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savedroid AG, stylized as savedroid (all lowercase), is a German-based developer specialized in blockchain and cryptocurrency solutions. They have a wide range of product offerings encompassing B2C and B2B, with the highlight on 2 financial management apps, artificial intelligence (AI), cryptocurrency and traditional currency payment solutions. savedroid has offices in Mainz and Frankfurt, where the bulk of its operations are based. The company currently employs over 30 people and operates worldwide.


savedroid was founded in September 2015 by Yassin Hankir and Tobias Zander. Since then there has been a rebranding and savedroid has received the Best FinTech Startup of the Year 2017.[1] Their motto is to democratize the use of cryptocurrencies and they have been working with the aim to “bring personal piggy bank savings into the modern world”.[2][3] savedroid is one of the pioneers in the fintech space working to eliminate existing crypto adoption barriers while reshaping the experience of savings and cryptocurrencies, simplifying the process for the average consumer.[4][5][6]


savedroid has several main products: a traditional currency savings app available only in Germany and a cryptocurrency savings app available globally. savedroid uses Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and fiat currency. In addition, they market their AI and cryptocurrency payment solutions to other companies with an interest in the crypto space. [4][5][6][3]


In April 2018, savedroid pulled a controversial PR stunt as they appeared to perform an exit scam following their ICO.[7] It began when the company replaced their website with an infamous “Aannnd It’s Gone” South Park meme, followed by the CEO Yassin Hankir posting on his personal Twitter “Thanks guys” “Over and out”, and finally by removing all admins from their Telegram channels.[8][9][10][11][12][13][14] The community and the investors were in a panic and angry when they thought their money was gone, and even though savedroid wanted to raise awareness regarding ICOs, this could have ended up a lot worse than it did considering the amount of money some people thought they had lost.[15][16][17]

“Very bad idea for a fintech to make fun of investors. All trust gone, can never trust again,” wrote @CryptoCharge in reaction to a video savedroid founder Yassin Hankir posted Thursday, saying, "We are still here, not gone and, actually, never gone."[18] It didn’t take long until the stunt picked up and became viral.

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