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Google's latest reversion of its logo adopted in 2015
Google's current logo used since 2015

This is a list of domains owned by Google.

Localized and regional domains

Region TLD Domain Start date / Notes
Template:NoflagWorldwide .com Template:Dts[1]
Template:Flag .ac Template:Dts[no citations needed here]
Template:AND .ad Template:Dunno
Template:ARE .ae Template:Dunno
Template:AFG .af Template:Dts
Template:ATG .ag Template:Dunno
Template:AIA .ai Template:Dunno
Template:ALB .al Template:Dunno
Template:ARM .am Template:Dts
Template:ANG .ao Template:Dts
Template:ARG .ar Template:Dts
Template:ASM .as No country-specific service
Template:AUT .at Template:Dunno
Template:AUS .au Template:Dunno
Template:AZE .az Template:Dunno
Template:BIH .ba Template:Dunno
Template:BGD .bd Template:Dts
Template:BEL .be Template:Dunno
Template:BFA .bf Template:Dunno
Template:BGR .bg Template:Dunno
Template:BHR .bh Template:Dunno
Template:BDI .bi Template:Dunno
Template:BEN .bj Template:Dunno
Template:BRN .bn Template:Dunno
Template:BOL .bo Template:Dunno
Template:BRA .br Template:Dts
Template:BHS .bs Template:Dunno
Template:BTN .bt Template:Dunno
Template:BWA .bw Template:Dts
Template:BLR .by Launched in 2003, registered by Google in January 2009[2] (see for details)
Template:BLZ .bz Template:Dunno
Template:CAN .ca Template:Dts
Template:CAM .kh Template:Dunno
Template:CCK .cc Template:Dunno
Template:COD .cd Template:Dunno
Template:CAF .cf Template:Dunno
Template:Flagicon Catalonia (Spain, France) .cat Template:Dunno
Template:COG .cg Template:Dunno
Template:CHE .ch Template:Dunno
Template:CIV .ci Template:Dunno
Template:COK .ck Template:Dunno
Template:CHL .cl Template:Dts
Template:CMR .cm Template:Dunno
Template:CHN .cn Template:Dts
Template:COL .co Template:Dts Template:Dunno
Template:CRI .cr Template:Dunno
Template:CUB .cu Template:Dunno
Template:CPV .cv Template:Dunno
Template:CXR .cx Not in service
Template:CYP .cy Template:Dunno
Template:CZE .cz Template:Dunno
Template:DEU .de Template:Dunno
Template:DJI .dj Template:Dunno
Template:DNK .dk Template:Dts
Template:DMA .dm Template:Dunno
Template:DOM .do Template:Dunno
Template:ALG .dz Template:Dts
Template:ECU .ec Template:Dunno
Template:EST .ee Template:Dunno
Template:EGY .eg Template:Dunno
Template:ESP .es Template:Dts
Template:ETH .et Template:Dunno
Template:EU .eu Template:Dunno
Template:FIN .fi Template:Dunno
Template:FJI .fj Template:Dunno
Template:FSM .fm Template:Dunno
Template:FRA .fr Template:Dts
Template:GAB .ga Template:Dunno
Template:GEO .ge Template:Dunno
Template:GUF .gf Template:Dunno
Template:GGY .gg Template:Dunno
Template:GHA .gh Template:Dunno
Template:GIB .gi Template:Dunno
Template:GRL .gl Template:Dunno
Template:GMB .gm Template:Dunno
Template:GLP .gp Template:Dunno
Template:GRC .gr Template:Dunno
Template:GTM .gt Template:Dunno
Template:GUY .gy Template:Dunno
Template:HKG .hk Template:Dunno
Template:HND .hn Template:Dunno
Template:HRV .hr Template:Dunno
Template:HTI .ht Template:Dunno
Template:HUN .hu Template:Dunno
Template:IDN .id Template:Dunno
Template:IRQ .iq Template:Dunno
Template:IRL .ie Template:Dunno
Template:ISR .il Template:Dts
Template:IMN .im Template:Dunno
Template:IND .in Template:Dts
Template:IOT .io Not in service
Template:ISL .is Template:Dunno
Template:ITA .it Template:Dts
Template:JEY .je Template:Dunno
Template:JAM .jm Template:Dunno
Template:JOR .jo Template:Dunno
Template:JPN .jp Template:Dts
Template:KEN .ke Template:Dunno
Template:KIR .ki Template:Dunno
Template:KGZ .kg Template:Dunno
Template:KOR .kr Template:Dunno
Template:KWT .kw Template:Dunno
Template:KAZ .kz Template:Dunno
Template:LAO .la Template:Dunno
Template:LBN .lb Template:Dunno
Template:LCA .lc Not in service
Template:LIE .li Template:Dunno
Template:LKA .lk Template:Dunno
Template:LSO .ls Template:Dunno
Template:LTU .lt Template:Dunno
Template:LUX .lu Template:Dts[3]
Template:LVA .lv Template:Dunno
Template:LBY .ly Template:Dunno
Template:MAR .ma Template:Dunno
Template:MDA .md Template:Dunno
Template:MNE .me Template:Dunno
Template:MDG .mg Template:Dunno
Template:MKD .mk Template:Dunno
Template:MLI .ml Template:Dunno
Template:MYA .mm Template:Dunno
Template:MNG .mn Template:Dunno
Template:MSR .ms Template:Dunno
Template:MLT .mt Template:Dunno
Template:MUS .mu Template:Dunno
Template:MDV .mv Template:Dunno
Template:MWI .mw Template:Dunno
Template:MEX .mx Template:Dts
Template:MYS .my Template:Dunno
Template:MOZ .mz Template:Dunno
Template:NAM .na Template:Dunno
Template:NER .ne Template:Dunno
Template:NFK .nf Not in service
Template:NGA .ng Template:Dunno
Template:NIC .ni Template:Dunno
Template:NLD .nl Template:Dts
Template:NOR .no Template:Dunno
Template:NPL .np Template:Dunno
Template:NRU .nr Template:Dunno
Template:NIU .nu Template:Dunno
Template:NZL .nz Template:Dunno
Template:OMN .om Template:Dunno
Template:PAK .pk Template:Dts
Template:PAN .pa Template:Dunno
Template:PER .pe Template:Dunno
Template:PHL .ph Template:Dts
Template:POL .pl Template:Dts
Template:PNG .pg Template:Dunno
Template:PCN .pn Template:Dunno
Template:PRI .pr Template:Dunno
Template:PLE[4] .ps Template:Dunno
Template:PRT .pt Template:Dts
Template:PRY .py Template:Dunno
Template:QAT .qa Template:Dunno
Template:ROU .ro Template:Dts
Template:SRB .rs Template:Dts
Template:RUS .ru Template:Dunno
Template:RWA .rw Template:Dunno
Template:SAU .sa Template:Dts
Template:SLB .sb Template:Dunno
Template:SYC .sc Template:Dunno
Template:SWE .se Template:Dunno
Template:SGP .sg Template:Dunno
Template:SHN .sh Template:Dunno
Template:SVN .si Template:Dunno
Template:SVK .sk Template:Dunno
Template:SLE .sl Template:Dunno
Template:SEN .sn Template:Dunno
Template:SMR .sm Template:Dunno
Template:SOM .so Template:Dunno
Template:STP .st Template:Dunno
Template:SUR .sr Template:Dunno
Template:SLV .sv Template:Dunno
Template:TCD .td Template:Dunno
Template:TGO .tg Template:Dunno
Template:THA .th Template:Dunno
Template:TJK .tj Template:Dunno
Template:TKL .tk Template:Dts[5]
Template:TLS .tl Template:Dunno
Template:TKM .tm Template:Dunno
Template:TON .to Template:Dunno
Template:TUN .tn Template:Dts
Template:TUR .tr Template:Dts
Template:TTO .tt Template:Dunno
Template:TWN .tw Template:Dunno
Template:TZA .tz Template:Dunno
Template:UKR .ua Template:Dunno
Template:UGA .ug Template:Dunno
Template:GBR .uk Template:Dts
Template:USA .us Template:Dunno
Template:URY .uy Template:Dunno
Template:UZB .uz Template:Dunno
Template:VCT .vc Template:Dunno
Template:VEN .ve Template:Dts
Template:VGB .vg Template:Dunno
Template:VIR .vi Template:Dunno
Template:VNM .vn Template:Dts
Template:VUT .vu Template:Dunno
Template:WSM .ws Template:Dunno
Template:ZAF .za Template:Dunno
Template:ZMB .zm Template:Dunno
Template:ZWE .zw Template:Dunno

URL shortening and Non-localized URLs

Brand TLD Domain Date
AdMob .com Template:Dunno
AdSense .com Template:Dunno
Advertiser Community .com Template:Url Template:Dunno
AdWords .com Template:Dunno
Alphabet .xyz October 8, 2015
Android .com Template:Dunno
Blogger .com Template:Dunno
Blogger .com Template:Dunno
Chromium .org Template:Dunno
Chromecast .com Template:Dunno
Google Chrome .com Template:Dunno
Chromebook .com Template:Dunno
Google .com July 10, 2002
Google .google Template:Dunno
FeedBurner .com Template:Dunno
DoubleClick .com Template:Dunno
DoubleClick .com Template:Dunno
iGoogle .com Template:Dunno
Google .com Template:Dunno
Froogle .com Template:Dunno .google Template:Dunno
Google Analytics .com Template:Dunno
Google Analytics .com Template:Dunno
Google Code .com Template:Dunno
Google Developer Source .com Template:Dunno
Google Drive .com Template:Dunno
Google Earth .com Template:Dunno
Google Earth .com Template:Dunno
Google Maps .com Template:Dunno
Google Page Creator .com Template:Dunno
Google Scholar .com Template:Dunno
Gmail .com Template:Dunno
Gmail .com Template:Dunno
Keyhole .com Template:Dunno
Made with Code .com Template:Dunno
Panoramio .com Template:Dunno
Picasa .com Template:Dunno
Google Analytics .com Template:Dunno
Waze .com Template:Dunno
YouTube .com February 14, 2005
YouTube .be Template:Dunno
YouTube .be Template:Dunno
YouTube .com Template:Dunno
YouTube .com Template:Dunno
YouTube .com Template:Dunno
Google .com Template:Dunno .org Template:Dunno
Google .net Template:Dunno
Google .com[6] Template:Dunno
Google .com Template:Dunno
Google .com Template:Dunno
Google .com Template:Dunno
Google .com Template:Dunno
Google .com Template:Dunno
Google .com Template:Dunno
Google .com Template:Dunno
Google .com Template:Dunno
Google .com Template:Dunno
Google .com Template:Dunno
Google .com Template:Dunno
Google .com Template:Dunno
Google .com Created on 2003-06-19[7]
Google Apps for Work .com Template:Dunno
Google .com Template:Dunno
Google URL Shortener .gl Template:Dunno
Google .com Template:Dunno
Google .com Template:Dunno
Google .com Template:Dunno
Google .co Template:Dunno
What Browser? .org August 18, 2009
Google .com Template:Dunno
(server hostnames)[8] .net Template:Dunno
Google Photo .com Template:Dunno
Google User Content .com Template:Dunno
YouTube Gaming .com Created on 2012-12-22[9]
Google Domains .google Created on 2015-10-01[10]
CapitalG .com
GV .com
Google Blog .google Created on 2016-09-29[11]
Local Guides Connect .com

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