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Miks C-Kellman (Celmiņš)

Miks C-Kellman in London 2012
Born Dobele
Nationality Latvian
Occupation Activist, social impact project manager and Chair, Changemakers' Room
Known for Co-Founder of Make Room India (NGO)
Miks C-Kellman (Celmiņš) with Nobel Laureate Kailash Satyarthi at a conference in 2015 in India

Template:Use Indian English Miks C-Kellman or Miks Celmiņš (Latvian) (born 17 March) is a global activist, human rights activist, and international social impact project manager. He is the co-founder of Make Room India,[1] an Indian-European Social Change Ecosystem that works to bridge the gap, connect and build partnerships between individuals and organziations from Europe and India working to solve some of the most burning contemporary community issues in the fields of inequality, education, climate and health.[2] Miks within the ecosystem facilitates international social impact-oriented project development creating tools/services/products to solve the identified issues. Make Room India is also the driving force behind the international training forum Changemakers' Room and the Action Agenda for Change 2020[3] and Miks since the launch of the Forum in 2016 is the executive Chair of the initiative.


Born in Dobele, Latvia[4] Miks travelled across Europe through his high school days for short term trainings and since 2009 has lived outside of Latvia in Boston, London, Uganda and in early 2014 moved to India.[5] After studying at Boston College and Kingston University Miks founded Kellman Productions, a not for profit ecosystem for arts/social entrepreneurs in London, that came to spotlight with its social campaign And You Are Calling Me Coloured to end racism. The campaign received recognition in over 30 countries across the world.[6] Miks in collaboration with high profile show business personalities organized and hosted various social events in London as part of the Kellman Productions[7] Soon after that Miks worked in various capacities supported by the EU Commission in Europe and Africa. Together with leading European not-for-profits, Miks conceptualised and executed more than 10 international mobility projects for EU young leaders [8] In early 2014, Miks moved to India and closely worked with youth-led businesses and social entrepreneurs to build brand identities of early stage startups.[9] The support of the European based government officials, NGOs and educational institutions, his experience in project development and implementation across EU, Africa and India and recent EU-India Strategic Partnership led Miks to co-found Make Room India, an Indian-European Social Change Ecosystem. At Make Room India he undertakes international project management and is the Chair of the Indian - European international Training Forum “Changemakers’ Room”.[10] Also Miks is one of the creators of the Action Agenda for Change 2020. Miks is specialising in enhancing citizen involvement in the field of entrepreneurship, exchange of best practices and capacity building of young entrepreneurs.

Miks C-Kellman (Celmiņš) with Nobel Laureate Prof. Muhammad Yunus at a conference in India in 2015


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