders (Metebelis 3 scenes)[360]
Genesis of the Daleks (millennia before Destiny of the Daleks) 4th 1975
The Brain of Morbius 1976
The Face of Evil (long after 5000 CE)[361]
The Sun Makers
The Robots of Death 1977
The Stones of Blood The Ribos Operation Underworld
The Pirate Planet
The Power of Kroll[362] 1978-79
Destiny of the Daleks (millennia after Genesis of the Daleks, 90 years before Resurrection of the Daleks[363]) The Armageddon Factor
The Creature from the Pit
The Leisure Hive (Brighton)
The Horns of Nimon
Full Circle
The Keeper of Traken Warriors' Gate 1981
Four to Doomsday
Time-Flight[xr 1] (Heathrow Airport)
Kinda[364] Castrovalva[xr 1] 5th 1982
Arc of Infinity (Amsterdam) (after Time-Flight (Heathrow Airport)) Snakedance
The Five Doctors (First Doctor and Eye of Orion scenes)
Resurrection of the Daleks[xr 21] (Davros in prison)(90 years after Destiny of the Daleks)[363]
Frontios The Caves of Androzani
The Two Doctors[365] 2nd 1985
Timelash[xr 15]
Revelation of the Daleks (after Resurrection of the Daleks)[363]
Delta and the Bannermen (opening battle and bus station scenes) Time and the Rani 7th 1987
The Happiness Patrol The Greatest Show in the Galaxy 1988
Battlefield[nb 7]
Doctor Who and the Curse of Fatal Death Alt. 9th-13th 1999
"The End of the World"[xr 25] (Jackie's phone call and ending) 9th 2005
"42" 10th 2007
The End of Time[xr 23] (Jack & Alonzo; Mickey & Martha; and Verity Newman scenes) 2010
"The Pandorica Opens" (Planet One)[366] 11th
"Bad Night"
"Good Night" (beginning)
"The Doctor's Wife"
"The Girl Who Waited"
"The Gunpowder Plot" (Rory through the interdimensional lesion)
"The Wedding of River Song" (Dalek and Calisto B)
The Eternity Clock (present-day)
"The Snowmen" (epilogue)
"Asylum of the Daleks" (Skaro)[367] "Asylum of the Daleks" (Asylum & Parliament) 2012
"Hide" (distant future Earth scene, before "The End of the World")
"Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS"
"The Name of the Doctor" (computerised River Song's perspective) (in or after 51st century)[368]
"The Rings of Akhaten" (Akhaten)
"The Name of the Doctor" (Trenzalore)[369]
"Rain Gods"
"The Inforarium"
"The Name of the Doctor" (Clara at the beach) 8th
"The Night of the Doctor" (some years after The Brain of Morbius)[370] 8th

Inside the TARDIS

The TARDIS's nature as a time machine makes it impossible to place adventures set solely in the ship to a specific date and locale. However, most of the adventures occur while the ship is in transit between two specifically mentioned locations.

Story In transit from Travelling towards Doctor Year aired
The Edge of Destruction Skaro 1289 CE via c. 13.75 billion BCE[371] 1st 1964
Dimensions in Time (The Rani's TARDIS) unknown 23 November 1993[372] & unknown[373] 1st 1993
The War Games (episode 10) Gallifrey 1970 2nd 1969
"Merry Christmas Doctor Who" f/k/a "Doug Who"[374][375] unknown unknown 4th produced 1978[376]
Dimensions in Time (Fourth Doctor's perspective) unknown unknown 1993
"Time Crash" (Fifth Doctor's perspective) unknown unknown 5th 2007
"The Name of the Doctor" (Sixth Doctor's perspective) unknown unknown 6th 2013
"Destiny of the Doctors" unknown possibly Skaro[377] 1st-7th 1997
"The End of the World"[xr 25] 6 March 2005 5,000,000,000 via 2105 and 12005 9th 2005
"Doctor Who: Children in Need"[378] 200,100 5006, later to Christmas 2006 10th
"Time Crash" (Tenth Doctor's perspective)[379] May 2008[380] 24 December 2008[381] 2007
"Music of the Spheres" 2009 Christmas 1851 2008
"Meanwhile in the TARDIS" ep. 1 night of 25 June 2010[382] 3295 11th 2010
"Meanwhile in the TARDIS" ep. 2 12:00 a.m., 26 June 2010[383] evening of 25 June 2010, before sunset[384]
"Amy's Choice" unknown, presumably 1580 unknown, later 2020
"The Big Bang" (week-younger Doctor & Amy) unknown Space Florida
"TARDIS"[124] unknown, presumably 2010 23rd century at Christmas
"Space" and "Time" Christmas 4398[385] sometime July 2010 to early 2011[386] 2011
"The Doctor's Wife" unknown[387] unknown, possibly modern day[388]
"Let's Kill Hitler" prequel (Doctor's perspective) unknown no earlier than autumn 2011[389]
"Death is the Only Answer" unknown, possibly 1996 18 September 1945, approx. 2:00[117]
"Bad Night" (TARDIS' perspective)
                  (Prince of Wales' perspective)
unknown unknown
sometime between 26 July 1958 & Elizabeth II's death[390]
"Good Night" unknown 1994[391]
"First Night" 51st century (River's 1st prison night)[392] 21 September 2360[393][394]
"Last Night" 21 September 2360[395]
"Songtaran Carols" sometime between 1893 and a few years thereafter[396][397] 2012
66th British Academy Film Awards sketch[398] unknown presumably 10 February 2013[399] 2013
"Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS" unknown unknown
"Strax Field Report P137/B: A Glorious Day is Almost Upon Us…" unknown unknown
"Strax Field Report D895/O: The Doctor's Greatest Secret" unknown, possibly Trenzalore[400] unknown
"Strax Field Report Q235/E: Queen Elizabeth" unknown unknown
"Strax Field Report 1805/T: Doctor at Trafalgar Square" presumably London c. 2018[401] unknown
"Strax Field Report Z115/D: The Zygons" presumably London c. 2018[402] or possibly 1562[403] unknown
"Clara and the TARDIS" unknown unknown
The Science of Doctor Who TARDIS inserts Royal Institution corridor, 2013[404][405]
"Strax Field Report TCX11/13: The Doctors" unknown unknown
"Strax Field Report X1225/MAS: A Sontaran's View of Christmas" presumably Christmastime 20th or 21st century[406] presumably Christmastime 1892[407]

Gallifrey adventures

The time period in which these adventures take place is not specifically stated.[nb 8]

Story Doctor Year aired
"The Sound of Drums" (young Master flashback) 10th 2007
"The End of Time"[xr 23] (young Master flashback) 2010
"The Name of the Doctor" (First Doctor & Susan stealing the TARDIS) 1st[408] 2013
The War Games (episode 10) 2nd 1969
Colony in Space (Time Lords in the observatory) 3rd 1971
The Three Doctors (Gallifrey scenes) 1st 1973
The Deadly Assassin 4th 1976
The Invasion of Time 1978
"The Name of the Doctor" (Fourth Doctor in a corridor on Gallifrey)[409] 2013
Arc of Infinity (partly) 5th 1983
"The Name of the Doctor" (Fifth Doctor in the matrix)[410] 2013
The Five Doctors (majority) 1st 1983
The Trial of a Time Lord:
    • The Mysterious Planet (trial scenes)
    • Mindwarp (trial scenes)
    • Terror of the Vervoids (trial scenes)
    • The Ultimate Foe
6th 1986
"The Last Day" WD 2013
"The Day of the Doctor" (final day of the Time War; the barn & "all Doctor's save Gallifrey" scenes) 1st
"The End of Time"[xr 23] (Time Lord President council scenes) 10th 2009–2010
"The Time of the Doctor" (Gallifrey's end of the communication) 11th 2013

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  10. On-screen caption, first seen in promotional clip on BBC website and again in the episode proper. Date is consistent with Nefertiti's reign.
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  15. Ian and Barbara, relaxing in episode 1, remark to each other about how comfortable they have gotten in Rome over the preceding month.
  16. Episode takes place on the day before, and day of, the destruction of Pompeii which is historically dated to 24 August 79
  17. This episode has entries in the "BCE", "1st millennium CE", "2nd millennium", "20th century", "21st century" and "Post 21st century" sections.
  18. The Doctor stated the day and date to Amy Pond upon exiting the TARDIS.
  19. The date, "XXI Januarius CII" was painted by Vincent van Gogh in place of "Free for public use" on the TARDIS' telephone instructions in Blue Box exploding. The painting drew River Song there, for the Doctor to meet her.
  20. The Doctor states that he was looking for Charlemagne who was "kidnapped by an insane computer". The events are fully explored on Doctor Who's BBC website in the short story "The Lonely Computer." Laight, Rupert. "The Lonely Computer". BBC. Retrieved 6 August 2011. 
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  22. The depicted Vikings are said to be a scouting party in advance of Harald Hardrada's invasion which preceded the 25 September 1066 Battle of Stamford Bridge.
  23. The Doctor tells Amy and Rory that he has taken them to the Liao Dynasty to get crispy duck, and that he hopes they left Emperor Tianzo Template:Sic a good tip. Tianzuo reigned from 1101 to 1125 CE, and was the final emperor of the Liao Dynasty.
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  30. The mysterious woman tells Wilfred that the stained glass window depicts the Doctor's actions "in the thirteen-hundreds".
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  32. Serial is implied to have taken place during the reign of Montezuma I (1440-1469)
  33. Yetaxa died c. 1430, and Ixta's father built the temple in preparation. With reference to Ixta's age and the fact that his father was sent to the Garden of the Aged when he was 52 the date would likely be around 1450
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  35. Da Vinci is said to be in Florence; his Florentine sojourn was from 1470-1482
  36. Amy accidentally marries Henry VIII. These are the dates of his first and final weddings.
  37. Rani's experience covers two days; Queen Mary I & her forces arrive at the Tower on the second day, ending Lady Jane's 9-day reign; the date of 20 July 1553 is a matter of historical fact.
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  39. On-screen caption reads, "England 1562".
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  41. Two nights are depicted. The Doctor and Steven escape in the TARDIS at daybreak as the St. Bartholomew's Day massacre began.
  42. The Doctor mentions "marrying "Good Queen Bess"" and the Eleventh Doctor later tells Dorium that she is "waiting in a glade" to "elope" with him. The first date is the beginning of her reign - the second is that of The Shakespeare Code and is the only time between which these events can occur.
  43. The scene depicts the claim that Elizabeth I directed Shakespeare to write a play about Fallstaff in love; the claim is commonly associated with the theory that The Merry Wives of Windsor was first performed for her at the 23 April 1597 Garter Feast. This is further supported by the play's allusions to the Order of the Garter at Windsor Castle (5.5. 69–72).
  44. The Tenth Doctor tells Martha Jones that they are in 1599.
  45. The first recorded performance Love's Labour's Lost was at Court in 1597.
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  48. Robert Catesby tells the Rutan posing as Lady Winters that the King will be killed "tomorrow" when he comes to open Parliament; the 5 November 1605 date of the state opening of Parliament that the Gunpowder Plotters had planned to use to kill the king and lords is a matter of historical record.
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  51. Captain Henry Avery's substantial treasure, presumably that of the Indian Mughal, is sought and he is presumed by the characters to be alive.
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  53. The Jacobite clan McLaren are fleeing the Battle of Culloden, the 16 April 1746 date of which is a matter of historical fact.
  54. 54.0 54.1 54.2 The reckoning of Reinette's age is consistent with her actual year of birth and death only when her ages in the story are recognised as including her current incomplete year (See Ageing#Cultural variations). Reinette's portrait on the ship gives the year of her birth as 1721. She states her age as 7 in what she tells the Doctor is the year 1727, though she would be six full years and some months. Rose told Reinette the clockwork droids would come for her in five years; they came for her when she was 37. The King says Reinette was 43 when she died. Consistent with the years stated on her portrait in the story, and the actual dates of her birth (29 December 1721) and death (15 April 1764), she was 42 years, 3 months, and 2.5 weeks old, in her 43rd year when she died.
  55. Maximilien de Robespierre states in the next-to-last day that the morrow will be 27 July 1794. Robespierre is shot in the mouth and arrested on the final day; his arrest and allegedly self-inflicted wound occurred on 27 July 1794, as per historical fact.
  56. On-screen caption reads "1812"
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  58. On-screen caption reads "England 1842"; children are playing in the snow.
  59. Depicts Kahler-Jex creating Kahler-Tek into a cyborg prior to the cyborgs' ending of the war. Tek searched for the Jex & the other scientists for many years before finding Jex in Mercy, Nevada, in "A Town Called Mercy".
  60. Both women are carrying parasols which came into English fashion in the mid-late 1850s and neither's shoulder sleeves are enlarged; one has a modest bustle.
  61. The 19 November 1863 date of Lincoln's Gettysburg Address is a matter of historical fact.
  62. Theodore Maxtible state the date as 2 June 1866.
  63. Clara's gravestone states it.
  64. The Doctor is trying to take Rose to Naples in 1860, but ends up in Cardiff 1869
  65. The marshal states that the war has been over for five years.
  66. The abandonment of the Mary Celeste is depicted; the last entry in the ship's log was dated 24 November 1872. The chalkboard bore the date of 25 November when she was discovered adrift.
  67. The date of Bell's first telephonic page to Watson on 10 March 1876 is a matter of historical fact.
  68. Three days and two nights are depicted, culminating with the Gunfight at the O.K. Corral, the 26 October 1881 date of which is a matter of historical fact.
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  70. Historical fact; Krakatoa erupted on 26–27 August 1883
  71. The Third Doctor (at a time after exile and before he could use the TARDIS again) told Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart that he had attended Krakatoa's eruption in 1883. (Inferno, part 2)
  72. The street is not named in the game. Rather, a birds-eye view of London zooms into High Holborn.
  73. Tenth Doctor states the setting as Christmas 1883.
  74. The on-screen caption reads "London 1888".
  75. Vastra tells Jenny that Jack the Ripper has killed his last victim and been eaten by Vastra. The last of Jack the Ripper's "canonical five" victims, Mary Jane Kelly, was killed on 9 November 1888. Whether or not he killed anyone else after Kelly, he was alive at the time of her death.
  76. Dr Black tells the Eleventh Doctor in the first Musée d'Orsay sequence that The Church at Auvers was painted between 1–3 June 1890, and the Doctor dashes off with Amy Pond accordingly.
  77. Date of 26 June 1890 is stated on-screen by the Eleventh Doctor to Amy and Rory Williams.
  78. The Doctor takes Amy & Rory from a garden party celebrating the anniversary of their 26 June 2010 wedding (the reception of which had been depicted in "The Big Bang"). 26 June 1890 is thus their negative 120th anniversary.
  79. On-screen caption shows the year 1890. Vincent van Gogh has painted Blue Box Exploding depicting the TARDIS, placing it subsequent to "Vincent and the Doctor"; he died between 1:00 and 1:30 in the early morning of 29 July 1890, having been shot by either himself or Rene Secretan on 27 July 1890. Blue Box Exploding is already finished.
  80. van Gogh is painting Wheatfield with Crows which occurred in July 1890.
  81. "The Great Detective" is the prequel to "The Snowmen" and is set well after those of "A Good Man Goes to War", as Jenny Flint knows the Doctor and Strax has been employed by Vastra for long enough to have gained a mythic reputation.
  82. Jenny Flint mentions to Vastra in "Vastra Investigates" that it is nearly Christmas"
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  84. Two nights are depicted. Clara's grave stone shows her death took place on 24 December 1892; just after she dies, the clock chimes alert the other characters to midnight and Alice states that it is Christmas day. Additionally, the on-screen caption reads "fifty years later" after the 1842 prologue scene.
  85. The trees are covered in green leaves, Clara's grave stone has been carved and installed.
  86. On-screen caption reads "1893" at the start of "The Crimson Horror". The Eleventh Doctor, in a subsequent flashback, announces to Clara Oswald that his attempt to deliver her to London in 1893 has taken them instead to Yorkshire in 1893
  87. Clarence states to the Whispermen that he is to be hanged the next day in "Clarence and the Whipermen", placing the prequel's setting to within hours before that of "The Name of the Doctor"'s cold open scene of Clarence passing along to Vastra the information that the Whispermen gave him.
  88. On-screen caption reads "London 1893" at the start of Vastra's, Jenny's and Strax's plot line in "The Name of the Doctor". It is subsequent to the events of "The Crimson Horror", as trio are familiar with the 21st-century version of Clara whom they met in the earlier story.
  89. The Doctor and Clara have welcomed Commander Strax, Madame Vastra, and Jenny Flint into the TARDIS, and the three visitors are familiar with a living incarnation of Clara, thereby placing the story (from their perspective) after "The Crimson Horror". Jenny, a human female, has not visibly aged.
  90. Although the canonicy of "Songtaran Carols" is most dubious, the actors all appear in-character. It is accordingly included herein in the interest of completeness.
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  92. On-screen caption shows "African plains 1902", first seen in promotional clip on BBC website.
  93. In the first episode, the Doctor finds a newspaper that has a headline mentioning the launch of the first British submarine. One of the crew mentions that the paper is two days old. The first British submarine was launched on 2 November 1902.
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  95. The year, 1911, is stated by Laurence Scarman to the Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith in dialogue.
  96. Mata Hari arrived in Paris months into the First World War.
  97. From mid-1916, Mata Hari travelled through Spain, thence to Great Britain where she was arrested and interrogated, thence back to Spain at the French government's request, and was arrested on 13 February 1913, almost immediately after her return to Paris.
  98. Characters refer to Lord Kitchner's "To the last man" order, which was issued 11 April 1918
  99. The First World War is still in progress, placing the events prior to the armistice of 11 November 1918.
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  102. c. 1925 (first talkies) / 1930 (Bing Crosby's first film).
  103. Setting of 1935 provided in a conversation between Victoria Waterfield and Anne Travers in The Web of Fear, referring back to the events of this The Abominable Snowmen.
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  105. Grayle is implicitly killed by the Angel from across the street when the Doctor, River, and Amy leave his door open on the night 3 April 1938. Garner's chapter in Melody Malone: Private Detective in Old New York Town precedes those covering the start of River's investigation and Rory's 3 April 1938 arrival.
  106. But note the anachronistic use of a ZIP+4 code on the envelope
  107. Amy reads the date in her & River's book.
  108. BBC online episode details confirm The Flying Deuces was the movie, the filming of which the Doctor interfered with. The Flying Deuces was filmed in July and August 1939. See film details on
  109. BBC - Doctor Who - Episodes - The Empty Child
  110. Jack has adopted the identity of the original RAF Group Captain Jack Harkness who was killed in the line of duty on 21 January 1941, as stated by Jack to Toshiko Sato in "Captain Jack Harkness". These episodes are the earliest point shown of Jack's adult life.
  111. On-screen caption reads "1941".
  112. Bracewell recognises the TARDIS in van Gogh's Blue Box Exploding and knows whos it is. Bracewell is wearing the glove to cover his robotic left hand.
  113. On-screen caption in cockpit scene shows 20 December 1941. Claire Skinner says in the trailer, "It's 1941, and there's a war on."
  114. Chris died in 1944; the Normandy invasion is forthcoming.
  115. The invasion of Normandy ("D-Day") began on 6 June 1944.
  116. Mrs Benton is grieving the death of her husband.
  117. 117.0 117.1 Time and date are stated by the Eleventh Doctor to Albert Einstein.
  118. Rory tells his father that they adopted Anthony in 1946; the image is of Amy & Rory with an infant Anthony, posing for what is implicitly their first family portrait.
  119. The day before, and of, Elizabeth II's coronation, the date of which is a matter of historical fact.
  120. Stated in dialogue.
  121. A for Andromeda was recorded on Wednesdays from 1 August 1961 until 13 September 1961. See Andrew Pixley, Production Notes, p. 14, accompanying the A for Andromeda DVD
  122. An excerpt of President Kennedy's American University speech of 10 June 1963 is heard as the Dalek ship approaches Earth, to wit: "[O]ur most basic common link is that we all inhabit this small planet. We all breathe the same air. We all cherish our children's futures."
  123. An experpt of Martin Luther King's "I Have a Dream" speech is heard as the Dalek ship approaches Earth.
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  125. The book on the French Revolution which Barbara Wright loans to Susan Foreman is shown to still on Susan's desk in Barbara's classroom in Remembrance of the Daleks. Ian and the Doctor discuss the exterior no longer being London 1963 where they originated.
  126. The Ninth Doctor is seen in Walt Cisco's famous photograph for the Dallas Morning News, standing among the crowd on Main Street in Dealey Plaza in Dallas as John F. Kennedy's limousine drove past him toward destiny on 22 November 1963.
  127. The book on the French Revolution which Barbara Wright loaned to Susan Foreman in "An Unearthly Child" is still on Susan's desk in Barbara's classroom in the Cole Hill School. The TARDIS' younger self has left the I.M. Foreman junkyard, as shown at the end of "An Unearthly Child". The Seventh Doctor collects the coffin he had ordered as the First Doctor, and has it buried. The serial depicts a day, night and day. The second day features Ace switching off the television as the announcer reads, "This is BBC television, the time is quarter past five and Saturday viewing continues with an adventure in the new science fiction series, Doc—."
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  129. Temporally nearest England v. Australia match at Lords' Cricket Grounds took place 18–23 July 1964
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  134. The year 1965 is shown in an on-screen caption and stated repeatedly in dialogue. November 1965 is specified by Ianto Jones while reading from an incident report.
  135. First Policeman asks Sara Kingdom what she is doing in a police box on Christmas Day; carol singers are heard in the background; nothing in the episode suggests that the episode, which aired 25 December 1965, was otherwise not concurrent with the audience's present.
  136. New Year's celebrations are depicted; nothing in the episode suggests that the episode, which aired 1 January 1966, was otherwise not concurrent with the audience's present.
  137. Episodes 1 & 2 were set on the planet Aridius (date not given). In episode 3 the TARDIS stops at the Empire State Building (Morton Dill gives the date as 1966) and on board the Mary Celeste when the abandoning of the ship is shown (the final log entry was 24 November 1872 and the last entry on the ship's slate was the next day). In episode 4 the TARDIS crew unknowingly spend time at the Festival of Ghana—a sign shown on screen gives the date as 1996. Episode 5 and most of 6 are set on the planet Mechanus at an unknown date in Earth's future. The end of episode 6 shows Ian and Barbara returning to Earth. Ian sees that a car's tax disc, which are for a period no longer than 12 months, expires Dec 1965.
  138. Sir Charles Summer states, "'C Day', that is 'Computer Day', will be next Monday, July the 16th. That is in four days' time."
  139. At the end of The Faceless Ones, the Second Doctor states the date to be 20 July 1966, which Ben Jackson notes is the day they began their travels with the First Doctor; Polly opines that it would be as if they had never been away.
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  141. Two days are depicted. At the end of the second day, the Second Doctor states the date is 20 July 1966.
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  144. Note, however, that Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart, upon reuniting with the Second Doctor and Jamie McCrimmon in 1969 in The Invasion, states that "it must have been four years now" since the events of The Web of Fear.
  145. Note, however, that the Eleventh Doctor implies to the Great Intelligence in "The Snowmen" that the events of The Web of Fear occurred in 1967.
  146. William Hartnell is filming the regeneration scene for the final episode of The Tenth Planet when Matt Smith / the Eleventh Doctor appears to him in a premonition.
  147. The Tenth Planet at Shannon Sullivan's A Brief History of Time (Travel)
  148. While the Eleventh Doctor's / Matt Smith's cameo appearance is not considered canon, it is included here in the interest of completeness.
  149. Official BBC tie-in website for Martha Jones' blog documented, inter alia, her and the Doctor's time stuck in March and April 1969 in "Blink".
  150. The Doctor and Martha Jones are depicted meeting Billy Shipton in "Blink" during that period and informing him that he landed in 1969 prior to the moon walk which he could look forward to. The first moon walks were those of Neil Armstrong (shown in "Day of the Moon") and Buzz Aldrin, at 02:39, 21 July 1969 UDT.
  151. The Doctor states the date of 8 April 1969.
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  154. Note, however, that Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart, upon reuniting with the Second Doctor and Jamie McCrimmon, states that "it must have been four years now" since the events of The Web of Fear.
  155. [2]; Doctor Who and the Silurians follows Spearhead from Space.
  156. The Doctor installs a radio device aboard CM-107/Columbia while she is atop Kennedy Space Center launch complex 39, pad A. Apollo 11's 16 July 1969 launch is a matter of historical fact and common knowledge.
  157. Apollo 11's launch is broadcast on the television, the date of which is a matter of historical fact.
  158. Televisions in the Oval Office and pubs are watching the lunar landing, the date of which is a matter of historical fact.
  159. The television shows (and uses) Neil Armstrong setting foot on the Moon, the date of which is a matter of historical fact.
  160. The events of the episode and moonwalk have occurred from President Nixon's perspective.
  161. [3]. The desk calendar in the Brigade Leader's office shows 23 July (this is cut from the video release). The Doctor is missing for nearly 48 hours from contemporary Earth, but only 24 hours seem to pass on the parallel Earth according to the penetration count down.
  162. On-screen caption reads "Six months later". The main story concluded concurrently with Neil Armstrong's walk on the Moon on 20 July 1969 which is depicted in the episode's climax and the date of which is a matter of historical fact and common knowledge.
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  183. Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart addresses the Prime Minister as "Madam". Writer Douglas Camfield reportedly intended this to be a reference to Shirley Williams, a prominent member of the Labour Party, which formed the government at the time under Harold Wilson. (Margaret Thatcher became Britain's first female Prime Minister in 1979.)
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  185. The Rani is bouncing the Doctor's 3d, 5th, 6th, & 7th incarnations in a "time loop" of 20-year intervals; the date of 23 November (the anniversary of the series' 1963 première) is stated. The Third Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith deduce the 20-year intervals of 1973, 1993, & 2013. The 1973 scenes are identified by the discarded newspaper which the Seventh Doctor finds at the Cutty Sark, by EastEnders characters' dialogue, and by Captain Mike Yates' presence (having been cashiered after Invasion of the Dinosaurs).
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  187. Professor Palmer states the date as the night of 25 November 1974; the episode concludes the following morning.
  188. The BBC's "Tomorrow at 6.45pm: Hide!" article describes the setting as "a stormy night in 1974"
  189. Benton is a warrant officer, to which he had been promoted immediately before the events of Robot; and Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart is his commanding officer, thus setting the story prior to the Brigadier's 1976 retirement as revealed in Mawdryn Undead.
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  193. The Doctor is reading The Beano 1981 Summer Special; colourful leaves litter the ground and continue to fall.
  194. Lavinia tells Juno that Sarah Jane is to arrive on the 18th, Friday next week. George Tracy tells Sarah Jane that Lavinia left the prior Sunday (i.e., the 13th). The date of 18 December 1981 is shown on a newspaper when Sarah Jane arrives.
  195. The episode concludes on Christmas Day.
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  197. Clara Oswald states the year 1983 to the Eleventh Doctor.BBC summary of "Cold War" describes the setting as a Soviet submarine in 1983.
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  200. The leaf fell on Dave in 1981. Ellie's surprise that "You kept it," implies a protracted period. Neither appears to be wearing a wedding ring yet. Clara is born c. 1989.
  201. Jimmy Savile addressing both the TARDIS crew and the audience implies simultaneity with the broadcast.
  202. The calendar page for December 1986 is posted on the wall.
  203. BBC episode guide, The Tenth Planet
  204. Ace is said by her former neighbours to have disappeared two years ago; she had been transported to Ice World in 1987. The 1989 serial is set in contemporary Perivale.
  205. Clara is 24 in 2013 (per "The Bells of Saint John")
  206. The characters speak to the audience, implying simultaneity with original broadcast
  207. Clara is 24 in 2013, placing her birth c. 1989. Her toddler scenes thus take place at some point in 1990 or 91, depending upon the month of her birth and exactly how old she is in the scenes.
  208. The cast of Call the Midwife have somehow transported from 1958 to the 16 October 1991 births of Jedward, where they are joined by the Eleventh Doctor.
  209. The Rani is bouncing the Doctor's 3rd, 5th, 6th, & 7th incarnations in a "time loop" of 20-year intervals; the date of 23 November (the anniversary of the series' 1963 première) is stated. The Third Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith deduce the 20-year intervals of 1973, 1993, & 2013. The 1993 scenes are identified by EastEnders characters' & the Third Doctor's dialogue, the contemporary attire of EastEnders characters & extras, and the presence of a teenage Mandy Salter.
  210. The year of "Good Night", 1994, is stated by the Eleventh Doctor in dialogue to Amy Pond.
  211. Clara appears to be approximately five years old.
  212. Amelia Pond says in her prayer to Santa, "It's Easter now, so I hope I didn't wake you."
  213. Amelia has fallen asleep in the garden, waiting for her Raggedy Doctor to return.
  214. The scene depicts Amelia reacting to the TARDIS' return on the morning after she met the "Raggedy Doctor" and waited for his return to her garden.
  215. The scene includes a sign, showing that the scene is set at the Festival of Ghana, in 1996
  216. Following the recap from "The Pandorica Opens" which took place in 102 CE, "The Big Bang" starts with the caption "1894 years later..." Adult Amy deduces from her younger self's height and hair that it is 1996.
  217. The Fourth Doctor addresses the audience, implying simultaneity with broadcast.
  218. The leaf from Clara's meeting with the Doctor in the park is page 1 of her 101 Places to See; the inside cover shows her age at the time was 9; her age in 2013 is shown at the bottom of the inside cover as 24.
  219. On-screen caption shows 1999; a night, day, and dialogue places the start on the night before New Year's Eve.
  220. New Years 1999-2000 is depicted in San Francisco at the end of the story.
  221. New Years 1999-2000 is depicted in Cardiff.
  222. 30 years after Terror of the Autons
  223. Two years after the events of Auton
  224. The Doctor states the year, after determining it by scent.
  225. A close-up of Douglas Cavendish's wall-calendar is shown on the morning of the second day, at 29:54 into the film, the preceding days having been crossed off. Cavendish remarks about the date and that it is All Hallows Eve.
  226. Rose and Jackie Tyler wish each other a happy new year. Rose confirms to the Tenth Doctor that it is 1 January 2005.
  227. The cold-open picks up immediately from the close of The End of Time, with the Doctor having just left Rose and Jackie Tyler. The newly-regenerated Eleventh Doctor dangles from the TARDIS, flying west across London, over the O2 Arena and Millennium Bridge, and past London City Hall and the London Eye. 40 St Mary Axe (a/k/a "the Gerkin") is in the background. These structures were each built after 1996. The TARDIS dematerialises whilst passing the western suburbs, to crash in 1996.
  228. From Jackie Tyler's perspective, Rose Tyler is working that day. Rose's department store was destroyed on 5 March 2005 in "Rose"
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  230. Ellie's grave stone shows her death on 5 March 2005. She has since been buried and her grave stone has been carved and installed. It is not known if she died in the explosion occurring in "Rose" on the same day.
  231. This episode has entries in the "BCE" and in the "2000s" section.
  232. 232.0 232.1 232.2 Date from Doctor Who: The Encyclopedia by Gary Russell (BBC Books, 2007) shows a different estimated date which contrasts with the BBC's tie-in websites
  233. Royal Albert Hall portion was a live event, part of the BBC Doctor Who Proms on 27 July 2008
  234. Torchwood Three instant message log
  235. The novel Beautiful Chaos, set on 15 May 2009, takes place "one month after the skies had burnt". The Stolen Earth and Journey's End are said to take place within six weeks of the events of the novel, meaning May–June.
  236. Amy Pond tells the Eleventh Doctor in "Meanwhile in the TARDIS 1" that Rory Williams was attending his stag party on the evening before their wedding. Daylight is still coming in through the pub's windows when the Eleventh Doctor pops out of the giant cake.
  237. The night before Amy Pond's wedding to Rory Williams is depicted. Amy is gone when the Doctor returns her days-older self at the end of "Flesh and Stone".
  238. Amy's alarm clock is depicted is shown.
  239. Date is shown in the TARDIS
  240. The date of the wedding is shown the prior night when Amy's alarm clock switches over to midnight, 26 June 2010.
  241. The dates of the museum's van Gogh exhibition is shown on the signage.
  242. Amy is leaving the note for the Doctor at the end of "The Lodger" which he gets at the start of "The Lodger"
  243. The flyer for the van Gogh exhibition on Craig's fridge in The Lodger advertises the exhibition between 17 March and 29 August 2010.
  244. Historical fact; Eleventh Doctor arrived in-character during the BBC Doctor Who Proms concert.
  245. The Doctor states the date of 26 January 2011; the clock shows 7pm; both the time and date correspond to the real-world setting.
  246. Amy and Rory arrive in Utah on 22 April 2011, having received the invitation beforehand at their home.
  247. River has not yet collapsed time on 22 April 2011. Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart died "a few months ago" (which is in keeping with the 22 February 2011 death of actor Nicholas Courtney who was being eulogised by proxy). The Doctor was calling to have him made ready for a road trip to Lake Silencio.
  248. Date stated repeatedly in dialogue and on-screen
  249. River's attempt to change a fixed point in time by not appearing to kill the Doctor collapses time such that all of history is intermingled at a perpetual 5:02 p.m. (irrespective of time zone), 22 April 2011; the Doctor is inside of the Tescelecta throughout those scenes. The scenes at the docks of Calisto B, at the live chess tournament, in the Seventh Transept, aboard the TARDIS, in the late Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart's nursing home, in Amy & Rory's garden, and with the damaged Dalek were not during the perpetual 22 April 2011.
  250. From Amy Pond's perspective, she and Rory Williams have not seen the Doctor since River Song took them home from the Battle of Demon's Run. He is searching for Amy & Rory's infant daughter, Melody Pond, whom they know grows up to be River.
  251. Amy Pond tells the Eleventh Doctor in the crop circle that he's had "all summer" to look for Melody (River Song's infant self)
  252. The foliage and the characters' attire do not imply late autumn.
  253. Craig says in "Closing Time" that Sophie left that morning. In "Up All Night", she is leaving the next morning.
  254. Two nights and their following mornings are depicted. Though the date of the middle day is provided as 19 April 2011 in the masthead of the Colchester Evening News newspaper, references to a perfume called 'Petrichor' (see "The Doctor's Wife") and Amy's status as a famous model suggests this episode took place after "The God Complex".
  255. The Eleventh Doctor gives Amy Pond & Rory Williams the house in London at the end of "The God Complex" [Its London location is provided on the divorce documents shown at the start of "Asylum of the Daleks", and confirmed in "The Power of Three" by its proximity to the Tower of London and to Rory's hospital in White City]; the family's epilogue in "The Wedding of River Song" takes place in the garden of that house; Amy's and Rory's respective timelines having merged yet again.
  256. The Eleventh Doctor tells Amy in the cemetery, "We are back where we started, in 2012."
  257. Amy is reading a newspaper with the headline "Detroit Lions win the Superbowl". (They weren't in the game that year in our universe.)
  258. "Fear Her" takes place during the 2012 Summer Olympics in London and the Doctor lights the Olympic flame; "Good as Gold" also takes place in the Olympic stadium with a torch bearer attempting to light the Olympic flame; ergo, the episodes both occur on the day of the 2012 Olympics' opening ceremony, 27 July 2012.
  259. Clara Oswald receives Madame Vastra's letter on 10 April 2013 in "The Name of the Doctor".
  260. Per Madame Vastra's letter which she had consigned to Tower Hamlets solicitors Byford and [_____?] to deliver to Clara Oswald.
  261. The Eleventh Doctor, Clara Oswald, Strax, Madame Vastra, and Daleks appear in-character at the 13 July 2013 live event.
  262. The Rani is bouncing the Doctor's 3d, 5th, 6th, & 7th incarnations in a "time loop" of 20-year intervals; the date of 23 November (the anniversary of the series' 1963 première) is stated. The Third Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith deduce the 20-year intervals of 1973, 1993, & 2013. The 2013 scenes are identified by EastEnders characters' dialogue & prosthetic make-up, a futuristic train speeding by, and the attire of EastEnders characters & extras.
  263. Strax addresses the audience directly, establishing simultaneity with the original screening, which was concurrent with the global simulcast on 23 November 2013.
  264. The Tenth and Eleventh Doctors address the audience directly, establishing simultaneity with the original screening, which was concurrent with the global simulcast on 23 November 2013.
  265. When the Doctor asks Amy how long he's been gone from her and Rory's perspective, she tells him that it has been 2 years.
  266. On-screen caption reads "April"; the epilogue of "The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe" took place 25 December 2013; In "Dinosaurs on a Spaceship", Rory states he is 31 years old to his dad, Brian. Amelia states in "The Eleventh Hour" that in 1996, she was 7 years old. Amy, Rory and Mels were all classmates, as depicted in "Let's Kill Hitler", making Rory about the same age as Amy. "Dinosaurs on a Spaceship" takes place 10 months after Asylum of the Daleks. In "The Power of Three" Amy says "We think it’s been ten years. Not for you, or Earth, but for us. Ten years older. Ten years with you, on and off." So this story is less than ten years after "The Eleventh Hour".
  267. On-screen caption reads "May".
  268. On-screen caption reads "June".
  269. On-screen caption reads "July".
  270. On-screen caption reads "August".
  271. Amy and Rory execute divorce paperwork and discuss Amy throwing Rory out of the marital home which occurred in the final episode of Pond Life
  272. Rory states he is 31 years old to his dad, Brian. Amelia states in "The Eleventh Hour" that in 1996, she was 7 years old. Amy, Rory and Mels were all classmates, as depicted in "Let's Kill Hitler", making Rory about the same age as Amy. "Dinosaurs on a Spaceship" takes place 10 months after Asylum of the Daleks. In "The Power of Three" Amy says "We think it’s been ten years. Not for you, or Earth, but for us. Ten years older. Ten years with you, on and off." So this story is less than ten years after adult Amy's portion of "The Eleventh Hour".
  273. Rory states he is 31 years old to his dad, Brian, in "Dinosaurs on a Spaceship". Amelia states in "The Eleventh Hour" that in 1996, she was 7 years old. Amy, Rory and Mels were all classmates, as depicted in "Let's Kill Hitler", making Rory about the same age as Amy. "Dinosaurs on a Spaceship" takes place 10 months after Asylum of the Daleks. In "The Power of Three" Amy says "We think it’s been ten years. Not for you, or Earth, but for us. Ten years older. Ten years with you, on and off." So this story is less than ten years after adult Amy's portion of "The Eleventh Hour".
  274. Amy & Rory have 59 voicemail messages, and Amy clears the expired food out of their refrigerator. Their laundry is rancid.
  275. During the Pond's wedding anniversary (in June) Amy is on the phone saying that it's been nine months since the cubes arrive. Brian keeps a log for 361 days and he was in the TARDIS for 4 days before then making the cubes having been on the planet for exactly a year. The 67th day of Brian's log is after Laura's October engagement party.
  276. But see: On-screen caption reads "July" when Brian records his 361st daily log.
  277. Brian is watering Amy & Rory's plants as promised; he notes how lonely and empty the house is in their absence. Rory's letter stated his intention for Anthony to deliver the letter a week after his and Amy's departure
  278. Kate Lethbridge-Stewart recognizes the Eleventh Doctor, placing the episode after their meeting "The Power of Three". Clara Oswald has progressed from being a nanny to a school teacher, placing the episode at least a couple of years after the 2013 scenes of her in the Maitlands' house in "The Name of the Doctor"; she is shown to have visited UNIT's black archives in the past and had her memory wiped. Ian Chesterton is the chairman of the Coal Hill School's board of governors, whereas he was only known by Sarah Jane Smith to be a professor at Cambridge in 2010 in "Death of the Doctor". Conversely, the vehicles, costumes and props are consistent with the episode's 2013 filming & airing, placing the setting not very far into the future.
  279. Caption at the start of Episode 1.
  280. Ten years into Amy & Rory's / Earth's future.
  281. The Doctor informs Mel that Paradise Towers won several architectural awards in the 21st century. The elderly women with whom Mel shares a cuppa say that they moved in when the building was new, yet the Kangs do not remember the era before "time stopped". The BBC episode guide states that the setting is still the 21st century.
  282. Hobson states the year as 2070
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  285. Stated in game.
  286. The Doctor states that they are a hundred years into the future; the trip begins and ends on 26 January 2011.
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  302. The Cybermen have been believed to be extinct for five hundred years. The Moonbase was set in 2070.
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  309. The Third Doctor tells Jo Grant in episode 1 of The Mutants that they have arrived in the 30th century.
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  316. Mavic Chen states the year is 4000, in his broadcast address in episode 1.
  317. Year 4037 stated in on-screen caption.
  318. The date can be stated, because Kazran's father Elliot Sardick 4302-4378 has been dead for 20 years.
  319. BBC episode details page for The Invisible Enemy
  320. The Doctor states to Leela that the date is approximately 5000.
  321. Episode follows directly from the end of "The Time of Angels"
  322. Scene takes place during a scene in "Flesh and Stone"
  323. Although the episode was produced during the Eleventh Doctor's tenure, this particular scene depicts Clara Oswald observing the Tenth Doctor surveying The Library in "Forest of the Dead".
  324. 324.0 324.1 This episode has entries in the "2nd millennium", "20th century", "21st century" and "Post 21st century" sections.
  325. River Song does not have a vortex manipulator nor TARDIS yet
  326. On-screen caption shows year 5123
  327. In 5145, River Song escapes from Stormcage and obtains a Time Agency standard issue vortex manipulator from Dorium Maldovar (as shown in "The Pandorica Opens"). Her elder self in "First Night"/"Last Night" is wearing the vortex manipulator and states that she is five years into her sentence.
  328. When the Eleventh Doctor asks River Song how Stormcage is, she remarks that she is on her first night of twelve thousand consecutive life sentences, and it is thus too early to tell.
  329. Year 5145 shown in on-screen at the start of each "Pandorica Opens" & Eternity Clock scene set in that year.
  330. Dorium Maldovar is beheaded a month later at Demon's Run
  331. Col. Manton and Madame Kovarian tell Dorium Maldovar that a month has passed since Melody Pond's birth. Subsequent the 52nd century scenes of "The Pandorica Opens", as Dorium Maldovar is beheaded at Demon's Run.
  332. In addition to the title, Madame Vastra tells Strax that the battle depicted in "A Good Man Goes to War" "was two days ago."
  333. On-screen caption shows 52nd century
  334. River's 2nd eldest of her three selves in "Last Night" remarks that she has been in prison for five years, and expresses the same distaste for the green dress that the Doctor offered her five years earlier (concurrently from his perspective), asking "Does anyone ever agree to wear that?" In "Day of the Moon", however, River wears that dress in New York City in July 1969.
  335. The battle of Demon's Run and the decapitation of Dorium Maldovar were in the past from Gantok's perspective. Dorium had a communications chip installed in his disembodied head "years ago" so as to access the WiFi in the Seventh Transept and keep himself entertained.
  336. The humans believe the Cybermen were defeated a thousand years earlier; they were alive and well in the 52nd century in "A Good Man Goes to War".
  337. The Fourth Doctor notes that the 30th-century equipment has been aging for ten thousand years.
  338. Humanity and animal life on the Earth were exterminated by the solar flares ten thousand years earlier in the 30th century.
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  340. A grave marker for Edgard Lumb is installed at the start of Planet of Evil episode one, dating Lumb's death in the year 37,166.
  341. "5000 years into the future". Series 1 of K-9 is set in 2050
  342. Sabalom Glitz, who is not a time-traveller, is alive in Dragonfire and has not noticeably aged since The Mysterious Planet.
  343. The Iceworld scenes in "The Name of the Doctor" take place concurrently with Dragonfire, as Clara Oswald observes the Seventh Doctor clinging precariously from the cliff by his umbrella.
  344. The First Doctor estimates they are roughly 10,000,000 years into Dodo's & Steven's home eras
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  348. Based on the attributable date for the first flashback in "The Runaway Bride".
  349. Based on the attributable date for "The Runaway Bride", the events of which are paralleled. Donna meets Rose and later tells her that was on Christmas Eve.
  350. Mr Chowdry refers to the draining of the Thames as being a 'few months' earlier; June–November 2008 based on the attributable dates for "Smith and Jones", the events of which are paralleled. Donna tells Rose that next Christmas "is ages away". (The death of Sarah Jane, Luke, Maria and Clyde in the hospital could imply that the date is after that of Revenge of the Slitheen, though the dates may be different in the altered timeline.)
  351. Based on the attributable date for "Voyage of the Damned", the events of which are paralleled. Sylvia says the second day was Christmas Day.
  352. The homeless Nobles were told they could go to Leeds or "wait in the hostel for another 3 months". (While in Leeds, events paralleling those of "Partners in Crime" and "The Poison Sky" occurred, though both the Nanny's and the Sontarans' plans, and probably therefore the dates, may have been affected by London's destruction.) Rose told Donna that she would be ready in 3 weeks, which happened just before Donna saw the TARDIS.
  353. The time period is explicitly stated by a character other than the Doctor in dialogue.
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  355. The humans are unaware of the Daleks' danger.
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  361. The Fourth Doctor tells Leela at the beginning of The Invisible Enemy that the setting of that story is approximately 5000, still in the time of Leela's ancestors.
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  363. 363.0 363.1 363.2 The creation of the Daleks is depicted in Genesis of the Daleks. In Destiny of the Daleks (DotD), the Doctors says that the Daleks were created "thousands of years ago on Skaro"; Tyssan served with Earth's deep space fleet; at the end a high security ship is to bring Davros back to Earth to stand trial and he is placed in a cryogenic freezer. He is apparently still in this state whilst imprisoned in Resurrection of the Daleks. Speaking to Lytton, Davros explains that his cryogenic sentence lasted for "90 years of mind-numbing boredom." In Revelation of the Daleks, Davros relates how he escaped the space station in Resurrection, ending up on Necros.
  364. The story involves a human expedition to another planet.
  365. BBC episode guide: The Two Doctors
  366. River Song's graffiti was the oldest writing in the universe, but when the Doctor and Amy Pond read it is not stated.
  367. Post-Dalek Skaro is in ruins, placing the events after earlier Skaro settings.
  368. River is communicating from her computerised afterlife in the Library's data core, which began in the 51st century, at the end of "Forest of the Dead".
  369. The Doctor refers to the grave fields as being in the distant future, although he could mean merely his and the TARDIS' own relative distant futures.
  370. The Sisterhood of Karn are indebted to the Doctor for his actions in The Brain of Morbius
  371. The Big Bang.
  372. The Rani is only seen on Earth in a 1993 scene with a teenage Mandy Salter and the Fourth Doctor's statement that the TARDIS is parked 20 years in the past (the 1973 date of which is read by the Seventh Doctor from a newspaper).
  373. The temporal setting(s) of the Seventh Doctor's scenes at the Greenwich Observatory with the Rani's TARDIS is/are unstated, and no non-time-travellers are present to state the year or wear period-specific attire.
  374. The 74-second Christmas-themed gag clip entitled "Doug Who" was filmed on the TARDIS control room set during the production of The Armageddon Factor; it featured the series three then-current regulars: Tom Baker, Mary Tamm and John Leeson as, respectively, the Fourth Doctor, Romana I, and K-9 Mark II.
  375. Although the canonicy of "Merry Christmas Doctor Who" is most dubious, the actors all appear in-character. It is accordingly included herein in the interest of completeness.
  376. Not intended for public consumption at the time, the gag-real "Doug Who" was eventually retitled "Merry Christmas Doctor Who" and released as a bonus feature on The Armageddon Factor DVD.
  377. The game ends with the Master in his Anthony Ainley incarnation confined to a jail cell, in the Seventh Doctor's lifetime, and unaware of any of the Doctor's later incarnations. The Seventh Doctor wears his 1996 costume in the game box image. The Master is being transported from his conviction on Skaro at the start of the 1996 TV movie, which the Master begins in non-corporeal form before taking on Eric Roberts' appearance. The game thus appears to precede the 1996 television movie.
  378. a/k/a "Born Agan" per Tribe, Steve (2009). Doctor Who: Companions and Allies. BBC Books. ISBN 1-84607-749-4. 
  379. From the Tenth Doctor's perspective. The years from the Fifth Doctor's perspective are unstated.
  380. Jack Harkness and Martha Jones leave once the time reversal occurs at the "Last of the Time Lords", Martha returning to school to finish her medical studies. "Time Crash" begins with that departure.
  381. "Time Crash" ends with the TARDIS' Christmas Eve collision with the starship Titanic at the beginning of "Voyage of the Damned"; Wilfred Mott in that episode confirms that it is a year after the events of "The Runaway Bride" (in which, unbeknownst to him, his granddaughter was the Doctor's companion) , and two years following the events of "The Christmas Invasion".
  382. The mini-episode starts immediately from the end of "The Eleventh Hour" in which Amy boards the TARDIS for the first time on the eve of her 26 June 2010 wedding.
  383. The mini-episode starts immediately from the end of "Flesh and Stone" in which the Doctor and Amy returned to her home on the eve of her 26 June 2010 wedding, subsequent to their departure in "The Eleventh Hour" / "Meanwhile in the TARDIS" ep. 1. Amy's bedroom alarm clock switched over to 12:00 a.m., 26 June 2010, as they reboarded the TARDIS.
  384. The mini-episode dovetails into the start of "The Vampires of Venice"; Doctor goes to Rory's stag party ahead of that episode's cold-open and replaces Lucy (the diabetic stripper) in the giant cake. Daylight shines in through the pub's windows.
  385. The Doctor is reunited with Amy and Rory at the end of "A Christmas Carol"
  386. "The Impossible Astronaut" opens in the spring of 2011 after Amy & Rory have been back to "real life" for some months. The couple's friends and family believed that they honeymooned in Thailand after their 26 June 2010 wedding, as stated by Brian Williams in "Dinosaurs on a Spaceship".
  387. The TARDIS is under the control of the House, a junkyard asteroid outside a rift
  388. The TARDIS, after regaining control, later sends the Doctor, Amy, and Rory to the 22nd century, leading into The Rebel Flesh and The Almost People
  389. Between the "Let's Kill Hitler" prequel and the episode's cold-open, the Doctor acquires a weathered copy of the Leadworth Chronicle from early Autumn 2011.
  390. While the year, queen, and Prince of Wales are unspecified in dialogue, the Doctor Who Confidential documentary, "The Nights' Tale", reveals the queen to be "Liz Two". HM created the Duke of Cornwall (the Prince Charles) as Prince of Wales on 26 July 1958.
  391. Eleventh Doctor reads off the year 1994 to Amy Pond.
  392. Eleventh Doctor & River Song discuss the fact that, she is serving the first night of her prison sentence.
  393. Eleventh Doctor states the date to River Song.
  394. The TARDIS does not travel during "Last Night".
  395. "Last Night" begins immediately at end of "First Night" in which the TARDIS had already landed at 21 September 2360
  396. The Doctor and Clara have welcomed Commander Strax, Madame Vastra, and Jenny Flint aboard the TARDIS, and the three visitors are familiar with a living incarnation of Clara, thereby placing the story (from their perspective) after "The Crimson Horror". Jenny, a human female, has not visibly aged since "The Crimson Horror".
  397. Although the canon of "Songtaran Carols" is most dubious, the actors all appear in-character. It is accordingly included herein in the interest of completeness.
  398. Whilst the sketches attached to live events are of dubious canon, the actors all appeared exclusively in-character. The sketch is thus included herein in the interest of completeness.
  399. At the end of the sketch, Clara Oswald absconds with the BAFTA trophy, whilst telling the Doctor to "Wish me well," indicating that she was dashing out to the award ceremony with which the sketch was presented.
  400. Strax reports on the discovery of the Doctor's previously unknown incarnation, first revealed at Trenzalore in "The Name of the Doctor"
  401. Strax reports the sighting of the Doctor in Trafalgar Square; the footage that followed was of the filming of "The Day of the Doctor"; Kate Stewart's familiarity with the Eleventh Doctor places the episode after "The Power of Three", the setting of which ran through October 2017. Additionally, Clara has become qualified to hold a school teacher position in the interim between the 10 April 2013 setting of "The Name of the Doctor"'s present-day scenes, and start of "The Day of the Doctor".
  402. The Zygons, having frozen themselves in suspended animation in paintings in 1562, invade the 2018 "present day" in "The Day of the Doctor". Strax refers to the 1973 events of The Terror of the Zygons as an earlier attempt by the Zygons to invade Earth.
  403. The Zygons invade England in 1562 and hide in suspended animation in 3-dimensional paintings until 2018 in "The Day of the Doctor".
  404. Prof. Brian Cox is lured into the TARDIS, thinking it to be the make-up room in preparation for his The Science of Doctor Who lecture. He departs to conduct the lecture.
  405. Although the canon of the inserts is most dubious, Matt Smith remains in-character as the Eleventh Doctor and no mention is made of the title of the lecture, thus negating a meta reference. It is accordingly included herein in the interest of completeness.
  406. Strax is reports about people decorating their homes with coloured lights for Christmas, placing him after the popularisation of inexpensive electric fairy lights in post-depression/post-war Britain.
  407. Strax's apparently newfound awareness of Christmas implies that the mini-episode takes place shortly prior to "The Snowmen" from his perspective. Strax states his plans to greet Madame Vastra with a "missile toe" [sic].
  408. Although the story principally featured the Eleventh Doctor, he did not appear in the scenes of the First Doctor and Susan [or whatever name she used prior to arriving at the I.M. Foreman scrapyard]. Rather, archival footage of the late William Hartnell was colourised and inserted into a new computer-generated setting with Jenna-Louise Coleman's Clara Oswald, along with uncredited doubles depicting the Doctor & Susan's backs. The scenes in question took place - from the Doctor's and Susan's perspective - prior to the series' première story, "An Unearthly Child".
  409. The scene of the Fourth Doctor skulking down a corridor in the chancellery on Gallifrey is clipped from 11:01 into episode 2 of The Invasion of Time; Leela is digitally replaced with Clara Oswald at the end of the corridor.
  410. Clara Oswald is intervening in the events of Arc of Infinity.



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