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SetSchedule is a California based real estate data analytics and marketing firm founded by Roy Dekel and Udi Dorner.[1][2][3] It is an online marketplace that connects home shoppers, buyers, sellers, renters, and investors with realtors.[4]

Company Overview

Setschedule was founded in 2014 to connect homeowners, buyers and realtors. It generates leads and provides sales support for real estate agents both through desktop software and through their mobile application.[5][6][7][8]It uses AI, insider market insights and automated marketing software tools to connect realtors with the customer.[9][10][11]

Its service, Setvalue, uses data analytics and AI to evaluate properties based on the data about the property and the local market.[12]

Referral Radar by SetSchedule uses Artificial Intelligence and big data analytics to provide a lead and referral sharing platform to real estate professionals.[13]

They were nominated in the OC Register Top Workplaces.[14] Roy Dekel was the Gold runner of The CEO of the year awards, 2017.[15]

They were awarded patent 9934490 for their method of transacting lead records and scheduled appointment records.[16]


They raised $400k in 2015, $1 million in 2017 and $2 million in 2017 through venture funding.[1]


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