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The Ray Du English (Chinese:阿滴英文) was composed of Taiwanese brother and sister who came back from Singapore when they were young.The channel was named after the English abbreviation "RD" by his brother "Ray Du".(Sounds like ''阿滴'' in Chinese) The subscribers were over 1 million on July 7,2017.As of August 8 ,2018 ,there were 1,725,313 subscribers of the channel. The channel is the largest YouTube knowledge channel in Taiwan.[1] Template:Infobox YouTube personality

Ray Du

都省瑞, also known as Ray Du, was graduated fromTaipei Private Dongshan High School and the Depatment of English Language And Literature,Fu Jen University.


  • April 2016: He quitted his job in VoiceTube.
  • April 11,2016: The channel reached 100 thousand subscribes.
  • April 17,2016: He started to post teaching classes,每日一滴,on his Instagram account.
  • April 25,2016: The subscription fundraising plan was launched on the fundraising website PressPlay.[2]
  • July 2016: Crown Du has officially joined the hosting group,and owned her first teaching series,''English Song Spotlight''.
  • In 2017,Ray admitted that he had allergic dermatitis, so he often needs makeup during shooting. After going to Japan in February to receive Dan Yu therapy, he recovered and returned to Taiwan.
  • February 2017:Added the "Two Minutes English Classroom" series every weekend, and maintained three fixed teaching films for one week.
  • March 2017:Started to broadcast live on Facebook every Saturday.
  • April 2017:Rented a studio and established ''RD English Team''.
  • June 1,2017:Ray published his first book:英語每日一滴, which was derived from the teaching of RD English Instagram account.
  • At about 6 pm on June 17, 2017,Ray's Instagram account (@rayduenglish) was deleted without warning.The deletion is still unknown to Instagram or hackers. RD English moved to the alternate account ( @rayduenglish2) and continue to operate. 
  • On the morning of June 21, 2017, Ray's Instagram account(@rayduenglish) resumed.
  • At 9:51 pm on July 7,2017,RD English had over 1 million subscribtions.
  • July 24,2017,To promote 2017 Summer Universiade(Also known as'' Taipei 2017 Universiade ''),cooperate with the mayor of Taipei ,Ko Wen-je.


Birth Religion
education background Introduction
Ray Du(都省瑞) May 8, 1989(Age 29) Christian Grace Christian Academy
Taipei Private Dongshan High School

The Depatment of English Language And Literature,Fu Jen University
Multimedia English Teaching Track,MA program,the Department of English Language And Literature,Fu Jen University

National Education Radio ICRT program hosting
VoiceTube''Watch Video,Learn English''teaching consultant
Crown Du(都冠伶)
October 27, 1992 (age 25)  Christian Grace Christian Academy
Our Lady Of Providence Girls' High School
The Depatment of English Language And Literature,Fu Jen University

Performer interviewed

On February 26, 2018, backpacker performer Chris Wang (宥勝)was interviewed by Ray in English.[4]


Date Brand Membor Notes
March 6,2018 Taiwan Whisper Sanitary napkin Crown Du
July 12,2018 Taiwan Head & Shoulders Shampoo Crown Du With Keelung and Rays in TGOP


Date Name Publishing House International Standard Book Number
June 1,2017 英語每日一滴:IG最夯,學校不教,聊天、搭訕、吐槽都有戲 如何 ISBN 978-9-861-36488-9
July 4,2018 跟著阿滴滴妹說出溜英文:網路人氣影片系列《10句常用英文》大補帖 EZ TALK ISBN 978-9-862-48733-4

Music video

Year Singer Name
2018 Wei Jia-Yin 《喜歡我吧》有你真好版

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