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Oren Kessler is an analyst and writer on the Middle East. He is deputy director for research and a research fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies (FDD) think tank in Washington D.C.[1]

His work has appeared in publications including The Wall Street Journal, [2][3] Foreign Policy, [4] Politico, [5] The New Republic[6] and Foreign Affairs.[7]

Kessler previously served as staff writer and editor at Haaretz, Arab affairs correspondent for The Jerusalem Post and Middle East research fellow at the Henry Jackson Society Think tank in London.[8] His research areas include Egyptian politics, the Arab-Israeli conflict, and Israeli history.

Kessler was one of the journalists targeted by former CNN correspondent Jim Clancy in an anti-Semitic twitter incident that led to Clancy's resignation.[9][10][11]

Kessler was a correspondent of fellow journalist Steven Sotloff until Sotloff was murdered by ISIS militants in 2014. Sotloff wrote to Kessler in 2011 to introduce himself as a fellow former student at the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya. The 2 had both covered the Arab Spring in Egypt, and, at the time Sotloff first contacted Kessler, Sotloff was reporting from Libya while Kessler was covering Libya from London as a research fellow at the Henry Jackson Society. When the news that ISIS had beheaded captive journalist James Foley broke, Kessler and Michael Sapir began lobbying the American governments to intervene to free Sotloff.[12][13][14]


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