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Musical artist

zac n' adam is an unsigned pop-rock band formed in Liverpool, UK during 2013.[1] [2] The band consists of members Zac McNulty and Adam Noble. To date they have released to singles "When I Met You and Shutting You Out.[3] They took a hiatus in May 2014, but returned in August with an acoustic version of a demo song titled "She'd Say". Their debut single "When I Met You" peaked at No. 9 on Beat100 UK Rock Charts[4]

Early life

Zac Elliot McNulty was born in Whiston, Merseyside. His father left when he was five years old. Zac has lived most of his life in Liverpool, Merseyside. Other locations include: Rhyll, Kings Cross, London and Ardwick. Zac has been singing since the age of six. He has been writing songs since the age of fourteen. However, he was not confident enough to show his musical talent in school due to being bullied. Zac attended St George of England High School in Bootle , which has now closed down.

Adam Noble was born 14 December 1987 in Barnsley, South Yorkshire and has spent most of his life there. Adam plays the guitar and the piano. He also enjoys singing and writing songs. His family are all musically talanted. Adam was brought up around music. [5]

Music Project

2013: When I Met You

Adam had heard that Zac was also into music and encouraged him to have more confidence in his ability to sing and perform. They began singing songs together and speaking about their ambitions and goals in life. They have since began working on their dream, and have begun their first music project together – zac n' adam. The pair sat down and begun editing song lyrics they had both written. One, years before meeting and their other – present day. In November 2013, zac n' adam released their lead single When I Met You[6] which reached number 9 on the beat100 UK Rock Charts. It also peaked at number 11 on Reverbnation Rock Charts. When I Met You was originally called What Now? and written by Adam Sykes. The song itself is very personal to both Zac and Adam. It's the story of two people who are in a difficult place in their life, coming together to create something special. Zac McNulty later callaborated and added his own verse as well as altered a few minor words.

Music Video: The Animated music video for "When I Met You" appeared on Youtube in December 2013. Beat100 rewarded the music video with the following rewards: Silver Song A&R Awards – Awarded for a well written song, Gold Video A&R award- Awarded for a high quality original video with good production values & Bronze Favourite A&R award – Awarded for being one of Beat100's A&R team's favourite videos.[7][no citations needed here] The lyric video was released a month earlier in November 2013 and has the most views on the channel.

2014: Shutting You Out

In March 2014, their second single "Shutting You Out" was released.[8]

"Shutting You Out" was written by McNulty and co-written by Sykes. The song was originally titled "How It Feels To Be Ignored" in 2004 and later shortened to "Ignored". The final version includes only one original line – the first. The song is about taking something or someone bad from your life and learning to love yourself again. The couple feel it's a good lesson if life to learn. 'Love Yourself and Be Happy! The song reached number 12 on Reverbnation charts and number 11 on Beat100 UK Rock Charts.

During a hiatus and possible end of the band, the couple withdrew "Shutting You Out" from online stores but it was re-released in August 2014 with a new cover art. A music video was being prepared but was later put on hold.

A lyric video was uploaded to Youtube on 18 August 2014.

2014:The Acoustic EP

Three months after announcing their hiatus, the band released a demo version of a track they are working on titled She'd Say. zac n' adam explained on their official Facebook page She'd Say was more mellow, than their usual pop-punk sound. [9] She'd say is a song written by Zac McNulty and co written by Adam Noble.

The song is about a woman with so many problems hoping for a saviour (a man) to come and rescue her and whisk her away. Trapped away in her room she's lost in a world of her own thoughts. Eventually she comes to reality and finds a happy place within herself. Again, like previous song 'Shutting You Out' – it's about turning a negative into a positive.

To compliment the song, zac n' adam also uploaded a lyric video for the demo on Youtube on 19 August 2014. They also included a free mp3 on their soundcloud.

Whilst taking time to write their first album they decided they would release an EP of acoustic songs titled 'The Acoustic EP' This would also include acoustic versions of their singles When I Met You and Shutting You Out and 'She'd Say'.


zac n' adam decided to take a hiatus to do their own thing. During August 2014, they began wondering why they'd almost ended the band, and talked about a possible future the band could have. They decided they would keep 'zac n' adam' as the bands name. Though the website had been closed down and their last single withdrawn from online stores , they decided they would reschedule the single and work on a new website.


zac n' adam have been involved with two charities, including Keep A Child Alive and Balls To Cancer.[10]

50% of zac n' adam's sales go to the charity Keep a Child Alive on[11]

Personal life

Zac and Adam are in a relationship. The pair met at The Northern College, Barnsley whilst Adam was studying for a dipolma in Computing. Unbeknownst to him, he was along side Zac's ex-partner. Zac left his partner not long after this due to a breakdown in the relationship. Whilst this was happening, Adam had alread made friends with Zac and offered support to him. Unintentionally the pair developed feelings for each other and their relationship began.'

Band members

  • Zac McNulty – vocals (since 2013)
  • Adam Noble – rhythm guitar, lead vocals(since 2013)

Music videos

Year Title Director
2013 "When I Met You" (Animated Music Video) Adam Noble


The Acoustic EP

  • Released: (UK)
  • Label: unsigned
  • Formats: Digital download


Title Album
Beat100 UK Rock Charts Reverbnation Rock Charts
When I Met You "When I Met You" 9 11
Shutting You Out "Shutting You Out" 11 13

zac n' adam discography