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The Dave & Chris Show! is an online radio program in Chicago, Illinois, USA, hosted by Chicago police sergeant David Haynes and writer Christopher Garlington. The show runs live on Fridays at 7pm Central Time.


The Dave & Chris Show! is a live call-in political and topical talk show, broadcasting on location from various cigar stores and bars around Chicago.


The Dave & Chris Show! promotes lively cross-party political discussion while maintaining civility and humor. The hosts are politically opposed (Dave is a conservative Republican; Chris is a liberal Democrat) with wildly divergent viewpoints on most major issues yet extremely respectful of each other.


The Dave & Chris Show! originally debuted on terrestrial radio station WJJG in Elmhurst, Illinois in March 2007.[1]Template:Failed verification As The Dave & Chris Show! aired Fridays at 6pm, Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulations prevented live broadcast during daylight saving time when the show would air after dark. In November 2008, the show moved to an online format to circumvent the FCC regulations for daytime-only AM stations (including WJJG) which cannot broadcast after sunset.

On June 3, 2009, The Dave & Chris Show! changed their domain name from to


David Haynes is a Chicago Police Department sergeant in the 19th Area; the former precinct captain for the Republican NationalTemplate:Clarify Party; and a former host on Cop Talk on WJJG. Christopher Garlington is a writer and a vocal supporter of the Democratic Party.


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