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A stabbing attack occurred on 15 August 2019 outside the Home Office in London, the British government's ministry of Home Affairs, or Interior ministry.[1]


At around 13:00 local time a government worker was stabbed in the face[2] and possibly torso[1] by a man waiting on Marsham Street in Central London, who had been loitering in the area[3] and walking "calmly".[2] The injured man went inside the Home Office to get help, at which point the building, an important Ministry, was put into lockdown[4] — pedestrians were encouraged to enter the building for their safety as this happened.[3]

The Metropolitan Police were called at 13:06,[2] and the London Ambulance Service at 13:11.[5] A specialist unit of armed police[6][7] responded to the scene, arriving within six minutes[6] and entering the building. Paramedics also responded, taking the injured man from the building.[4] For a time after the suspect was arrested, a cordon and police presence remained around the Home Office.[3]


Steps of the church where the suspect was arrested

The victim was a man in his 60s, and has been identified as a civil servant for the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government, which is based in the Home Office building.[6] His injuries were initially treated by police and ambulance respondents as "life-threatening", but a later statement called them "non-life-threatening".[5] He was taken to a Major Trauma Centre.[5]

The suspect is a 29-year-old man. He was arrested on suspicion of grievous bodily harm. In addition to the knife, he was carrying CS spray, and was arrested for possession of this,[4] and a ferret.[2] He was described as 6 ft tall and slim with long dark hair, dressed "scruffily".[5]

After the stabbing, the suspect is reported to have walked away from the scene "calmly".[2][3] He was arrested one street from the attack at St John's church in Smith Square,[6] the location of the European Parliament and European Commission buildings in London. The church was also closed to the public.[8]


Several outlets noted that the attack came a day after Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced a "controversial" plan to prevent knife attacks in the country,[9] which has been called "racist" and "patronising".[10]

The Home Secretary Priti Patel responded with sympathy for the victim in a tweet,[4] calling the attack "horrific",[1] whilst a Home Office official stated that the attack was "deeply concerning".[4]


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