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NS8 is an American software company specializing in abuse, fraud, and user experience protection.[1] The company is based in Herndon, Virginia and emerged as a participating startup company in the MACH37 seed accelerator.[2]


NS8 was founded in August, 2016 by Adam Rogas, Paul Korol, Phil Vizzaccaro, and Eric Kay. Shortly after its founding, NS8 was accepted into the state-funded MACH37 program, which is a part of Virginia's Center for Innovative Technology and designed to help internet startup companies raise money and establish business connections. Acceptance into this program came with a $50,000 investment in exchange for 8% equity.[3]


NS8 deals mostly with online traffic management and security software with its main product, TrueStats aimed at detecting and eliminating fraudulent internet activity from websites. The primary goal of this product is to counter the rising levels of Internet marketing and retail fraud which in 2015, cost advertisers $5 Billion out of the total $14.6 Billion spent on online advertising. NS8 also aims to reveal to companies how much of their website's traffic was internet bots instead of actual users while simultaneously blocking detected bots from actually reaching the site and causing any harm.[4]


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