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Viral Video is an American short horror film starring Trisha Paytas, who also came up with the concept and produced it, and Richard Grieco. Viral Video was written and directed by Kale Flowers. The film was released exclusively onto video sharing site YouTube on October 17, 2014.


The film centers around an American web star named Trisha Paytas (played by Trisha Paytas) who lives a hectic life and has a somewhat insane fan base. The film opens up with Paytas signing autographs for her fans, which she refers to as Fishies, when she begins vlogging with her fans. Her manager, FishyKiller (played by Richard Grieco), says that they have to finish up with signing autographs, but Paytas insists that she has to sign something for everyone. Paytas continues to sign autographs until being approached by an insane fan (played by Frank Gerrish) who begins harassing Paytas saying how much he's obsessed with her and how much he loves her. The fan is then thrown out by FishyKiller and Paytas then continues to sign more autographs. Afterwards Paytas returns to her changing room to vlog and change when she hears an alarming noise and tries to discover what it is. Paytas searches her dressing room only to be met by FishyKiller who knocks Paytas out and drags her into an abandoned warehouse. Once in the warehouse, Paytas is seen screaming for her life as she has a bag over her head and a cloth in her mouth. FishyKiller returns after tying her up and kisses her while stating how long he has loved Paytas and wishes to film with her. He then continues to reveal that he is the man that has been killing her fans and how he plans to kill her also after she has not replied to his comments on her videos. An angry FishyKiller than continues to grab a knife to stab Paytas while he films. He continues to cut and smell her long, blonde hair while standing in front of Paytas' camera. When he does so, Paytas is finally able to escape and begins rushing to find safety in the empty warehouse. Paytas is then cornered into a gas room in the warehouse, but is able to escape harm free. She runs through the warehouse more and the stumbles across a room full of old televisions playing her videos. A frightened Paytas evacuates the room only to run into FishyKiller who explains why he has been so upset. She then spits in his face in an attempt to anger him, which leads to him trapping her in a metal cage. Paytas is then electrocuted by FishyKiller. After being electrocuted and tortured for sometime, Paytas is then forced to read a script created by FishyKiller describing how much she loves him. Paytas then continues to fake being in love with him and begins to kiss him and express her love for him. She then says she wants him to be the submissive one. FishyKiller, unreluctantly, is tied and gagged. She then continues to film and talk to his camera as she grabs a knife and repeatedly stabs him. She then looks into her camera and says "now that's a viral video".


Richard Grieco (pictured) portrays the main antagonist of the story, FishyKiller, an obsessed fan of celebrity Trisha Paytas who goes down a murderous path.
  • Trisha Paytas as Trisha Paytas, a blonde, famous actress and internet personality who has a fan base, which she refers to as her Fishies, that is dedicated and at times insane.
  • Richard Grieco as FishyKiller, a psychotic man who is obsessed with Paytas and has become her manager in attempt to get closer to her. He becomes dangerous after not having his comments and fan mail responded to and traps Paytas in a warehouse where he tortures her.
  • Frank Gerrish as an obsessive fan who is in love with Paytas.
  • Julia Boyd as a Fishy
  • Kira Legg as a Fishy
  • Carolyn Matini as a Fishy
  • Rosario Perez as a Fishy
  • Teresa Biler as a Fishy
  • Melanie Siege as a Fishy
  • Yvonne Lu as a Fishy
  • Becky Paz as a Fishy

Production and release

Filming of Viral Video is believed to have taken place sometime during October. The film was released on October 17, 2014, and as of June 11, 2015 has over 1.12 million views.


An official trailer for the film was released on October 13, 2014. As of June 11, 2015, the trailer has received over 376,000 views.[1][2] The film was intended to be a gift to her fans along with severing as a promotional tool to boost the sales of her Halloween novel "Trisha's 31 Nights of Fright". The film was able to promote

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