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Tobiloba Ajayi
Born Oluwatobiloba Ajayi
Lagos, Nigeria
Nationality Nigerian
Occupation Writer, Lawyer, activist

Tobiloba Ajayi is a Nigerian writer living with Cerebral Palsy. She is a lawyer and advocate for people living with disabilities, and won a 2016 Mandela Washington Fellowship. The young Ajayi started her early education at the age of three. However, due to the complications of the condition, she did not walk until the age of 12. She completed her primary, secondary and tertiary education in Nigeria. She obtained a master's degree in International Law from University of Hertfordshire, United Kingdom. She published three books namely; Inspirations, Observe to do and Who's with me. She contributed to Nigeria Vision 2020 on disabilities matters. She was part of the team that drafted "The Lagos State Disability Law". She had worked at Mobility Aid and Appliances Research and Development Center. As of January 2017 she worked at Benola Cerebral Palsy Initiatives. Template:As of she ran the organisation "Let CP Kids Learn", which promotes the education of Nigerian children with cerebral palsy and offers advice and support to their parents.[1]

Early life and Career

Ajayi is the fourth of the five children of her family. Her parents were reluctant to enroll her into school at an early age because of her health condition.[2] She could neither sit, stand nor walk. However, she excelled at her education endeavours. She contributed to the compilation of Nigeria Vision 2020.[3] Her education started at the age of three and she completed her primary, secondary and tertiary education in Nigeria before moving to the United Kingdom to obtain a master's degree in International law.[4] In the year 2016, Ajayi was one of the nominees from Africa for Mandela Washington Fellowship.[5][6]

Her works

  1. Inspirations
  2. Who's with Me
  3. Observe to do


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