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Launched November 21st, 2019
Written in Java, Spring framework is an independent far-right internet forum where community participants create discussions and memes supportive of U.S. president Donald Trump.[1][2] It was created as a successor to r/The_Donald after the subreddit was quarantined by Reddit in June 2019. Registered members submit content to the site such as links, text posts, and images, which are then voted up by other members.

As of August 11, 2020, ranks as the 1,195th most visited website in the United States and 6,474th worldwide, according to Alexa Internet.[3]

History was created on November 21, 2019, by moderators of r/The_Donald. After Reddit quarantined r/The_Donald, moderators of the subreddit promoted through the use of sticky posts. Moderators touted the site as a backup to the subreddit in the event that it was banned. The promotion caused the site to rapidly gain users. Another surge of users was caused on June 29, 2020, when the subreddit was banned by Reddit in a purge of around 2000 communities.[4]

Media reception

The website has been labeled "a magnet for extreme discourse" by the Financial Times.[1] The website has been likened to Gab and 8kun insomuch as it was created in response to "pressure from mainstream sites to adhere to content policies around hate speech".[2]