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Osem - Better than Classroom is a free-to-play revision app for UPSR, PT3 and SPM students with multiplayer questions battle, notes sharing and homework helper to score examinations, developed and published by Pencil Brand Sdn Bhd for iOS and Android devices.[1]

The application was first released via Android platform in Malaysia on the 16th of December 2016. It then released on iOs platform on the 19th of January 2017. Available in App Store and Google Play as well as online and offline, its objective is to make revision more effective and exciting for Primary and Secondary students, providing the latest syllabus KBAT standards and large question bank with HOTS (Higher Order Thinking Skills) questions to cater the needs for Malaysian students as well as the standard of the Ministry of Education in Malaysia.

Revision Gameplay

Players can select two (2) modes; Study or Battle.

  • Study – The app will automatically retrieve questions depending on the level of education selected by the players. With the Study mode, the player must answer ten (10) questions correctly. Players are given three (3) hearts as life in the revision gameplay.[1] When a question is answered incorrectly, players will lose a life. When all three (3) hearts are used, the players lose the game and the game will be over.
  • Battle – With the Battle mode, players use a mobile device’s internet connection to locate the location of other students online to battle real-time depending on the education level selected. The challenge is between two (2) players, when a question is answered incorrectly, players will lose a life. In order to win the battle, players will have to answer questions correctly and quickly to win against their opponents in the Battle mode.[1]


The Rewards feature is a significant aspect in the revision app. The objective is to reward students for their learning. Players will be rewarded with Gold coins after winning the Battle mode or after answering questions correctly via the Study mode. Gold coins are used to bid a desired reward available in the Rewards feature. In January 2017, players between the ages of twelve (12) to fifteen (15) have won PlayStation 4, Action Camera, tickets to Sunway Lagoon, The Lost World of Tambun and Legoland, and many other prizes available in the Rewards feature.

Other Features

  1. Weekly Goal; mission given to students.
  2. ASK Community; to help students with questions or homework.
  3. Notes; for players to create or share their notes with other players.
  4. Bookmarks; where students can save questions and notes for a quick revision.
  5. Tracking; a real-time report on students’ performance.


By 17 January 2017, the revision app has one thousand and six hundred (1,600) teachers providing content for UPSR, PT3 and SPM questions and answers following the standard of the Ministry of Education in Malaysia. Questions provided in the revision app are in multiple question formats and contain colorful images that are edited and beautified by the internal content team of Pencil Brand Sdn Bhd.


The concept of the revision app was conceived in the early months of 2016 by the Directors of Pencil Brand Sdn Bhd as a solution to help nowadays students to make revision a convenient activity and at the same time, having fun doing it as technology has been changing childhood more drastically with gadgets becoming a basic need for everyday life style. Osem was first released on Android platforms in December 2016, following by the iOs platform in January 2017.


In one (1) month’s time after the initial release date, the revision app has reached up to two thousand (2,000) downloads through App Store and Google Play with a total of 4.8 star rating by users all over Malaysia. The revision app also supports in-app purchases for premium access to an unlimited questions and other features with no freeze time.


External links

  1. Official Osem Website