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Minhazur Rahman Nayan
Born (1989-09-26) 26 September 1989 (age 32)
Dhaka, Bangladesh
Residence Dhaka
Nationality Bangladeshi
Ethnicity Bengali

Writer, Actor, Director, Producer.

Founder & CEO Chitrojogot.com
Years active 1996 (child artist)
Home town Dhaka, Bangladesh
Religion Islam

Montazur Rahman Akbar

Mariam Rahma

Minhazur Rahman Nayan (Template:Lang-bn) is a Bangladeshi writer, actor, director and producer.[1] He is the writer, director and producer of short film Tofael: The Tea Stall Boy[2][3] He was received Audience Award for her first directorial debut short film. He is also acting debut as a child artist in his father directorial 1996 released Bangladeshi film Soitan Manush.

He was working as freelancer assistant director children news program Mukta Khabar on aired in Ekushey Television in 2010. He was launching a Bangladeshi first dhallywood based cine web portal Chitrojogot.com[4] in 2013. He was written short film Forbidden Love & The Showmaker Life relesed in 2014.

Early life

Minhazur Rahman Nayan was born in Dhaka, Bangladesh to prominent film director Montazur Rahman Akbar and Mariam Rahman. He is the younger brother of Apu Monwar[5] turned film & TV editor. He also have elder brother. Her uncle Istofa Rahman[6] was also cinematographer of dhallywood.

Minhazur Rahman Nayan attended Al-Amim Kinter Garden School, Seuarapara, Dhaka as a pre-school, Halim Foundation Model School, Taltola, Dhaka till class four, then Nazrul Shiksalay, Moghbazar, Dhaka attended class five to nine. then he attended Ucep Teuta Boardfield field School in noyatola Moghbazar complete SSC (10th grade, school level) under the Bangladesh Open University. He completed his HSC (12 grade, college level) from Siddesari Degree College under the Bangladesh Open University. In the schooling time Minhazur Rahman Nayan was most of the time failed in her exam, he has lots of year gap in her study level.


Minhzur Rahman Nayan start writing from an early age, beginning with poetry. He was first start written in school competition is poem early 1997 or 1998, helping from her uncle Zulfikar Ali bhottu, (he was also assistant director of bangladesh film industries under her father assistance). He has written as a non-professional freelance article writer for various newspapers & magazines like weekly robbar. He was also written poem, story & short stories, her story & poem published in newspaper & magazines.

In 2009 he was joined The Daily Ajker Bashundhra as a reporter[7][8] working as a feature writer and reporter, written subject are bangladeshi film related topic, NGO & Social Development and many others topic also wrote for other magazines, after working six month as feature writer & reporter then left the job.

In 2010 joined Ekushey television[9] program Mukta Khabar as a freelance assistant director under producer of Bashir Ahmad. He was working there few month then left the program after director left the job. Minhazur Rahman Nayan written a drama screenplay Pakhal. story by her uncle Rafique Natabar[10] directed by her father Montazur Rahman Akbar. Scripting suggest & advice by Bangladeshi film screenwriter Abdullah Zahir Babu.[11] The drama was on-aired in Mohona Television on Eid-ul-azha 2013, then he planned to make a short film under her father's production company Swadhinata Home Box.[12]

In 2013 January he wrote & directed live action based short film Tofael: The Tea Stall Boy helping from her brother Apu monwar uncle Rafique Natabar & friend Shahriar Fahad. Film was screened at Vagrant Film Festival, Belarush & Free Sprite Film Festival, India, Film was won Audience Award there.[13][14][15][16]

In 2013 July Minhazur Rahman Nayan planning to make online publicity support for dhallywood he was discuss to make a online portal project with film screenwriter Abdullah Zahir Babu & her web developer friend Sumon Molla Selim. Abdullah Zahir Babu get named Chitrojogot.com. Sumon Mollah Selim was developed the website and launching by jointly Kodeeo & Star Plus (formally Swadhinata Home Box) cine web portal Chitrojogot.com for make audience for dhallywood.[17]

In 2014 May Minhazur Rahman Nayan written a short film Forbidden Love. Film was directed by Mohammed Fahim Rifath, film now post production.[18][19]

In 2014 May Minhazur Rahman Nayan written a short film story title The Shoemaker Life. film about a shoe maker life, film was directed by Rezwan Shiddique Orno, film was going to set in june first week.[20][21] Rezwan Shiddique Orno lives in khulna, he was meet Nayan in facebook, then he was requested for written a story fort short. Minhazur Rahman Nayan was listen a theme from Orno and written script for her.[22]

In 2014 July Minhazur Rahman Nayan joined BOFAA officialy in 6 july. He also founder member of BOFAA (Bangladesh Online Film Activists Association). BOFAA organize Conference in BFDC this day. Organize by who are releted in online film based writer and reporter.[23]


Short Films

Year Film Role Note
2013 Tofael: The Tea Stall Boy Producer
Screening - The Vagrant Film Festival, Belarush
Audience Award - Free Spirit Film Festival, India
Screening - Flagstaff Mountain Film Festival, Usa
2014 Forbidden Love Writer
2014 The Shoemaker Life Writer


Year Drama Role Note
2013 Pakhal (film) Screenplay Writer Mohona TV


Year Film Award Result
2013 Tofael: The Tea Stall Boy Audience Award Template:Won


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