Stephen L. Moshier

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Stephen L. Moshier is a researcher, inventor, and computer programmer. He is author of Cephes, a numerical library that is part of Netlib.

Moshier studied Physics at Harvard College and obtained a BSc in mathematics from Boston University in 1971. In parallel, he worked in a small company on the development of transducers and instruments for speech analysis, animal training, underwater acoustics, and spectrum analysis. He then worked for the speech recognition firm Dialog Systems. By 1977, he was president of this company, which had 45 employees.[1] Between 1975 and 1981 he authored seven patents in the field of speech recognition.[2]

In 1989 published the book Methods and programs for mathematical functions.[3]

On his homepage,[4] Moshier hosts a variety of numerical and astronomical computer programs.


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