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Muwatin Media Network (MMN) is a media company based in London founded by Mohammed Alfazari basically in Oman in 2013 however, due to the political circumstances he had to move it to London. There are several projects under the umbrella of (MMN) such as Muwatin Magazine, Muwatin Center for Press Freedom and Muwatin Café which is a London-based cultural salon. [1]

Muwatin CPF

Muwatin Center for press freedom is a human rights media project within the framework of Muwatin Media Network. The project aims at spreading freedom of the press in the Gulf region through the vision of the Muwatin network and its professional charter. the main aims of the centre are 1. Integrating the concepts of freedom of the press into all the projects and activities of the Muwatin Media Network. 2. raising the awareness of the importance of freedom of the press among the public of Muwatin Network. 3. Defencing and solidarizing with the press victims of violations in the Arabian Gulf. 4. Training and capacity building of the staff of the Muwatin network in the field of press freedom. 6. Issue an annual report of the level of press freedoms in the Arabian Gulf.[2]

Muwatin Cafe

Muwatin Cafe is London-based cultural saloon.[3]