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Headquarters London, Uk
Owner Zloadr Ltd.
Created by Sam Enrico Williams(founder and CEO)[1]

Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, Ripple, OmiseGO, Monero, NEO, EOS

Fiat Currencies

Al currencies
Website Template:Url
Commercial Yes
Launched March 2015
Current status Active

Zloadr is a crypto platform that provides its users with the opportunity to store, buy, sell, and transfer digital currency[2]. The company further offers its clients information on assets longevity, crypto assets performance and legal structures of crypto assets[3][4].

The company offers pre-ICO, ICO and Due Diligence Cryptocurrency API listings[5][6][4].


Zloadr crypto platform was founded by Sam Enrico Williams[7][2][8] in 2015 and launched in September of 2016[9]. Its is based in London, W1S 1RR, UK and completed its Initial Coin Offering (ICO) API of its own ZDR token in 2017 [10].

In July 2017, the company began the integration of its platform with the blockchain technology, which included blockchain ledger and smart contracts[9].

In January 2018, the company announced a partnership deal with a Nigerian publishing newspaper, The Guardian in a bid to give it exposure to the cryptocurrency market in Nigeria and Africa at large [10][11]. The partnership is scheduled to commence in 2019.

One month after the launch of its partnership with The Guardian, the company further boosted its global accessibility by launching its popular contents in various languages, which included Spanish, Italian, Russian, German, Indonesian, Japanese, Chinese, French, Portuguese, French, amongst other languages[12][11]. The initial features that were rolled into multi-languages included the cryptocurrency market capitalization, Zloadr ICO calendar, and the cryptocurrency converter calculator[11].

Since its launching in 2015, the company has further launched anoother company, DocTailor launched in 2018[13], which is a platform created on the Ethereum blockchain to help in the creation of smart contracts especially for legal use.[14].

Zloadr Executive Team

Executive team
Name Title Ref.[15]
Sam Enrico Williams CEO
Paul Francis Blockchain Advisor
José Esteban Martínez Clemente Blockchain Advisor

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