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Oggy, a blue cat, is the title character in the animated series Oggy and the Cockroaches.


Oggy was originally, in the pilot, very quiet. He was made louder in the later episodes. In the second season episode "Face Off" he was squashed by a anvil, and because of cockroach intervention, he looked like the average elegant French man, and had a blue face with blue clothes. In the third season (2008–2009) he was given a complete redesign including changes to his body. When the modernized fourth season (2012–2013) began, he was made more romantic and elegant.


In the first and second seasons (pre-2008 reboot) he was laid-back, most of the time watching TV, but also rebellious against the cockroaches (take the first season episode Mission Oggy, in which he installed security in his fridge) In Season 3, he became more active, sometimes taking out hostile occupations (S03E01, Octopus) The fourth season (called "The Season of Love") focused on his relationship with Olivia (S04E01, Olivia, the season 4 episode The Bathtub Race, and S04E74, Oggy is getting married! (Featuring Olivia) were examples), which made him more romantic compared to the other seasons.


He has blue fur (light blue as well as his back from season 3+), blue back and a white stomach with a pink nose (red from season 3 onwards) He has four whiskers pointing out from his face and two teeth pointing down from his gum, with a shortish tail. His hands have four white fingers ad his legs are very short. His feet have three toes pointing out. His eyes are green, with two spikes of hair and a purple tongue (pink from season 3 and later)

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