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Musical artist

Muttcrew is a four-piece American underground band which originated in Westchester, New York, formed in 2010. After going through a few lineup changes, they are finally performing on a somewhat regular basis. They are currently working on their debut album We're Not From The Streets set to drop late summer of 2015. The band is known for being really offensive and promoting non-popular beliefs and lifestyles with full intention of pissing off outsiders. The band is really into Nihilism and Misanthropy(which are reflected in their lyrics). They are also known for making fun of other genres of music(including their own).


Muttcrew was originally Cory’s solo project back in 2006-2010. Playing every instrument, he recorded 2 EPs within those 4 years. The first EP was called ‘School of Punks’ and the second EP was called ‘I Hate Everyone And Everything’. During 2011 and 2012 while Cory was recording his 3rd EP, he saw that the songs were too hard for him to play on drums. So he recruited Drummer Felipe Reis to be the session drummer. Felipe proposed that Cory make this solo project an actual band. They then recruited Dylan Delaurentas to be the bassist and Cris Leiva to be the guitarist. With that lineup, they played a few shows and released an EP titled Sons of Bitches.

Mid 2013, Felipe left the band due to personal reasons.

After a few months of being inactive, Andrew Manuele who was a friend of both Cris and Cory proposed an idea. Put Cris on drums and have himself on guitar. After trying out the idea they decided to keep it that way and went on playing gigs.

Late 2013, Dylan(on good terms) left the band because he was going to go away to college. Muttcrew went through a few bass players not really having any luck. They even played a few shows without a bassist for a while. They eventually recruited Alexander Nathan Torke, Who Cris and Andrew had known for years, to play bass. After deciding to keep him as the permanent bassist, they went on to recording their debut album We're Not From The Streets.


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  • Cory – vocals (2008–present)
  • Cris – drums (2008–present)
  • Andrew – guitar (2013–present)
  • Alex – bass (2015–present)


  • Mike – bass (2014-late)
  • James – bass (2014-mid)
  • Dylan – bass (2012–2013)
  • Felipe – drums (2012-2013)



<timeline> ImageSize = width:800 height:auto barincrement:20 PlotArea = left:110 bottom:100 top:0 right:10 Alignbars = justify DateFormat = mm/dd/yyyy Period = from:01/01/2008 till:10/19/2021 TimeAxis = orientation:horizontal format:yyyy Legend = orientation:horizontal position:bottom

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 id:Vocals   value:red        legend:Vocals
 id:Drums    value:purple     legend:Drums
 id:Guitar   value:green      legend:Guitar
 id:Bass     value:blue       legend:Bass
 id:Lines1   value:black      legend:Studio_albums
 id:Everything   value:pink      legend:Everything

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 bar:Cory    text:"Cory"
 bar:Cory2    text:"Cory"
 bar:Andrew     text:"Andrew"
 bar:Alex    text:"Alex"
 bar:Cris   text:"Cris"
 bar:Cris2    text:"Cris"
 bar:Felipe    text:"Felipe"
 bar:Dylan  text:"Dylan"
 bar:James  text:"James"
 bar:Mike    text:"Mike"


 width:10 textcolor:black align:left anchor:from shift:(10,-4)
 bar:Cory       from:01/01/2012 till:end         color:Vocals
 bar:Cory2      from:01/01/2008 till:12/30/2011         color:Everything
 bar:Andrew        from:06/26/2013 till:end         color:Guitar
 bar:Alex       from:01/01/2015 till:end  color:Bass
 bar:Cris    from:12/18/2012 till:05/09/2013  color:Guitar
 bar:Cris2    from:06/26/2013 till:end  color:Drums
 bar:Felipe    from:04/04/2012 till:05/09/2013  color:Drums
 bar:Dylan       from:12/03/2012 till:09/01/2013  color:Bass
 bar:James        from:09/01/2013 till:10/01/2013         color:Bass
 bar:Mike       from:07/01/2014 till:09/01/2014  color:Bass




Year Album Label
2015-late We're Not From The Streets Fuck You Sounds(Independant)

Extended plays

Year Album Label
2008 School of Punks Devil Music(Independant)
2010 I Hate Everyone and Everything Devil Music(Independant)
2012 Turn Fear Into Rage Devil Music(Independant)
2013 Sons of Bitches Cycoborn(Independant)

Live albums

Year Album Label
2014 Live Compilation Fuck You Sounds(Independant)

Music videos

  • "I Think Your Babies Dead" (2015) *



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