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Silvair, Inc. is a technology company operating in the field of the Internet of Things that delivers a lighting control software based on the Bluetooth mesh networking standard.

The company has been a member of the Mesh Working Group at Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) since 2015[1] and on Template:Start date, it became the world’s first provider of a Bluetooth mesh stack that is qualified by the Bluetooth SIG.[2]



Silvair Inc. (previously known as Seed Labs Inc.) was founded in Template:Start date. The company’s initial goal was to deliver proprietary software and hardware solutions used primarily in smart home applications. In the process of creating its products, an idea emerged for the company to create a Bluetooth-based wireless control system.[3] As a result, in January 2014, it joined the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (Bluetooth SIG), the organization that oversees the development of Bluetooth standards.[4]

At the beginning of 2015, the company decided to make smart lighting its focal point.[3] The objective was to use the knowledge gained in the previous endeavors and create a solution that would overcome the limitations of other wireless lighting control technologies. As a consequence, development of smart home products has been stopped and work on own wireless commercial lighting control software based on the Bluetooth mesh technology have begun.


In the second half of 2015, Silvair was already in the process of developing a Bluetooth mesh proprietary software for smart lighting applications.[5] Recognizing the potential of Bluetooth’s capabilities, the company decided to get involved in the process of creating the Bluetooth mesh standard. Company joined the Mesh Working Group, a newly established subdivision of the Bluetooth SIG.

In 2016, Simon Slupik, company's CTO, became the Chair of the Mesh Working Group.[6] Company was co-creating the Bluetooth mesh specification with other technology companies for nearly three years.[7]

Also in 2016, Silvair Mesh was implemented at the AGL headquarters[8] in Melbourne[5] as part of the lighting system by Organic Response.

Bluetooth mesh standard has been officially introduced Template:Fdate.[9] On the same day, Silvair submitted its own Bluetooth mesh technology implementation to the Bluetooth SIG’s qualification process and became the world’s first provider of an officially qualified Bluetooth mesh technology.[2] In 2017/2018, company presented lighting devices (sensors, LED drivers, fixture controllers, switches etc.) enabled with its technology.[10][11][12]


Company delivers following products:

  • Silvair Lighting Firmware - a qualified[13] Bluetooth mesh stack implementation designed to be directly integrated into components (sensors, LED drivers, fixture controllers, switches etc.) made by lighting manufacturers.[14]
  • Silvair Commissioning - a set of tools for commissioning of wireless lighting infrastructures.[15]

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