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Sergio Calderon is an American politician. Elected to the City of Maywood City Council (Maywood, California) on November of 2005, he served as Mayor in 2007 and Council-member until 2009.[1][2] Currently he serves as City Clerk, the term ends 2016. Elected in November of 2006 to the Water Replenishment District of Southern California (WRD), he is at present serving his third term as Director, this term ends in 2018.


In 2007, during an extremely difficult and controversial time in Maywood, the Council unanimously appointed Calderon as Mayor. Calderon took over the reins of power at a time when the Maywood Police Department was being criminalized by multiple claims of misconduct. A notable portion of the community seemed to distrust some Maywood Police Department Officers. During his mayorship a second anti-immigrant rally was organized to take place in Maywood by the Save Our State Organization. This attracted various groups and individuals from all over the state, hence staging a very volatile and contentious gathering. Ultimately, this led to the infamous event of the Mexican flag being raised on the flag pole belonging to the Maywood branch, United States Post Office.


A resolution opposing proposed legislation HR 4437, which would have treated all undocumented immigrants as criminals.

The troops fighting overseas, encouraged and participated in the 4th of July Parade and helped sponsor events with the Veterans of Foreign Wars, Maywood Post. Financial and Computer Literacy, though various organizations and programs, such as Operation Hope, Southeast Community Development Corporation and Huntington Park-Bell Community Adult School.

To Calderon's credit,[no citations needed here] he was able to encourage communication between the Maywood Police Department and the Police Commission, defuse many volatile, standing room only council meetings and deal with an inordinate amount of local, national and international press. Certainly not a small undertaking for someone with less than two years of public service experience, this accomplishment is noted.

In 2008, Felipe Aguirre was appointed mayor and Calderon reverted to Council-member. A delegate of the HUB Cities Work Source Center, Council-member Calderon has continued to serve and is expected to do so until his term comes to an end in November 2009.Template:Update after

In November 2006, Calderon ran against incumbent Pat Acosta for Directorship of Division 4 of the Water Replenishment District of Southern California. With over 38,000 votes which represented approximately 53% of the votes cast Director Calderon unseated the incumbent. Calderon has remained fairly involved with the community even outside of his role as an elected.


Here are some of the organizations which Calderon has worked with:

  • California Council for Adult Education, Past Legislative Chair
  • Salvation Army Bell Shelter, Advisory Board Member
  • Operation Hope, Former Advisory Board Member
  • Maywood Lions Club, Active Member
  • Vernon Rotary Club, Active Board Member
  • Women Educators, Active Board Member
  • Huntington Park-Bell Community Adult School, Leadership Advisory Member


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