2017 Auburn Riot

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The 2017 Auburn riot describes a minor disturbance involving three arrests that resulted from the appearance of Richard B. Spencer, an alt-right speaker, at Auburn University. [1]


The university originally planned on cancelling Spencer's speech, saying that it presented a danger to the students and facility. [2] However, a judge ruled that Spencer was protected to speak under the 1st Amendment [3] Spencer wrote in response that it "was on", on his personal Twitter account, encouraging alt-right members to attend. [4][5][6] It was reported that multiple signs were posted warning students not to attend protests, due to the risk of violence from far-left protestors. [7] Several conservative speakers, although disagreeing with a substantial amount of Spencer's ideology, defended him speaking at the university, with them describing the necessary aspects of free speech, even if they are politically unpopular. [7]

"While Mr. Spencer's beliefs and message are controversial, Auburn presented no evidence that Mr. Spencer advocates violence," U.S. District Court judge William Keith Watkins wrote, holding it to be protected. [8] The speech blasted ethnic diversity in society. [9]

Pictured: Richard B. Spencer


A large crowd of people begun at around 6:30 PM to protest the speech, along with multiple arrests and injuries.[7][10][11] By 8:00 PM, a "massive crowd" begun to form, with the count unknown. [12]

Supporters and ANTIFA members begun to verbally get into shouting matches with each other, which lead to small-scale fighting. [13]


During the speech, it was reported that the 400 seats were nearly full. [13]


Geoffrey R. Stone, writing in the New York Times, agreed with the judge, and remarked that Spencer's speech was constitutionally protected under the 1st Amendment. [14]

Spencer remarked that it was a "great victory for the alt-right". [10]



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