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TWA media was a medium-sized company for video productions and industrial promotions in the Californian City of Oakland, San Francisco metropolitan area. At the same time, the company had a department for the development of software for the processing of cinematographic material, especially CGI and augmented reality.[1] Currently, the remaining "non-commercial division" is the producer of the web-based program DER KONSERVATIVE™, an educational program for German speakers. Currently (June 2019) it is among the most watched “alternative information channels” on social media in German language and the only one produced entirely in the US and Australia.


TWA is an acronym based on the first letters of the founder's name, Timothy Walter Albert, a German-born American. After several years as a defense and intelligence analyst, Albert was a production assistant in the Californian film industry, especially in Los Angeles. Due to changes in his private life, he moved to the Bay Area (San Francisco), where he established TWA media as a small company with two cornerstones:[2][3]

  • Cinema advertising
  • Development of software for the film industry

In 2018, all commercial activities were discontinued due to the company owner's advanced age and his well funded situation.

TWA media today

TWA media is now only active in the non-commercial sector, which Albert founded in 2004 as an independent non-commercial entity. Since 2019, TWA media has been producing the free educational magazine DER KONSERVATIVE, exclusively for German speakers from all over the world.

The concept is a non-commercial liberal-conservative social media channel in German. It is understood as a free and neutral alternative to the mainstream as well as to the "alternative media" in the entire German-speaking world, which Albert and his German-born colleague Jason Frank Muller are critical of, especially after a new form of censorship has become law in Germany. Therefore, the reason for founding and privately funding this moderately conservative channel was the concern for rationality, stability, free speech and liberalism in Germany.[4]

Five program formats are currently being produced:

  • VLOG TIME: A Vlog format with political scientist Jason Frank Muller.
  • NEWS BLITZ: An educational format that normally covers one to three topics.
  • COMMENT BLITZ: Comments and short reports without any ideological bias.
  • OPTIMISMUS: Videos or lectures as an antidote to the apocalyptic tone of many German media.
  • WELTBLICK REPORT: In-depth reports and stories.

Technical background

After the commercial operation had been terminated, all technical equipment was kept for non-profit use and moved to a more modest location in Oakland (California).

Formal Information

  • The sole owner of TWA media is Timothy W. Albert.
  • TWA media and anchorman Jason Frank Muller have joined a campaign against fake news by the UDV (a German consumer protection organization[5][6]
  • The staff are usually students and interns whose efforts are honored with an internship credential. For this purpose contacts to some educational institutions in the Bay Area exist.
  • TWA media is granted free access to the content produced by the Conservative News Agency of New York (CNA-NY)
  • TWA media’s works and products may contain footage under 17 U.S. Code §107 (fair use, 1976). Due to the special legal conditions in the U.S.A. Timothy W. Albert has delegated all legal and patent matters to a law firm.

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