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Ruben Hakobyan (Armenian: Ռուբեն Հակոբյան) , also known as Ruben Sasuntsi (Armenian: Ռուբեն Սասունցի, born May 8, 1979), is an Armenian ethnic folk singer.[1] He is considered by industry experts as a prominent singer in modern Armenian national, patriotic, and ethnographic folk music industry. He has a reputation in preservation, development, and proliferation of Armenian folk music around the world.

Early life

Ruben Hakobyan was born in the family of singers. His father was a singer; and as Ruben describes himself, "Armenian ethnic song is in [his] blood". Starting from his childhood, Ruben's entire family was fond of patriotic and ethnographic songs which have formed his style and foreshowed his professional road from the outset. Ruben primarily sings so called Sasun songs, as he is originally from Sasun, which is a very famous region in historic Armenia. People from Sasun are called “Sasuntsi”s. Being inspired by their ancestor Sasuntsi Davit,[2] the main hero of Armenia’s national epic poem dating back from the 8th century, these people take pride in their traditions of group singing and dancing with their relatives, neighbors, friends, and their families, and use their traditions on each and every occasion. For example, they light candles at weddings and dance holding their little fingers. As proof of his exclusivity and devotion to Sasun culture, Ruben carries the stage name Ruben Sasuntsi, given to him by his fans.

Concert venues

Ruben contributes, through his performances, to the preservation of Armenian folk music both within Armenia and throughout the Armenian Diaspora around the world. During his career, Ruben has performed Armenian ethnic music to the international audience and thus cultivates intercultural communication through music all over the world, including but not limited to the United States, Russia, France and other countries in Europe, and Asia.


Ruben Hakobyan has participated in major award winning ceremonies, and has won many nationally recognized awards and prizes. Among the recognized honors, awards, and prizes he received are the following:

  • The Best Patriotic Male Singer of the Year, Armenian Golden Star Award in 2012, awarded by King Cultural Productions Center;
  • The Best Singer, “Accord” Annual Music Award 2011, granted by Armenian Second TV Channel;
  • The Best Patriotic Singer of the Year, Armenian Golden Star Award in 2009;
  • Ambassador of Patriotism, Armenian Golden Star Award in 2008;
  • The Best Patriotic Singer of the Year, Armenian Golden Star Award in 2008;
  • Top Ten Singer, Armenian Golden Star Award in 2007;
  • Best Five Singers, “Armenian music award” 2007 in the United States;


Ruben Hakobyan took part in humanitarian activities in the following charitable organizations:

  • “Luisy Shogh” Charitable Fund of Armenian Spinal and other handicapped program;
  • “Save one Life” festival concert action in 2009 and 2010, devoted to Armenian Register of Bone Marrow Donors Charitable Fund.


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