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Template:Infobox machine Smart Chair (also known as KD Smart Chair) is a motorized wheelchair or an electric-powered wheelchair (EPW) created in 2014 by KD Healthcare Company USA, a company based in Miami, Florida. It is notable for featuring on CBS's The Doctors show[1] and presented as an option for seniors and people with disabilities.[2]


KD Healthcare USA launched the Smart Chair in 2014 under the initiative of its CEO Roland Reznik.[3] The same year, the innovative wheelchair was introduced at the San Jose Abilities Expo 2014.[4][5] The company also donated a number of its machines to the “Paralyzed Veterans of America Mission: ABLE Help Our Heroes”[6][7] and other high profiles causes.[8][9] The invention of the KD Smart Chair comes in the line of several historical facts in the evolution of wheelchairs:[10]

  • 1869 The first wheelchair patent was issued in the United States.
  • In 1933 - Mechanical engineers Herbert Everest and Harry Jennings invented the first steel, lightweight, collapsible wheelchair.
  • 1933-1945 United States President Franklin Delano Roosevelt used a wheelchair in everyday life.

Design features

KD Smart Chair has been created with durable lightweight aluminum alloy. Although both models have a variety of similar features, they differ by their supportive weight. The Smart Chair size and ergonomic shape make it easy to travel by popular transportation means. This wheelchair can be folded and has a total weight of 50 pounds.[11] It is equipped with 4 wheels appropriately located to ensure full stability and also a tight turning radius of 31.5 inches making it easy to maneuver in small areas.


The Smart Chair has been received by the wheelchair community and industry with satisfaction. For example, New Mobility, the American magazine for active wheelchair users recognized that The Smart Chair has “lived up to its name”.[12]

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