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Skydiver Mach II is YoYo Games runner for different ports. That is, it is the game that they test their program, Game Maker, with for different ports. It was originally made by Chad Chisholm, but YoYo Games changed the graphics and sound to make it look better and because the original sound is from Mega Man 3. It costs 99 American cents on iTunes. It is the first game on the YoYo Games Store.[no citations needed here]

Game Play


The aim is to dodge objects in an overcrowded sky. On PC/Mac you use the mouse to move the skydiver around. On iOS (iPod/iPhone/iPad) you drag him with the touch screen. On PSP you use the D-Pad. If you touch any enemy you lose your parachute. You then start losing limbs. If you get hit with no limbs, you die. Your score is the number of seconds you stay alive plus the bonuses you get from crates.[no citations needed here]



  • Seagull: These are the basic enemies. They fly very fast, but they are small and only fly in one direction.
  • Raven: These are like smart seagulls. They are the same size and fly slowly, but they follow you. When they are locked on to you they fly as fast as a seagull into you.
  • Chopper: These are big, and if you are not careful you can die in one shot. They are a lot harder to dodge if you don't have a parachute.
  • Jet: These are big and fast, but they are so fast that they get off the screen quickly.


  • Crate: If you crash into these you will get the amount of points written on the side of them. The less limbs you have, the more points they are worth.
  • Jumper: These (if they count as items) are other skydivers. If you don't have a parachute you can steal one from him. You can steal limbs from him too.


There are a number of extras in Skydiver Mach II


  • Parachute Thief: Steel 100 parachutes.
  • Raven Killer: Draw 150 ravens into choppers.
  • Human Comet: Spend 2 minutes of undisturbed time without a parachute.
  • 50 Pound Man: Spend 1 minute of undisturbed time without any limbs.
  • PALADIN DRIVER: Get a score of 10 000 or more points.

Robot Mode

Play as a robot instead of a human. The human mode is very bloody, but in the robot mode the blood is replaced with oil.



This was the first version of Skydiver Mach II. It uses plagiarized audio from Mega Man 3 so YoYo Games couldn't port it.


This is the same as the main version, but in GMK format instead of exe format. It opens in Game Maker and you can edit it.


There is an iTunes port with improved graphics and audio. The most noticeable difference between this version and the main version is the skydiver is green, not yellow.[1]