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Tom Bernstein (born July 22, 1949) is an American mystery, suspense and historical fiction writer in Montana.


Tom Bernstein is the author of the popular Rumor Series which includes A Rumor of Justice and A Rumor of Guilt, set in northwest Montana where Bernstein has lived for four decades. Episode three of The Rumor Series is scheduled for release in 2019.

Set in the Flathead, Bernstein works in the many facets of living in a small, tight-knit community, from the benefits of knowing your neighbor to the harsh realities of living on the wrong end of the rumor mill.[1]

Bernstein's work also includes - Tales From the Storyboard, a fictional account, told in lively, energetic episodes, of the long and eventful life of one Rayford Hollis, who as a ranch cook, army cook, and owner of his own cafe rubs elbows with many historic figures such as Theodore Roosevelt, Buffalo Bill Cody, and Pancho Villa.


  • A Rumor of Justice (2014, novel)
  • A Rumor of Guilt (2016, novel)
  • Tales from the Storyboard Episode One: A Sandwich For Colonel Roosevelt (2016, short story)
  • Tales from the Storyboard: Episode Two: A Tortilla For Pancho Villa (2017, short story)
  • Tales from the Storyboard: Episode Three: Buffalo Bill’s Buckaroos (2017, short story)
  • Tales from the Storyboard: Episode Four: Al Jolson & The Jazz Joint (2018, short story)


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