Navid Hadzaad

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Navid Hadzaad
File:File:Navid Hadzaad at DLD Conference Munich in 2016.jpg
Hadzaad at DLD Conference Munich in 2016
Born Berlin, Germany
Residence New York City
Education University of Massachusetts Amherst
Occupation Technology Executive, Entrepreneur
Known for GoButler
Awards Forbes 30 Under 30

Navid Hadzaad is a technology executive and entrepreneur. He's currently a Product Leader at[1] He previously served as CEO and co-founder of,[2] a natural language processing technology provider based on the GoButler mobile application that used artificial intelligence to act as a virtual assistant through text messaging.[3] Hadzaad was featured on Forbes' 2016 30 Under 30 list of the top businesspeople in Consumer Technology.[4] He's a member of the World Economic Forum's Global Shapers community.[5]


Hadzaad attended Westborough High School[6] and earned a B.B.A. from the University of Massachusetts Amherst.


After graduating, he worked at the Boston Consulting Group before becoming a manager at Volaris Group.

While working for Rocket Internet, Hadzaad co-founded ZipJet, an on-demand laundry app.[7][8] He also worked on building Rocket's on-demand house cleaning start-up, Helpling.[9][4]

In February 2015, Hadzaad founded GoButler, a virtual assistant company which used intelligent algorithms to process automated requests.[10][11][8] Within 48 hours of the application's launch, the company had 10,000 requests. Hadzaad subsequently left Rocket Internet to focus on GoButler as the company's CEO.[12][13][14] Within three weeks, the app was available in Canada, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the United Kingdom, and had processed over 100,000 requests.[7][15] In July 2015, the company announced an $8 million Series A financing round from investors including Ashton Kutcher and Jared Leto.[9][16] Though founded in Berlin, Hadzaad moved the company headquarters to New York City in 2015.[17][18] In March 2016, Hadzaad announced GoButler's shift to a fully automated service driven by artificial intelligence.[19]

In May 2016, the consumer aimed GoButler service was ended and replaced by, a B2B company that created natural language processing technology.[2] In September 2016, Hadzaad was hired by as a product leader. According to reports, there were rumors that had been acquired by Amazon.[20]


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