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Rory K. McShane
Occupation Media Consultant and Political Strategist
Home town Baltimore, MD
Political party Republican
Awards Kentucky Colonel, Eagle Scout

Rory McShane is an American political and media strategist. He has held senior positions in political campaigns, state parties, and consulting firms across the United States. His clients have included United States Congressmen, Statewide elected officials, dozens of legislators, ballot initiatives, corporations and non-profits.


McShane was raised in the suburbs of Baltimore, Maryland. He was active in scouting, achieving the rank of Eagle Scout.

Political career

McShane's political career began at the age of 17, working as a field director on legislative races in Northern Virginia. In 2010, McShane opened a small political firm with a staff of just 2, working on local races, including for Maryland State Delegates Pat McDonough and Carmen M. Amedori. From 2011 - 2013, McShane advised a slew of candidates from Congressional to state legislative from Virginia to Colorado.

In 2013, McShane joined Scott Gessler's bid for Governor of Colorado as Gessler's Political Director.[1] The campaign lost in the primary.[2] Despite being an opponent in the election, McShane went on to be an advisor to Congressman Tom Tancredo's super PAC.

In 2015 McShane joined Southwestern powerhouse political firm, RedRock Strategies as National Data Strategy Director. McShane played an influential role in the Congressional campaigns of Cresent Hardy[3] and Ken Bennett as well the success of the Marsy's Law ballot initiative in Montana, North Dakota and South Dakota.

In 2017, Vincent Harris recruited McShane to join Harris Media in the role of Political Director, overseeing the firm's political campaign clients. That year McShane helped Congressman Ralph Norman win a bitterly contested special election to replace Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney.[4] In 2017, McShane also helped the Corey Stewart (politician) campaign for Governor of Virginia. Stewart shocked the political world when, despite being outspent 5-1 he finished just 1% behind former Republican National Committee Chairman Ed Gillespie.

As the 2018 election drew to a close, McShane's new firm, McShane LLC had worked with 38 candidates, ballot measures and Super PACs across a dozen states, winning 20 of those races. Victories included an Arizona Senate upset victory for David Gowan (politician), unseating and replacing Paul Mosley in Northern Arizona, with his client Leo Biasiucci, a hard-fought Florida victory for Representative David Smith [5], three victories in the Tennessee State House and more.

Corporate Work

While not exclusively, much of McShane's corporate work revolves around the addiction treatment and recovery industry, with treatment and recovery center clients in Nevada and Texas, namely Any Length Retreat and Freedom Behavioral Health. In 2017, McShane worked with Freedom Behavioral Health to help garner press attention around their non-profit addiction treatment model. In 2018, CrossRoads of Southern Nevada hired McShane to bring together Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman (politician), Sheriff Joe Lombardo, Governor-elect Steve Sisolak, and legislative leadership on both sides of the aisle for the ribbon cutting of CRSN, the first facility of its kind.[6] McShane's clientele also includes a restaurant chain, multiple law firms and even landscaping companies.

Media Pundit and Analyst

McShane is often asked to provide political commentary and analysis for media outlets. In 2012, The Colorado Statesman asked McShane to analyze why Mitt Romney lost the state.[7] In 2014 The Denver Post asked for McShane's analysis on the U.S. Senate primary election.[8]

The USI Shield interviewed McShane about the ever growing impact of social media in politics.[9] In 2017, Fox News asked for McShane's insight on the Montana special election between Greg Gianforte and Rob Quist.[10] Following his correct predictions in the Montana race, Fox asked for McShane's analysis on the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee's 2018 strategy.[11] Becoming a regular contributor and analyst for Fox News, they have asked him to analyze the media impact of the Donna Brazile's feud with Hillary Clinton[12], the political impact of the 2018 shutdown [13], the impact of Jeff Sessions marijuana policy [14], and much more.

When Oprah Winfrey discussed the possibility of Presidential bid against Donald Trump, mashable asked for McShane's analysis of her viability and strategy. [15]

The LA Times interviewed McShane about how viral online content has helped unlikely candidates like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez rise to stardom. [16]

Yahoo! News asked for McShane's take on Trump's online effectiveness beating Hillary Clinton [17]

The Associated Press asked for McShane's insight on the new media used by Beto O'Rourke as he provided a close challenge to Ted Cruz. [18]

McShane is also a regular contributor to Campaigns and Elections magazine.[19] [20] [21]

McShane is an international speaker on the topics of digital media, advertising, and political advocacy. [22] [23] [24]


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