Smoking Vapor (electronic cigarette brand)

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Smoking Vapor is a United States company founded by Amir Hakak in 2008 [1] that manufacturers and internationally markets e-liquid vaporizers.


The company started in 2008 as mostly a retail vape kiosk business. After the 2010 lawsuit that overturned the FDA’s blockade on e-cigs, Hakak went about designing and manufacturing cig-a-like products instead of just outsourcing from suppliers.[2] In 2013, Geoff bought half of the business and rebranded and restructured the business. SV’s first success came with the Mi-One that launched in 2016. The Mi-Pod released in 2017, a classic e-liquid vaporizer[3], was an even greater success.[2] Smoking Vapor was named on INC's 5001 list in 2016 and 2017.[4]


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