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Sammy Paul

Sammy Ben Yassia Paul (born 19 August 1993) is a British-Algerian independent filmmaker and YouTuber who directed the films Bicycle, Friend Like Me and The Fleeting Little Life of Peter Wright. As well as posting many of his films on YouTube they have been screened at the BFI and Buffer Festival. His 2015 film The Fleeting Little Life of Peter Wright, co-written and directed by Tim Hautekiet, was selected for the Sploid Short Film Festival.[1][2][3]

In recent years he has directed a number of music videos for artists such as Dodie Clark, Orla Gartland, Cavetown and Tom Rosenthal.

He won the Excellence in Performance award for his film "Bicycle" at the 2019 edition of Buffer Festival.


Role Title
Short films As a director Rocks that bleed (co-directed with Bertie Gilbert)
The Fleeting Little Life of Peter Wright (co-directed with Tim Hautekiet)
Septem (co-directed with Hazel Hayes)
Blue Sushi (co-directed with Bertie Gilbert)
Friend like me
One Another (co-directed with Rebecca Hewett)
Playground (co-directed with Bertie Gilbert)
Music videos As a director dodie - Intertwined
dodie - 6/10
dodie - Sick of Losing Soulmates
dodie - If I'm Being Honest
Tom Rosenthal - Twenty Toes
Tom Rosenthal - Throw the fear
Cavetown - Home (co-directed with Taha Khan)
As a producer dodie - In the Middle
dodie - Human
dodie - Monster (coproduced with Sophie Newton)
dodie - You
dodie - If I'm being honest
dodie - Secret for the mad
dodie - If I'm being honest (Live session)
Cavetown - Green (coproduced with Taha Khan and Cambria Bailey-Jones)
Cavetown - Home (coproduced with Taha Khan)
Orla Gartland - Flatline
Orla Gartland - Inevitable (coproduced with Cambria Bailey-Jones)
As an executive producer dodie - Guiltless
dodie - Boys like you


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