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Rakesh Biswas
File:File:Rakesh biswas iysert.jpg
Biswas at CREST FEST 2014 , Great Lakes of energy and Management institute , Delhi.
Born Template:Birth date
Jamnagar, Gujart
Nationality Indian
Occupation Entrepreneur and inventor



Rakesh Biswas (Bengali: রাকেশ বিশ্বাস) (born 1 Jan 1991) is an Indian entrepreneur, youth leader , inventor and Presently he is the Chairman of International Youth Society of eco friendly and renewable technology[1] [2] [3][4]

Early life

Biswas was born in MH Jamnagar, Gujart, India to an Army Background family on 1 January 1991, He belong from a village in Kalna, West bengal . He completed his basic education from Gen. B.C Joshi Army Public School, Pithoragarh. For further studies he enrolled in to Graphic Era University, Dehradun the course B-Tech Biotechnology. His exposure to talent began with winning the Bourn vita Quiz Contest in the year 2003and thereafter he grabbed every opportunity that came his way by participating in various science events organized at the state as well as National level. After almost a year, he had already developed a Rain water harvesting system in national children science congress], which gave an eminent exposure to his talent.

But it was just the beginning, as his major achievements took lead with his work of magnetic engine (An Engine run without fuel) and soon applied patent for this invention was filed atIPR India. He got media coverage and recognition when he had developed presented the design model of Hydro Air Car (a car that runs in air, water and land) and Waste battery technology . It also gave him the attention of people regarding his innovative nature and attracted many awards regarding that project.[5][6][7]


International Youth Society for Eco friendly and Renewable Technology (IYSERT) India is a venture led by Mr. Rakesh Biswas, a child prodigy and an able entrepreneur. He is presently pursuing his dual degree course in B.tech Biotech+MBA from Graphic Era University, Dehradun. During his 3rd year of his B.tech, he thought of an idea of forming an organisation along with more students of his university, which would work independent of the college’s administration, and work for the welfare of the society and the environment. He gave a name to this idea ,IYSERT.Today, IYSERT is not only an idea, but it’s an Internationally recognized organisation, working in 26 colleges of India, and 7 countries across the globe. In a period of merely 1 and a half years, IYSERT has organized 10 remarkable events, and looking forward to spread its branches to the rest of the world.[8][9][10][11][12]

Activities and Honors

  • Award Winner of "SAMMY AWARD"2014, SAM GLOBAL AWARD 2014 at Chennai, SRM university.[13]
  • Award Winner of Rhodes Youth forum 2012and won 23.89  lakh INR rupees[14][15][16]
  • Honored as invited Speaker in TEDX Mumbai in Feb 2014[17]

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