1953 Fukuoka marathon

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The 1953 Fukuoka marathon was held on Sunday December 6, 1953. It was the 7th edition of the Marathon of Fukuoka. The match was not held in the Japanese city of Fukuoka, but in the city of Nagoya, which is almost 800 km away. Only male elites were allowed to participate in this competition.

The Japanese Hideo Hamamura was the first to cross the line in 2:27.26.[1] With this, he stayed ahead of Kurao Hiroshima for half a minute.

rank name country time
Template:Gold medal Hideo Hamamura Template:JPN 2:27.26[1]
Template:Silver medal Kurao Hiroshima Template:JPN 2:28.07[1]
Template:Bronze medal Nobuyoshi Sadanaga Template:JPN 2:28.44[1]
4 Katsuo Nishida Template:JPN 2:29.40[1]
5 Masaru Muraki Template:JPN 2:31.36[1]
6 Yoshihatsu Takahashi Template:JPN 2:31.37[1]
7 Noriyo Ono Template:JPN 2:32.33[1]
8 Masayuki Tsuruta Template:JPN 2:33.36[1]
9 Kenkichi Shikauchi Template:JPN 2:36.35[1]
10 Torao Yamamoto Template:JPN 2:37.06[1]